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Wild Princess: Marrying an Ugly Prince (Web Novel)


Bai Aoxue, the best mercenary in the 21st century, is accidentally sent back to the Chengxi Dynasty in Great Continent due to an explosion in her mission, and trapped in the first daughter of Prime Minister. After her rebirth, she is set up by her father to marry the 5th prince Jun Yeyan who wears a mask all day long.
In the face of bloodthirsty enemies, discord between brothers, collusion among courtiers and invasion of enemy state, can Bai and Jun resolve the crises? What will happen to their political marriage? How will the fierce battle for the throne end?
With many twists and turns, the book brings you to experience palace revolution, love and hatred thousands of years ago.

442 • 2019-11-17 15:19:35


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 298 The Elimination of Jun Wuhen’s Hope2020-05-27
Chapter 297 The Home Existed Where He Was2020-05-26
Chapter 296 Finally It Was the Fight of Fate!2020-05-24
Chapter 295 Bai Aoxue’s Crisis—Being Encircled and Suppressed!2020-05-24
Chapter 294 Who Fell into the Trap?2020-05-23
Chapter 293 Helen of Troy!2020-05-23
Chapter 292 Beheaded Jun Yeyan Three Days Later2020-05-20
Chapter 291 Walk to the End of the Road2020-05-20
Chapter 290 A Life Went Through Ups and Downs2020-05-20
Chapter 289 You Reap What You Sow2020-05-18
Chapter 288 You Are Not Qualified to Be Her Father2020-05-18
Chapter 287 The 5th Prince Really Came Back2020-05-16
Chapter 286 Take Off Your Clothes Yourself!2020-05-16
Chapter 285 Choose the Power and Lose Her Faith2020-05-14
Chapter 284 A Storm Was Coming, and the Crisis Emerged2020-05-13
Chapter 283 A Victim of Political Interest2020-05-12
Chapter 282 Little Girl with No Ambition2020-05-10
Chapter 281 Accompany Her into the Palace Through the Polymorph2020-05-09
Chapter 280 Break All the Bones in Your Body2020-05-09
Chapter 279 Win or Lose, Bet for Once2020-05-08
Chapter 278 Uncover the Ugly Truth2020-05-08
Chapter 277 Was Ye Zhaojue Alive or Dead?2020-05-05
Chapter 276 Have Nothing to Do with It from Now On2020-05-05
Chapter 275 Are There Already Our Children Here?2020-05-03
Chapter 274 Another Personality of Jun Yeyan2020-05-02
Chapter 273 I Will Not Take a Bath with You2020-05-02
Chapter 272 You Only Belong to Me2020-05-02
Chapter 271 The Couple Who Had Their Sexual Consummation Belatedly2020-04-29
Chapter 270 I Only Have You, Only You2020-04-29
Volume 5: I Will Never Let You Down Even If We Grow Old and Die Chapter 269 Just Met But Will Separate Again2020-04-29
Chapter 268 We Will Accompany Each Other Until We Both Grow Old2020-04-26
Chapter 267 Belong to Me in a Real Sense2020-04-25
Chapter 266 If She Makes Trouble, I Will Shoulder It All for Her2020-04-24
Chapter 265 Whoever Tries to Go After My Woman Should Go to Hell2020-04-23
Chapter 264 Embrace You Again2020-04-22
Chapter 263 Just Wait for the Moment to Meet2020-04-21
Chapter 262 Just Want to Go Outside to Adventure2020-04-21
Chapter 261 Bring You a Flourishing Age2020-04-19
Chapter 260 You Were Here When the Nightmare Went Away2020-04-19
Chapter 259 Her Wish to Keep Sleeping Forever2020-04-19
