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White-Robed Chief (Web Novel) - Chapter 756: Three Wonders

Chapter 756: Three Wonders

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Chu Li, on the other hand, swung his long blade faster as the edge of his sword gleamed brighter—he was on a roll.

As he swung his long blade, he shouted, “Feng Changwen, once I finish off these useless swine, I’ll kill you. Stay where you are if you dare!”

Feng Changwen laughed as he continued practicing his fist technique. “I’m not stupid, I’m not going to hand over my head to you on a silver platter, dumb*ss!”

Chu Li took a step forward with every swing of his blade. He did not falter despite their desperate attempts at blocking his path. He advanced without stopping, slaughtering every single person in his path. Although it seemed as if he was merely mindlessly waving his blade using his huge strength such that nothing blocked his path, every stroke of his long blade was precise and calculated.

This was not because the Zhao Family Blade Technique was wonderfully crafted, but due to Nature Restoration Manifestation functioning behind the scenes.

A faint force was flowing within Chu Li’s body, circulating Nature Restoration Manifestation. This was why he could predict every opponent’s movements and adjust his body into the optimal position to mitigate his injuries.

He might look like he was covered in cuts but most of them were flesh wounds. Additionally, with his tough physique, it was difficult for swords and blade to harm him. Even if he did not channel heart techniques like Sentient Menace, they were all just superficial wounds.

Between the twenty steps he took from the main gate to the first courtyard’s arch, he slew sixteen people. This made the last four men completely lose their courage to continue fighting, they did not dare to block his path.

Chu Li walked through the arch and came to the second courtyard where he shot a smug look at Feng Changwen. “Feng Changwen, why haven’t you fled yet?”

Feng Changwen glared at the four Ferric Blood Association members outside the first courtyard’s arch.

They averted their gaze, not daring to meet his.

“I see that you’ve improved!” Feng Changwen nodded as he withdrew his fist and stretched out his hand.

A Protector handed him a long blade.

Feng Changwen unsheathed the long blade, threw away its sheath, then flicked its blade downward.

“Zang…” The blade vibrated with a sound that resembled a dragon’s howl.

Chu Li responded by shaking his own blade.

“Whirr…” An odd sound resounded, overpowering the dragon howl-like sound.

Feng Changwen scoffed. “Zhao Dahe, do you really think that you can beat me?”

Chu Li scoffed back. “Of course! Take this!”

He stomped his foot and leaped toward Feng Changwen while slashing his blade downward with the Mountain Slashing Form. As he did this, the glint of his blade descended as practiced.

Feng Changwen moved his long blade into a horizontal position.

“Ding…” Chu Li held his long blade steadily in his hands and deflected Feng Changwen’s long blade away.

Feng Changwen’s feet suddenly moved in a weird arc, diverting the strong force and regaining control of his blade in an incredibly quick sweep.

Chu Li had not seen such a quick blade movement during their last encounter.

“Ding…” Chu Li blocked it with a horizontal guard.

When Feng Changwen’s long blade was deflected, his feet once again moved in a similar odd arc motion as he once again came at Chu Li with the same slashing motion.

Chu Li shook his head as he said, “Are you trying to chop off my long blade? What a waste of time!”

Feng Changwen scowled internally.

The Divine Light Scripture he cultivated was the Great Li Dynasty’s number one heart technique. Its formidable power was supposed to be unrivaled and although he was new to cultivating it, it should show substantial formidable power. ‘Why did Zhao Dahe show no reaction despite already experiences two of its force waves?’ Feng Changwen wondered.

Chu Li was familiar with Divine Light Scripture, and it certainly had great formidable power but Feng Changwen’s level of attainment was too low that there was no need for him to worry.

“Ding, ding, ding, ding…” Feng Changwen slashed ten times in a row.

Chu Li put his long blade in a horizontal guard in front of his chest and briskly blocked Feng Changwen’s blade.

Then, he suddenly retracted his blade and did not attempt to evadeFeng Changwen’s blade. Instead, he smoothly lunged forward and stuck his blade out.

This blade flashed by like lightning.

This took Feng Changwen by surprise—he thought that Chu Li would continue to deflect his attacks and did not expect Chu Li to change his tactics so suddenly.

“Mmph!” He let out a muffled groan. His feet were instinctively moving according to his odd step technique in an attempt to evade the strike, but he could not outrun Chu Li’s blade.

