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White-Robed Chief (Web Novel) - Chapter 752: Assassination

Chapter 752: Assassination

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Everyone’s eyes turned to him especially Zhou Xingbang’s blazingly furious look, he was itching to slap Chu Li.

Chu Li did not shy away and stared at him straight in the eye with a smirk. “Did I say anything wrong? Elder Zhou, what did I say before, Feng Changwen has to be killed as fast as possible or else something bad is going to happen, but you said that we had to what—make the enemy believe that we’re weak in order to win? Now what!”

Zhou Xingbang grunted. “Zhao Dahe, you have no right to talk here! Move aside!”

The corners of Chu Li’s mouth lifted as he pointed at Zhou Xingbang mockingly. “Hehe, you’re so ashamed you’re angry now! You went for wool but came home shorn, how embarrassing!”

“Dahe, you should leave first!” Guo Shan waved him out while trying to send him signals with a wink.

Chu Li asked, “Can’t I stay?”

“Association Leaders and Commanders are talking, you have no place here, get lost!” Zhou Xingbang demanded.

He suddenly started to cough as his body shook furiously in a jerking motion and his face got thoroughly flushed red.

Guo Shan waved. “Quick, get out!”

He was worried that at this rate, Zhou Xingbang would end up in a worse state.

Qiao Zhenhai shook his head. “Dahe, go out and wait for a while.”

“Yes.” Chu Li still held a certain level of respect for this Association Leader. Although he thought that this man was indecisive and was not the right man for the job, Qiao Zhenhai had great tolerance which was a rare trait to have and Chu Li could see the resemblance he bore to the Eldest Master, Xiao Tieying.

He exited in large steps.

“Zhao Dahe, how’s Commander Zhou?” someone asked him.

Chu Li briskly glanced at them, it seemed like everyone from the Chivalry Association was here. He arrogantly scoffed. “Relax, he won’t die!”

“That’s good then…” Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

They had just lost Commander Wu, so the Chivalry Association would definitely be in danger if they were to lose another Commander. If things go wrong, the Ferric Blood Association might just destroy them and land everyone in a horrible state. That was why they were so concerned—their lives were all at stake.

Chu Li cast a sidelong glance at the others and indignantly puckered his lips.

They did not continue conversing with him and huddled together to discuss.

Chu Li wanted things to continue being like this, he did not want to build any relationship with them, especially when it came to developing feelings for them, doing so would just bring problems to himself.

After a while, Guo Shan came out with his cane and motioned Chu Li and twenty other subordinates to follow him out.

Chu Li and Guo Shan went back to Guo Shan’s house where Madam Guo had arranged accommodation for his other twenty subordinates. They were to remain under Guo Shan’s roof from this day onwards to protect him in case Feng Changwen were to ambush them.

Chu Li and Guo Shan were sitting in his courtyard when Chu Li asked, “What did Association Leader say, Elder Guo?”

“Wait it out,” Guo Shan said.

Chu Li raised his voice. “We’re still going to wait?”

“Feng Changwen must be on guard right now and the Ferric Blood Association could be waiting for us to attack. There’s no good in going for them now so let’s just wait first and attack when they’ve lost their touch.” Guo Shan shook his head.

“Association Leader is so slow to act, we should just charge at them! There’s no time to use tactics on them!” Chu Li bellowed impatiently.

Guo Shan shot back with an equal amount of anger. “Do you think we can win in a fight against the Ferric Blood Association?”

“We’ll have to fight to find out!” Chu Li huffed.

Guo Shan tried to convince him. “The Ferric Blood Association has two more Commanders in comparison to us, and with Commander Wu dead in addition to my current condition, it could be said that we are lacking three Commanders. Now think about it, once the two associations get into a fight, who’ll win?”

“We still have me! I’ve gotten a fortuitous encounter!” Chu Li patted his chest proudly.

Guo Shan burst out laughing as he shook his head. “You just have a foolish amount of energy!”

They all knew that Zhao Dahe had a fortuitous encounter and had a great increase in strength but since it was acquired cultivation, they all subconsciously thought that Zhao Dahe could not be very powerful.

