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White-Robed Chief (Web Novel) - Chapter 754: First Encounter

Chapter 754: First Encounter

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Su Qinghe moved toward a corpse and sighed. “Commander Deng is dead!”

He silently sank deep into thought. If Guo Shan came for Deng Xianli first, the one who laid on the floor now would be him.

“So what if he’s dead? It’s no big deal. Whoever deals with the Martial Arts World can’t escape death. Let’s head to the Association Leader!” Chu Li announced.

“Yes, quickly!” Guo Shan cried.

Everyone followed the two Commanders and ran along.

Not a soul could be seen on the streets of Peace Town. The moon shone brightly in the sky as their footsteps cut through the tranquility of Peace Town.

The people were surprised by this sight and shut their doors and windows tight as the crowd ran toward the Chivalry Association.

They soon saw a group of people surrounding a martial arts field. The noise coming from the field was ear-splitting as the sounds of banging metal echoed throughout the area. People huddled around outside to watch, but no one dared to step forward.

In the middle of the field, two people were throwing punches and kicks at each other, engaged in a furious battle.

Qiao Zhenghai was clad in a sapphire blue outfit. He was dashingly handsome, and his debonair charm was apparent. An attractive, middle-aged man opposite him moved about stylishly in tandem to his. Although the movements of both men were light, airy, and lacked aggression, each move was full of force and power, which forced the crowd around them to back away continuously.

Chu Li scanned the crowd and hollered. “Are you going to slaughter these idiots from the Ferric Blood Association?”

Guo Shan replied. “Wait a minute!”

Chu Li cried. “What are we waiting for? I’ll do it!”

As he finished his speaking, he gripped his blade and ran forward.

Guo Shan immediately stretched out his arms to hold him back but was unable to do so. It felt like he was shoved by a feral horse as he lost his balance and fell back.

There were only about forty of them, but there were eighty or so people in the field. It was a significant difference in numbers and to challenge them head-on was suicide. He did not expect Zhao Dahe to be so impulsive and taunt their enemies daringly.

Initially, he wanted to wait for the outcome of the battle between Qiao Zhenghai and the Association Leader of the Ferric Blood Association, Song Tiehua before deciding what to do next.

If the Association Leader won, they could take advantage of the situation and engage the enemy. If the Association Leader lost, it would have been in their best interest to flee instead.

The people of the Ferric Blood Association glanced at them but did not rush toward them. They probably shared the same idea too. As things stood, their actions would be determined by the victor of the battle between Association Leaders, so they did not have to put in so much effort now.

Both Associations understood each other tacitly, hence they did not act. Nonetheless, Chu Li broke this understanding between both parties.

Chu Li swung his blade and cleaved two men. This immediately angered the members of the Ferric Blood Association.

As they had more members and were powerful, they had never paid attention to the members of the Chivalry Association. They did not want to spend so much effort in getting rid of them, but since the fellow from the Chivalry Association was so tactless, it was best to kill them all!

“Kill Zhao Dahe!” Someone shouted.

Everybody rushed forward and encircled Chu Li. Swords and blades rained upon him.

Chu Li’s long blade swirled around. It looked like he was enveloped by a silvery halo.

“Ting ting ting ting…” Long blades and long swords flew up as the rhythmic sound of metal against metal was heard.

Next, he used the River Razing Form.

Three heads were instantly propelled sky high.

Chu Li charged amok within the crowd. Every enemy he faced was no match for him, but he could not escape without injury either. Soon, his body was covered in wounds. He ignored them and assailed the men in front of him, then turned around and hacked the ones behind him, killing twenty people in the blink of an eye.

He was soaked in blood, as if he was an incarnation of a god of death. When the people met his cold, hard gaze, they became paralyzed with fear.

Chu Li laughed maniacally. “Come on, come on! You Ferric Blood Association idiots, let Grandpa Zhao enjoy his killing spree!”

As he spoke, he charged toward the crowd again.

“Use the hidden weapon!” Someone yelled.

All of a sudden, all manners of hidden weapons were unleashed in Chu Li’s direction.

Chu Li swung his long blade and as the metal clanged against each other, not one hidden weapon landed on him.