The blade stroked past his left arm and etched a deep cut from his shoulder down to his elbow until his flesh was completely cut open, only to reveal his thick white bone.

Feng Changwen quickly jumped and landed on the rooftop then disappeared in a blink of an eye, his speed exceeding Chu Li expectations.

Chu Li knew that Feng Changwen’s Light-body Technique was good, but he did not expect it to be this good.

“Feng Changwen, don’t flee if you’re brave enough!” He called out as he immediately chased after Feng Changwen.

It was a shame that he was not supposed to have inner energy right now such that he could not put his Light-body Technique to good use. He could only jump with all his might and flip over walls whilst running in Feng Changwen’s direction. He did this continuously even though Feng Changwen’s shadow was almost gone.

The remaining Protectors did not step in and merely watched as the entire scene unfolded.

Chu Li chased him for a while and witnessed Feng Changwen escape Peace Town whereby he continued traveling northward.

Chu Li knitted his eyebrows together and stopped in his tracks. He gave a resentful scowl and returned to his own courtyard.

As he sat down in his courtyard and before he could change out of his blood-stained clothes, Association Leader, Qiao Zhenhai appeared.

Chu Li did a fist salute. “Association Leader.”

“Dahe, did you go to kill Feng Changwen?”

“Yes, I almost killed him, too bad his Light-body Technique was too good.”

“If his Light-body Technique was not that good, he would’ve already died many times before this, he always managed to escape right before we could finish him off!”

“Association Leader, don’t you have any other ideas?”

“You can only kill him by either improving your Light-body Technique until it is better than his or by killing him in a single blow.”

“Association Leader, haven’t you fought him on your own?”


“Why not?” Chu Li frowned.

He believed that with Qiao Zhenhai’s skill in martial arts, he would be able to kill Feng Changwen.

Qiao Zhenhai shook his head. “This problem is very complicated because there are rules established by common practice. What would become of Song Tiehua if I were to act?”

“So, you’re going to sit by and watch as Feng Changwen runs wild?”

Qiao Zhenhai sighed with a deep frown on his face. “I was planning to make my move, but it must be done seamlessly, or else I won’t be able to protect all four of the Commanders as Song Tiehua will certainly take his revenge on us. If this happens, it will cause endless bloodshed for both the Chivalry Association and the Ferric Blood Association!”

Chu Li harrumphed. “How dull!”

Qiao Zhenhai reprimanded him in return. “You acted too brashly today! He has forty Protectors in his house!”

“Then just kill them all and we’ll be able to finish off the Ferric Blood Association entirely!”

“There are ten among them that you can’t kill. ‘

“Why can’t I?”

Qiao Zhenhai explained, “Those ten Protectors aren’t from the Ferric Blood Association, they’re Three Wonders Clan’s disciples.”

“Three Wonders Clan? What is that?”

“It’s Luo State City’s top-notch association. We can’t compare to them, so if we offend them in any way, we’ll just be bringing destruction to ourselves!”

“I say, they probably aren’t any good either!”

“That’s because those were just the disciples from the lowest level. Only Innate Masters are qualified to enter Three Wonders Clan whilst only Grandmasters can become Commanders.”

“Then what would be the Association Leader then?”

“A top-notch Grandmaster.”

“Are they that good?”

“If you offend them, they would just have to send a single Commander along with his subordinate to eliminate all of us! So, don’t kill Feng Changwen for now, I’ll try to figure something out.” Qiao Zhenhai warned.

“No way, if I don’t kill him, I can’t sleep well! I, Zhao Dahe, will bear the consequences of my own actions, the person who killed Three Wonders Clan’s disciples is me, not the Chivalry Association, who cares about them!”

“You might think so, but Three Wonders Clan won’t. They’ve always been domineering so they’ll definitely implicate the association too!”

“… Alright, I’ll think about it!”

Chu Li huffed a dissatisfied breath and grit his teeth in contempt.

However, he was secretly getting excited and suspicious at this.

Was Three Wonders Clan not supporting the Chivalry Association behind the scenes? When did it switch its alliances to support the Ferric Blood Association?

Nevertheless, killing Three Wonders Clan’s disciples was the best way to get on their radar and grab their attention. Moreover, he had no shame or regret in killing these fellas and did not let any of them go. ~

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