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White-Robed Chief (Web Novel) - Chapter 755: Another Kill

Chapter 755: Another Kill

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Very well!” Song Tiehua looked at Chu Li coldly and said to Qiao Zhenghai. “With such a powerful general, I really must congratulate Association Leader Qiao!”

“Touché!” Qiao Zhenghai sneered. “Having someone like Feng Changwen on your side is something to celebrate!”

“Let’s wait and see then!” Song Tiehua laughed wickedly and looked toward Chu Li. “But I hope a powerful general like this one won’t die a premature death!”

“Premature death, my *ss!” Chu Li clutched his chest and swore. “Song, I’ll remember what you did to me. You’ll pay for this!”

“Haha!” Song Tiehua let out a hearty laugh. “Good, good, I shall wait for you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he glided toward the sky and disappeared into the darkness without a trace.

Chu Li spat out another mouthful of blood.

Qiao Zhenghai squatted down and checked his pulse. He nodded and remarked, “Your body is really strong and healthy!”

“Association Leader, I won’t die yet, will I?” Chu Li asked.

“Of course you won’t die yet.” Qiao Zhenghai grinned. “Take some pills and after two days, you’ll be as healthy as a horse again!”

Chu Li’s lips parted into a smile. “Association Leader, this time, I’ve killed quite a number of them!”

“Mm, you did us a great service.” Qiao Zhenghai nodded.

Chu Li enquired, “Then, could you possibly make me a Commander?”

“We’ll talk about this once you’ve recovered.” Qiao Zhenghai smiled and patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry, I won’t short-change you.”

A wry smile appeared on Chu Li’s face.

Soon, he was carried back to his own home and given a bottle of Spirit Medicine.

One of the four men who carried him back was Song Fei. Chu Li glanced at him and hinted at him to stay.

Chu Li’s present status was different from the past. Song Fei made up an excuse to make the others leave as he stayed behind.

Chu Li laid on his bed and stared at Song Fei with gleaming eyes. “Lil Song, I want to know something.”

“What is it?” Song Fei asked.

Until today, he still had a hard time believing that Zhao Dahe was akin to a Death God.

Chu Li enquired, “Do you know where Feng Changwen resides?”

“Yes.” Song Fei nodded.

Chu Li replied, “Take me to him!”

Song Fei’s eyes went wide.

He had small eyes to begin with. When he smiled, his eyes were nowhere to be seen. This time, despite widening his eyes with all his might, his eyes still did not seem very big.

Chu Li harrumphed. “Take me to him now!”

“Dahe, do you want to kill him?” Song Fei asked.

“Nonsense!” Chu Li snapped back impatiently. “I’ve always wanted to locate his residence and kill him with one stab, but Association Leader won’t let me do anything, and he doesn’t want me to mess up his plans either. However, it’s all good now. His plan isn’t feasible, and we don’t have to listen to him. Knocking on his door and killing him is the best option we have!”

“Dahe, Feng Changwen is a cunning and crafty person. Security at his residence is very tight.” Song Fei shook his head in disagreement. “I bet Association Leader wants to go too, but he can’t do so.”

“How are we supposed to know if we don’t go!” Chu Li waved his arm dismissively and spoke, “Just lead the way. Once you take me there, you can leave. Don’t worry about me!”

“Or, we’d better get the Commander and his…”

“They’re a bunch of good-for-nothings and a burden. I’d better go alone!”

“Dahe, don’t say that…”

“Did I say anything wrong? Aren’t they a bunch of good-for-nothings?” Chu Li snorted. “You’re a grown man, yet you nag a lot. Let’s go!”

He got out of bed as he said this and headed outside.

Song Fei said, “You’re still hurt.”

“It’s just a scratch, I won’t die!” Chu Li took big strides as he walked outside.

Song Fei knew how stubborn he was and thus could only follow helplessly.

The radiant, round moon hung high up in the sky. The night was silent, and Peace Town had sunk into a state of serenity as all the noise from the earlier battles had faded away.

Song Fei hugged the walls and remained hidden in the shadows. Despite his huge stature, his steps were as light as a leopard’s as he walked around silently. Evidently, the Light-body Technique had its charm and uniqueness.

“Feng Changwen has at least thirty Protectors with him.” Song Fei whispered. “Dahe, if you go there alone, it’ll be very dangerous.”