If he were able to increase his cultivation level after his fortuitous encounter to that of an Innate Master, then the members would be able to take him as a true martial art master. However, with his cultivation level being the same as before despite gaining some energy, he would not be able to elevate his status.

Chu Li exclaimed daringly. “Coward! If this goes on, we’ll get killed one by one without being able to fight back!”

Guo Shan whispered, “Association Leader has managed to get an insider, so we’ll be able to get news about Feng Changwen within two days and by that time, we’ll be able to attack him!”

Chu Li was doubtful. “Is he reliable?”

With a man as sly as Feng Changwen, how could they not be wary?

Guo Shan scoffed. “Of course! Once we master Feng Changwen’s whereabouts, we shall go at him with full force and then we’ll see how he can escape!”

Chu Li shook his head. “That’s not direct enough, if it were up to me, I’ll charge right into the Ferric Blood Association and kill him heartily!”

“That’s called seeking your own death!” Guo Shan shook his head.

Chu Li huffed. “You see, we should’ve followed my plan!”

“Go to sleep!” Guo Shan smiled disapprovingly.

Chu Li left angrily.

When midnight fell, a loud crashing sound of a door being destroyed woke the entire household.

Everyone came into the courtyard with weapons.

Guo Shan also came out with his cane.

Chu Li came out to the courtyard rubbing his eyes, he held in his urge to return to King An’s Imperial Residence because the next few days were very important and he could not afford to be distracted.

Song Fei rushed in and saw that everyone was present.

He went to Guo Shan in a hurry and went beside Guo Shan’s ear to whisper.

Guo Shan frowned and glared at him before moving his ear closer.

“What?!” Guo Shan could not help raising his voice.

Song Fei nodded furiously.

Chu Li turned his gaze to Guo Shan. “Elder Guo, what is it?”

Guo Shan gritted his teeth and answered in a grave tone. “Commander Zhou is dead!”

“How did he die?” Chu Li asked.

Guo Shan grunted. “Feng Changwen brought a bunch of people into Commander Zhou’s house and killed Commander Zhou and all his sixteen subordinates!”

“Ah…!” They were all shocked.

Chu Li laughed sarcastically.

Guo Shan turned to look at Chu Li. “Do you know how cunning Feng Changwen is now?”

Chu Li harrumphed. “There’s no need for plans or tricks with this kind of fella, you only need to do one thing, fight!”

“That’s right, fight!” The others echoed.

With two Commanders being consecutively murdered, they were burning with rage.

Guo Shan commanded angrily, “Shut up everyone!”

“Boom” A sudden heavy thump rang out. Guo Shan quickly slammed the table. “Somebody’s coming in our direction!”

He directed his gaze towards the door. “Get ready to fight, everybody!”

Everybody stood up straight as their body tensed up.

Chu Li instantly let out a loud laugh. “They’re finally coming to seek their death, watch me!”

“Dahe, don’t try to show off! There are Innate Masters!” Guo Shan warned seriously.

“What can Innate Masters do, I’ll slaughter every single one of them with my blade!” Chu Li announced.

He pushed the crowd aside and stood right in front of the main gate’s threshold as if he could hold back all of the enemy’s forces.

A whole group of people rushed towards them like wild horses, each of them holding swords and blades, they were exuding an imposing presence.

Chu Li was wielding a long blade as he declared loudly, “Ferric Blood Association’s dumb*sses, welcome to your death!”

The glinting long blade whirred softly.

He had gotten a new blade for a change, although it was not one that could cut through iron as if it were mud, it was incredibly heavy as per his request to be ten times heavier than a normal long blade.

The leading man was a middle-aged man who was a perfected innate master. At the sight of Chu Li’s arrogance, he quickly sped up and using his forward momentum, swung his blade with a force that could slash mountains, he was charging aggressively.

However, Chu Li did not even flinch and used the Yin Lifting Form.

“Ding…” The two blades clashed into each other.

The middle-aged man’s long blade flew away in an instant and spun in the sky.

Then, in one smooth motion, Chu Li turned his blade horizontally and switched into River Razing Form.

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