He ran toward the crowd and began chopping the heads off his opponents once again with his blade. The River Razing Form resulted in beheadings, the Mountain Splitting Form caused dismemberments, while the Yin Lifting Form led to disembowelments. It was a horrible sight to behold.

Guo Shan grit his teeth and hollered, “We can’t leave Brother Zhao on his own. Everyone, charge!”

“Charge!” Everyone bellowed and sprinted forward, waving their blades and hacking at oncoming enemies.

“Ting…” A crisp metallic sound was heard. The long blade of a young man swirled around in a circle in the air before plunging downward.

Chu Li’s eyes went wide as he cried. “Feng Changwen!”

He was an extraordinarily handsome young man with sharp features and bright, round eyes. His refined inner strength shone through his beauty.

Feng Changwen smiled confidently. “Zhao Dahe, you’ve had a fortuitous encounter and your abilities have improved!”

Chu Li scoffed. “You’re only good at doing unscrupulous things!”

Feng Changwen chuckled. “If I can eliminate all of you, who cares if I do unscrupulous things? Prepare for my attack!”

The slash of his blade this time was faster than before.

Chu Li snorted. “You prepare for my attack too!”

He ignored Feng Changwen’s attack and used the Yin Lifting Form.

His attack was swifter than Feng Changwen’s and he quickly gained the upper hand.

Feng Changwen could only sidestep to dodge the blade before following up with another blow.

Chu Li was as quick as lightning as he became faster whilst simultaneously utilizing the Mountain Splitting Form, forcing Feng Changwen to dodge again.

Chu Li kept waving his blade, continuously forcing Feng Changwen to retreat.

Chu Li laughed loudly. “Feng Changwen, is that the best you can offer?!”

Feng Changwen lifted his hand and a blinding ray of light flashed from his sleeve, shooting straight at Chu Li.

However, Chu Li waved his blade horizontally and deflected this short arrow.

Feng Changwen’s long blade was soon onto him. Once again, Chu Li waved his blade horizontally and blocked this attack. A potent force resonated from the body of the blade as a mysterious form of inner strength crept into his body. His expression immediately changed.

The change in Chu Li’s expression was not caused by internal injuries, but it was because he recognized this inner strength, Scripture of Great Light!

The urge to kill in his heart was stronger than before. He bellowed and lunged forward whilst waving his sword aggressively.

Feng Changwen realized the situation was not looking good for him. The vibration which resonated from the blade’s body made his arm sore and he now lacked the strength to deal another blow, hence he hastily retreated.

Chu Li ran toward him.

Feng Changwen’s movements were agile as he turned around, as if he was following the blade’s movements. Like a lotus leaf on the surface of water, he slipped into the crowd and vanished.

Chu Li did not expect his Light-body Technique to be so masterful. He raised his voice and yelled, “Feng Changwen, you despicable little rat, you only know how to plot against others in the dark but you never have the guts to fight openly, you coward!”

He brandished his blade and scolded vehemently.

Nonetheless, Feng Changwen, who had already slipped into the crowd pretended not to hear anything. He did not make a single movement and blended in with the people around him.

“Let’s go!” Someone ordered in a low voice.

However, Chu Li spotted Feng Changwen giving orders from within the crowd.

Thus, the people of the Ferric Blood Association rushed out. It did not take much effort for Chu Li to leave a pile of bodies on the ground.

Some were screaming in agony, whereas others were gasping for breath. The foul odor of blood wafted in the air. Most of the onlookers went pale and wanted to vomit at the stench.

Chu Li stamped his feet and screeched. “Ferric Blood Association idiots, you’re all as cowardly as mice!”

“Bang!” A silhouette zoomed past as a blow from a palm landed on his chest.

He immediately drew his blade, but it was too late. It felt like his chest had been hit by a giant hammer as he flew backward.

Chu Li had already seen this blow from Song Tiehua and was confident in his physique. Even if a Grandmaster had dealt him a heavy attack, he could still withstand it.

Moreover, at this stage, he could only bear it without displaying his true prowess, or else it would be a waste of his prior efforts.

“Bang!” He was thrown twenty or so meters away before crashing into a wall. He looked like a painting hung on a wall as he spat out a mouthful of blood with a loud “Wah”.

“Song Tiehua!” Qiao Zhenghai shouted furiously as he stood in front of Chu Li.

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