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White-Robed Chief (Web Novel) - Chapter 751: Numb

Chapter 751: Numb

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As Chu Li turned to leave, Song Fei quickly followed behind, but not before shooting a glance at the four of them while secretly shaking his head. If they wanted to have an opinion, they should be firm in their attitude, why did they have to relent when it came to Zhao Dahe? It was so embarrassing.

Whilst seated on his right-hand side, Chu Li looked at Guo Shan who was sitting in the armchair and suggested, “Elder Guo, let’s go and clean up Feng Changwen! Don’t let anyone else snatch this opportunity to achieve this great merit!”

He knew that there was no way that he could hurry to impress the Holy Church of Light and needed to take baby steps, but he could not take too long for that, he needed to perform great deeds quickly to get onto Three Wonders Clan’s radar and enter Luo State City.

He had managed to achieve his goal of making himself known by helping Guo Shan make his authority felt, everyone in the Chivalry Association now knew how he had a fortuitous encounter, gained a great amount of strength and was not an easy man to deal with—not many would dare to claim that they could defeat him.

However, it was not enough to build a reputation in the association, he needed to be famous throughout Peace Town and become known in even Luo State City.

Killing Feng Changwen was a good opportunity for that.

Plus, Feng Changwen murdered the real Zhao Dahe, so he wanted to take revenge for Zhao Dahe.

“There’s no need to rush.” Guo Shan cooed.

Chu Li anxiously replied, “No need to rush? No need to rush? If we don’t rush we won’t even get to eat warm poop!”

“You!” Guo Shan burst out laughing.

Chu Li blew a raspberry. “You need sufficient merits to solidify your position as a Commander, although they’ve all conceded after being beaten up by me, they would fully yield once you are credited for another great achievement!”

“Feng Changwen is hard to defeat.” Guo Shan sighed.

This Zhao Dahe had really gotten smarter, Guo Shan could tell from his suggestion that he finally understood how sufficient merit was needed to stabilize his position as the Commander.

Chu Li bravely claimed. “I can kill him!”

Guo Shan shook his head. “You…? That might not necessarily be the case.”

“Just leave it to me, it’s no big deal!” Chu Li patted his chest.

Guo Shan gave in. “Alright then, I’ll talk to Association Leader.”

A smile crept onto Chu Li’s face.

That night, as both of them were walking back to their courtyard, Chu Li had an anxious look on his face—he was fuming.

When Guo Shan went to talk to Association Leader about killing Feng Changwen, they were quickly dismissed. Association Leader claimed to have something arranged and that there was no need to worry.

The next day, they went back to the Chivalry Association. Zhou Xingbang came close to Chu Li as he was practicing his blade technique.

Chu Li glanced at him.

Zhou Xingbang waved his hand, signaling him to come over.

Chu Li put his blade down and went closer.

The two of them went to the side of the martial arts field where there was a distance between them and those who were practicing.

“I heard that you want to kill Feng Changwen?”

Chu Li nodded. “Of course I want to kill him. I nearly died because of him. Even though I gained a fortuitous encounter because of that, I am not grateful at all!”

Zhou Xingbang whispered, “Association Leader wants to make the enemy believe that we are currently weak so that we can ambush him after making him numb with peace. Don’t try messing around now or the Association Leader’s plan might backfire!”

Chu Li smirked. “Making the enemy believe that we’re weak? Well, there’s no need to fake it, we’re already very weak!”

Zhou Xingbang’s expression darkened significantly as he coldly gritted out. “Are you rebelling, Zhao Dahe! Are you trying to defy Association Leader’s orders?”

Chu Li recklessly retorted, “What is this terrible plan that Association Leader came up with? Acting weak, what kind of joke is that? We should be in a hurry to kill him, instead of trying to play tricks on him!”

Zhou Xingbang growled. “What do you know, b*stard? We mustn’t act hastily in fighting against Feng Changwen! You very well know what happened with Deputy Association Leader last time, we went out of our way to fight him, but what happened then?”

Chu Li let out an indignant scoff.

Zhou Xingbang continued lecturing him. “Feng Changwen is a very cunning fella, he doesn’t just have great martial arts but he is smart, so we don’t just need martial arts to defeat him, we also need to think thoroughly. For a fool who rushes to act like you, you won’t even be able to touch him!”