Chu Li pursed his lips.

Song Fei continued. “How about we get the Commander and his men? There might be hope if we do something while Feng Changwen’s guard is down.”

Still, Chu Li remained silent.

Song Fei added. “You’re wounded, but Feng Changwen isn’t. Coupled with his Protectors, you won’t stand a chance.”

Chu Li turned his head and glared at him angrily. “If you keep yapping, I’ll hack you to death!”

Song Fei saw his evil glare and a chill ran down his spine. He immediately shut his mouth.

Chu Li let out a silent breath of relief. Song Fei had a tall and stocky built, yet he was such a blabbermouth.

No matter how evil one was, there would always be someone eviler than him who would take care of him. It looked like there was still fun in being a bad guy.

With Zhao Dahe’s temperament, he could do things brashly, disregard friends and family and sever ties with ease. He felt a surge of excitement. It was liberating and addictive.

He was always the good guy. Becoming the bad guy for once was a rather pleasant feeling.

The two men walked silently for five miles before arriving at a large mansion.

This mansion was three times as huge as Guo Shan’s residence and had a backyard with four entrances. There were twenty or so maids and forty or so Protectors. Song Fei had underestimated their numbers.

Chu Li furrowed his brows.

He realized that, apart from the thirty members of the Ferric Blood Association, there were ten other unfamiliar faces. These ten Protectors were Innate Masters. In Peace Town, they received far better treatment than a Commander.

Chu Li waved his arm and hinted at Song Fei to leave.

Song Fei hesitated.

Chu Li glared at him, drew his blade and brought it down on his head.

A frightened Song Fei hopped backward.

Chu Li stared at him and brandished his blade in a threatening manner, hinting at the latter that if he did not leave, he would slaughter him for real.

Song Fei nodded helplessly, cupped his fists and scurried into the shadows.

Chu Li knew he was headed to the Association Leader, which was fine by him.

With his Omniscient Mirror, Chu Li could see clearly where Feng Changwen was.

He was in the center courtyard, which was connected to the second entrance, practicing a set of fist techniques slowly. Forty Protectors surrounded the small courtyard.

Whoever wanted to barge inside had to first go through the formation of Protectors.

If he were to use Imminent Skyline, he could arrive in front of him at once and kill him with one blow.

Nevertheless, he could not use Imminent Skyline as he could not reveal the fact that he was powerful than he looked. He could not underestimate his opponents. There were too many intelligent people these days, and if he were to give himself away, however so slightly, it could ruin all of his efforts.

Unless it was a matter of life and death, he would not use it.

He was now Zhao Dahe, the mighty, intimidating and robust Zhao Dahe who lacked the skill of inner strength and was unfamiliar with Light-body Technique. He relied only upon explosive power generated by his vigorous energy, thus he could achieve great speed for a short while.

To kill Feng Changwen, he could only advance step by step.

When he thought of this, he directed a kick toward the main door.

“Boom…” A hole appeared in the thick, sturdy door. Another kick and the hole widened. Within moments, he crashed through the door.

“Feng Changwen, prepare to die!” Chu Li’s thick lips parted as he laughed loudly. “I, Zhao Dahe, am here!”

From the Omniscient Mirror, he saw twenty of the forty Protectors sprinting toward him. The remaining twenty Protectors did not move a muscle. Feng Changwen, on the other hand, practiced his fist techniques lazily. His movements were fluid and dashing. There was a charming and attractive aura about him.

He smiled in a sardonic manner and snorted. “You have some balls!”

Chu Li yelled. “Feng Changwen, you coward, come out and get ready to die, don’t send these good-for-nothings to do your dirty work!”

He spoke as he drew his blade. Using the River Razing Form, he sliced off the head of one man.

By the time he finished speaking, he had already slain three people.

Twenty Protectors formed a circle around him, wielding their long blades whilst attempting to attack him.

Instantly, his body suffered ten cuts. Still, he ignored them, as if the body was not his. Instead, he killed a new person with each blow, never faltering or missing.

Initially, the twenty Protectors were bold and believed that they could beat him into pulp.

After the latter managed to kill three people in succession, their morale and courage diminished greatly. They were hesitant in their advance and their attacks were no longer as aggressive as before.

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