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Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her! (Web Novel)




Josei Romance

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Once Gu Qingjiu, she was fortunate enough to be born in the “best” family, ended up having a miserable and unjust life.

Reliving her life once more, Gu Qingjiu chooses to enlist in the military and bear the toughest hardships she has ever faced. Everyone says that she’s the least possible person to join the special forces. However, she manages to prove all of them wrong.

Good-for-nothing? Who’s the good-for-nothing? Is she a good-for-nothing when she can throw all of them onto the floor in a fight? Is she a good-for-nothing when she has results better than everyone else? She’ll prove all of them wrong.

Enter Helian Niancheng, the well-known, youngest major-general in Beijing. A banishment sends him into the basic ranks in a military camp as a new recruit. From then on, he meets a person that makes him dote on and protect at all costs, his beloved. However, his beloved is only focused on fighting and killing. Major-general Helian declares this to be a very bad, a very terrible situation. Yet, Gu Qingjiu merely replies,

“Scram! Lower your gun if you dare!”

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 468: Taking Down One Easily in the First Round (2)2020-12-02
Chapter 467: Taking Down One Easily in the First Round (1)2020-12-02
Chapter 466: 3/20 Will Make it to the Next Round2020-12-01
Chapter 465: Qi Yuefeng Is Coming to the Capital2020-12-01
Chapter 464: This is the Standard of What an Ordinary Person Ought to Be2020-11-30
Chapter 463: Can I Get Your Autograph Please?2020-11-30
Chapter 462: Internationally Renowned Celebrity, Mu Sheng!2020-11-29
Chapter 461: Haiya! So Annoying2020-11-29
Chapter 460: It’s Not Good to Interfere Too Much With China’s Affairs2020-11-28
Chapter 459: No Longer Daring to Go2020-11-28
Chapter 458: The Super Strong Duelling Candidate2020-11-27
Chapter 457: Who Will Be the Champion2020-11-27
Chapter 456: Feng Yumeng Finally Wins2020-11-26
Chapter 455: Schoolwide Competition2020-11-26
Chapter 454: Even If You’re Going to Hell, I’ll Go on Your Behalf Before That Happens2020-11-25
Chapter 453: Qi Xiaoran’s Mission2020-11-25
Chapter 452: Young Lady, This Is a Very Dangerous Thought2020-11-24
Chapter 451: Dated Then Broke Up2020-11-24
Chapter 450: Wait Until I Graduate From University2020-11-23
Chapter 449: Guess?2020-11-23
Chapter 448: I’m Not Saying Anymore, I Forgot What I Wanted to Say2020-11-22
Chapter 447: I’ll Be Waiting!2020-11-22
Chapter 447: I’ll Be Waiting!2020-11-22
Chapter 446: You’re Not Better Than I Am2020-11-22
Chapter 445: Running Into Yu Shiwei2020-11-22
Chapter 444: Prince Charming Mu Sheng2020-11-22
Chapter 443: Meeting Yu Bao’er to Have Fun2020-11-22
Chapter 442: Warrior, Shut Your Trap and Give Me a Way Out, Will You2020-11-22
Chapter 441: You… Snored Last Night2020-11-22
Chapter 440: Qin Huai Who Was Sent Out of the Country2020-11-22
Chapter 439: Combat Training Ground2020-11-22
Chapter 438: No One Liked Dragging Others’ Back2020-11-22
Chapter 437: Gu Qingjiu, Actual Combat 22020-11-22
Chapter 436: Gu Qingjiu, Actual Combat 12020-11-22
Chapter 435: If She Wasn’t the Last Place, Who Would Be2020-11-22
Chapter 434: Not Even A Name2020-11-22