Chapter 258 Jun Yeyan Can Be Saved!2020-04-17
Chapter 257 Master, I Find You2020-04-15
Chapter 256 The Person Who Will Never Come2020-04-15
Chapter 255 Why Not Risk My Life for You2020-04-15
Chapter 254 Shined like a Star2020-04-12
Chapter 253 The Killing Starts from Here2020-04-11
Chapter 252 The Three-day Deadline2020-04-11
Chapter 251 She Could Not Be Left Alone2020-04-09
Chapter 249 Alive Or Not, the Person Must Be Found2020-04-07
Chapter 248 The Death Finally Separated Them2020-04-06
Chapter 247 A Crisis! The Real Face Appears2020-04-06
Chapter 246 I Am Very Satisfied to Meet You2020-04-04
Chapter 245 Let You Fall in Love with Me Again2020-04-03
Chapter 244 Bai Aoxue’s Big Crisis2020-04-03
Chapter 243 It Seemed That He Had Broken His Words2020-04-02
Chapter 242 The Ink-blood Tower Turned Out in Full Force2020-04-02
Chapter 241 Ye Zhaojue’s Life Is Uncertain2020-03-30
Chapter 240 She Wasn’t Alone2020-03-29
Chapter 239 The Increasingly Tense Situation2020-03-29
Chapter 238 The Beginning of the Panic and Conspiracy2020-03-27
Chapter 237 The Cruelest Thing Was the Time2020-03-26
Chapter 236 The Secret That Can’t Be Hidden2020-03-25
Chapter 235 There Is Only One You in the World2020-03-24
Chapter 234 A Quite Similar Old Enemy2020-03-24
Chapter 233 A Quarrel in a Critical Condition2020-03-22
Chapter 232 That’s Life, and Bring Me the Wine2020-03-21
Chapter 231 Lives of Three Women2020-03-21
Chapter 230 She Was the Only One in His Heart2020-03-19
Chapter 229 The Woman Who Took His Heart2020-03-18
Chapter 228 Sacrifice for Revenge2020-03-18
Chapter 227 Let’s Have a Baby2020-03-17
Chapter 226 Be a Target of Public Criticism Again2020-03-17
Chapter 225 Accompany Her to See Flowers Flying All Over the Sky2020-03-17
Chapter 224 Aoxue, You Are Finally Here2020-03-14
Chapter 223 Not Afraid to Lose2020-03-12
Chapter 222 You Could Only Be Mine!2020-03-12
Chapter 221 The Rain of Peach Blossoms Began in an Instant2020-03-11
Chapter 220 Let’s Go to Hell Together!2020-03-09
Chapter 219 The Core of Thought-reading Skill Was to Look into the Eyes2020-03-08
Chapter 218 Only Wish to Grow Old with You2020-03-07
Chapter 217 Various Tenderness Was Not My Intention2020-03-06
Chapter 216 Kill to Stop Killing and Fear Nothing2020-03-05
Chapter 215 The Waiting Wastes the Youth2020-03-05
Chapter 214 Follow Me and Don’t Lose Yourself2020-03-05
Chapter 213 Dogs Bite Dogs While Cats Bite Cats2020-03-05
Chapter 212 An Accident in the Accident2020-03-05
Chapter 211 Ever-changing Situations2020-03-05
Chapter 210 Jun Wuhen’s Trick2020-03-05
Chapter 209 Wish You All the Best in Your Life2020-03-05
Chapter 208 Atheism in Love2020-03-05
Chapter 207 A Unique Pet2020-03-05
Chapter 206 Her Way of Survival2020-03-05
Chapter 205 A Brave Hero Always Wins the Fiercest Competition2020-03-05
Chapter 204 The Crown of the Killer King2020-03-05
Chapter 203 The White Horse Stepped Away on the Dust2020-02-21
Chapter 202 The Consequence of Taking the Tiger as a Pet2020-02-21
Chapter 201 The Seal Carrying the Expectation2020-02-19
Chapter 200 The Circulation and Retribution of Causes and Effects2020-02-18
Chapter 199 Don’t Kneel Even If Pelvic Bones Are Broken2020-02-17
Chapter 198 The Cruelty Hidden in His Eyes2020-02-17