“Elder Zhou, I just think that he’s a walking disaster that we should get rid of as soon as possible before another person suffers from his wrongdoings!” Chu Li insisted.

Zhou Xingbang waved his hands impatiently. “That goes without saying, you don’t have to remind me! Anyway, you shouldn’t interfere with the Feng Changwen issue and make a mess out of it, just wait for the good news that’ll come later!”

Chu Li snorted.

Zhou Xingbang cast a sidelong glance at him. “Did you hear what I said? You’re not allowed to interfere, if you disobey these orders, you’ll be expelled from the association!”

Chu Li pursed his lips. “Who do you think you’re trying to scare?”

“Try me if you dare!” Zhou Xingbang shot a last glare at him before taking his leave.

As Chu Li watched Zhou Xingbang’s retreating figure, a satisfied smile broke out on his face.

His status in the association was getting higher, he managed to show his overpowering strength enough that he was immediately prioritized as Association Leader had gotten anxious upon hearing his plans to kill Feng Changwen and was afraid that Chu Li might mess up his plans.

This was exactly what he wanted. It seemed like he needed to create more chaos so that his name would not just be known within the Chivalry Association and would spread out to Peace Town and Luo State City.

The earlier he could get the Holy Church of Light’s attention, the earlier he could get himself into the Holy Church of Light.

The next night, the moonlight spilled like water.

Chu Li was in Guo Shan’s house to scrounge a free meal.

Both of them were sitting on the brick bed as they leaned on a small table while they ate and drank.

Suddenly, loud footsteps sounded and Song Fei burst into the room.

“Commander, something big has happened!”

Guo Shan waved his hands. “Take a breath and talk properly!”

Song Fei inhaled deeply before frantically speaking, “Commander Zhou is heavily injured and his life is in danger!”

“What happened?” Guo Shan frowned.

Song Fei explained, “Commander Zhou was ambushed by Feng Changwen and his gang!”

“Another ambush?!” Guo Shan’s frown deepened.

Chu Li slammed his chopsticks on the table angrily. “Useless things!”

Guo Shan turned and glared at him. “Don’t talk mindlessly!”

Chu Li growled hatefully, “We should’ve acted on Feng Changwen earlier, yesterday Elder Zhou came to stop me in my tracks and asked me to help Association Leader make the enemy believe that we were weak, saying that it’s a tactic to numb Feng Changwen so that we can attack him when he least expects it. However, look at how things turned out, we numbed ourselves instead of Feng Changwen. Tell me, is he not useless?!”

“This must mean that Feng Changwen is extremely cunning!” Guo Shan shook his head.

Chu Li retorted. “I reckon there’s a traitor among us!”

“Shut up!” Guo Shan hurriedly cast a sidelong glance at him.

Song Fei was shocked.

Chu Li went on. “Isn’t this something obvious? I don’t believe that Feng Changwen is that smart that he could plan an ambush so accurately. Who would believe that there isn’t a traitor?”

Guo Shan waved his hands worriedly as he turned towards Xiao Song. “Don’t simply say stuff like that! Xiao Song, are Commander Zhou’s injuries serious?”

“Yes, Association Leader has rushed over.” Song Fei immediately answered.

Guo Shan took his cane and came off the brick bed. “Then we must go too! Quickly!”

Chu Li pursed his lips. “Where are you going with that leg, it’s already so late! Alright, I’ll go and take a look.”

Guo Shan brushed him off. “Of course I’d have to go!”

He sped out of the room on his cane with Chu Li and Song Fei on his tail.

The three of them walked over five miles and arrived at Zhou Xingbang’s house where many were gathered outside—they were the Chivalry Association’s members.

They all greeted Guo Shan when they saw him.

Guo Shan entered Zhou Xingbang’s courtyard and arrived at the living room where Qiao Zhenghai and Zhou Xingbang were discussing among themselves.

Zhou Xingbang’s face was pale but his life was not at risk.

Guo Shan let out a breath of relief when he saw Zhou Xingbang.

Chu Li had a sinister smile on his face as he glanced at Zhou Xingbang. Then, he suddenly chuckled sarcastically. “Making the enemy believe that we’re weak? Numbing Feng Changwen? Haha, you guys are really funny!”

Guo Shan’s expression immediately changed as he regretfully thought to himself, ‘How could I forget, I shouldn’t have let him in!’

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