Chapter 433: Was… She Crying?2020-11-22
Chapter 432: The Chief Instructor Looked At the Online Forum2020-11-22
Chapter 431: Living Together2020-11-22
:Chapter 430 You Can Sleep on the Floor2020-11-22
Chapter 429: You’re Someone I Care About2020-11-22
Chapter 428: Why, Do You Find Me Too Old?2020-11-22
Chapter 427: Aunt2020-11-22
Chapter 426: The Beautiful Lady Who Came to Look for He Niancheng2020-11-22
Chapter 425: I’ll Show You If You Want to Take A Look2020-11-22
Chapter 424: A Couple’s Small Actions2020-11-22
Chapter 423: Can’t Go Back Tonight2020-11-22
Chapter 422: The Person He Missed Madly2020-11-22
Chapter 421: Transferring Qin Huai Away2020-11-22
Chapter 420: The Compatible Duo2020-11-22
Chapter 419: The Bad-Tempered Lu Yimei2020-11-22
Chapter 418: Big Boss Yin, Can You Do That?2020-11-22
Chapter 417: Yin Ruoyi2020-11-22
Chapter 416: Discussing Serious Matters2020-11-22
Chapter 415: Punishment2020-11-22
Chapter 414: Picked On By Qin Huai2020-11-22
Chapter 413: Did You Have Fun Yesterday?2020-11-22
Chapter 412: Bring Her Back First2020-11-22
Chapter 411: Eliminated the Entire National Defense University Team, Plus Another Three From Haihe2020-11-22
Chapter 410: Twenty Bullets, Eighteen People!2020-11-22
Chapter 409: National Defense University, Completely Wiped Out!2020-11-22
Chapter 408: She Simply Loved This Feeling Too Much2020-11-22
Chapter 407: Failed Ambush2020-11-22
Chapter 406: A Joint Ambush2020-11-22
Chapter 405: Snake2020-11-22
Chapter 404: Disbelief2020-11-22
Chapter 403: Was It Gu Qingjiu?2020-11-22
Chapter 402: This Is Foul Play2020-11-22
Chapter 401: Speculation2020-11-22
Chapter 400: I Had No Idea How I Was Hit2020-11-22
Chapter 399: How Did I Get Hit?2020-11-22
Chapter 398: There Shouldn’t Be a Problem For Her to Make It Until the End Right?2020-11-22
Chapter 397: She’s Not Here, She’s in There Taking Part in the Competition2020-11-22
Chapter 396: Enjoy Hunting2020-11-22
Chapter 395: The Commotion On the Right2020-11-22
Chapter 394: Taking Part In the Competition For the First Time2020-11-22
Chapter 393: Three Military Schools, Tangled Warfare!2020-11-22
Chapter 392: Could Relate to Her2020-11-22
Chapter 391: An Exhilarating Excitement2020-11-22
Chapter 390: Did the Pitiful Pheasant Offend You?2020-11-22
Chapter 389: Snatched Away Prey2020-11-22
Chapter 388: Combat in the Wild2020-11-22
Chapter 387: What I’m Afraid of Is That He Would Do Something Unbecoming2020-11-22
Chapter 386: The Activity Area2020-11-22
Chapter 385: No Idea If It’s Tough or Tiring2020-11-22
Chapter 384: Endless Pestering2020-11-22
Chapter 383: Secretly Taking Photos2020-11-22
Chapter 382: International Battlefield2020-11-22
Chapter 381: Natural Interaction2020-11-22
Chapter 380: The Shooting Department Outdoor Activity2020-11-22
Chapter 379: Together With the Principle and Interest2020-11-22
Chapter 378: She Merely Placed This Man in the Depths of Her Heart2020-11-22
Chapter 377: She Couldn’t Bear To2020-11-22
Chapter 376: Abnormality2020-11-22
Chapter 375: Not Doing Well With a Fifty-Meter Target2020-11-22
Chapter 374: Gossip Center2020-11-22
Chapter 373: Turning Down the Chief Instructor’s Suggestion2020-11-22
Chapter 372: A New Way of Combat2020-11-22
Chapter 371: Compulsory Class2020-11-22
Chapter 370: Partner2020-11-22
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