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Womanizing Mage (Web Novel)


This is the story of Long Yi, who was killed because he took revenge for the girl he loved. Before he dies, a strange lightning carries his soul into a different realm. How will he live, when the first thing he noticed upon arrival is that, the man whose body he possessed is raping the country’s princess?
1898 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 675: Sea of Reincarnation [END]2019-10-07
Chapter 674: Decisive battle of life and death2019-10-07
Chapter 673: Space barrier collapse2019-10-07
Chapter 672: The calamity befalls2019-10-07
Chapter 671: Bloody Blue Waves (2)2019-10-07
Chapter 670: Bloody Blue Waves (1)2019-10-07
Chapter 669: Win a complete victory2019-10-07
Chapter 668: Emotion Demon Naweiqi2019-10-02
Chapter 667: The little monster of Myriad Poisonous Forest2019-10-02
Chapter 666: Counterattacking Demon World (2)2019-10-02
Chapter 665: Counterattacking Demon World (1)2019-10-02
Chapter 664: Breakthrough, Kexin2019-10-02
Chapter 663: Bitter battle2019-10-02
Chapter 662: Seven Ancient War Gods2019-10-02
Chapter 661: Hegemon God Long Yi make an entrance2019-10-02
Chapter 660: Wei’er Beila2019-10-02
Chapter 659: Seven-attributed Godhead2019-09-18
Chapter 658: Sunset Peak, an Elder of Divine World2019-09-18
Chapter 657: Evil Forbidden Zone; spring scenery throughout the night2019-09-11
Chapter 656: The past history of Siyan2019-09-11
Chapter 655: Fire God Capital (2)2019-09-11
Chapter 654: Fire God Capital (1)2019-09-11
Chapter 653: The secrets of Divine World2019-09-11
Chapter 652: Ten Winged Fallen Angel2019-09-11
Chapter 651: Divine World2019-09-11
Chapter 650: Flame God Chiyan (2)2019-09-11
Chapter 649: Flame God Chiyan (1)2019-09-11
Chapter 648: Princess of Demon World2019-09-11
Chapter 647: Flying together2019-09-11
Chapter 646: Seven Spirit Tablets Gathered2019-09-11
Chapter 645: Barbarian Clan’s Great Shaman2019-09-11
Chapter 644: The information on Earth God2019-09-11
Chapter 643: God of Creation?2019-09-11
Chapter 642: The source of the spiritual spring2019-09-11
Chapter 641: Looking for the Earth God Spirit Tablet2019-09-11
Chapter 640: The Chaos of Blue Moon Continent2019-09-11
Chapter 639: Entering the space passage of Blue Moon Continent2019-09-11
Chapter 638: Dark God is female?2019-09-11
Chapter 637: Sea Swallowing Beast is mine!2019-07-21
Chapter 636: Heavenly Demon King (2)2019-07-21
Chapter 635: Heavenly Demon King (1)2019-07-21
Chapter 634: Charging into Undersea City2019-07-21
Chapter 633: Jade Blood illuminating the world2019-07-21
Chapter 632: A beauty’s heavy affection2019-07-21
Chapter 631: Actually is Heaven Slaying Squid2019-07-21
Chapter 630: The space gate2019-07-21
Chapter 629: Sea Swallowing Beast2019-07-21
Chapter 628: Meeting the princess of Sea Race again2019-07-21
Chapter 627: Returning to underground base (2)2019-06-20
Chapter 626: Returning to underground base (1)2019-06-20
Chapter 625: Boundless luck with women2019-06-20
Chapter 624: In the midst of ten thousand flowers2019-06-20
Chapter 623: Missing2019-06-19
Chapter 622: An anomaly2019-06-17
Chapter 621: Emptied Treasury2019-06-16
Chapter 620: True or false?2019-06-11
Chapter 619: Returning to Undersea City2019-06-11
Chapter 618: Blue Sea Divine Soul (2)2019-06-07
Chapter 617: Blue Sea Divine Soul (1)2019-06-05
Chapter 616: Demonic Specters and Divine Zombies2019-06-04
Chapter 615: Death impasse2019-06-01
Chapter 614: Water Space Variant Beast2019-06-01
Chapter 613: Water Parting Magic2019-05-29
Chapter 612: Underworld Demon General2019-05-29
Chapter 611: Demonic Corpse2019-05-26
Chapter 610: Variant Fire Qilin2019-05-24
Chapter 609: Smelting Death Cave2019-05-22
Chapter 608: The Scheme Concocted inside Miluo Clan2019-05-22
Chapter 607: The truth of banishment2019-05-18
Chapter 606: Sea Emperor2019-05-15
Chapter 605: The reunion of master and servant2019-05-14
Chapter 604: Secrets inside the restrictions2019-05-12
Chapter 603: Reasons2019-05-10
Chapter 602: Rescuing Bifei2019-05-08
Chapter 601: Sneaking in2019-05-06
Chapter 600: The Land of Holy Spirit2019-05-04
Chapter 599: Heaven-Sent Fortune2019-05-01
Chapter 598: The prince of Miluo Clan2019-05-01
Chapter 597: Heaven Slaying Squid2019-05-01
Chapter 596: Undersea Forest2019-04-24
Chapter 595: Undersea Passage2019-04-24
Chapter 594: The Reappearance of Purple Gold Soul Stone2019-04-24
Chapter 593: Clam Clan in a precarious situation2019-04-24
Chapter 592: Holy Temple’s Ancient Magic Array2019-04-24
Chapter 591: Peculiar space2019-04-24
Chapter 590: The flies of Demonic Dragon Island2019-04-24
Chapter 589: Preparing for a rainy day2019-04-24
Chapter 588: Soaring Dragon City, Military Camp (part 2)2019-04-24
Chapter 588: Soaring Dragon City, Military camp2019-04-03
Chapter 587: The information on Undersea City2019-04-03
Chapter 586: Demonic Dragon King2019-03-31
Chapter 585: Difficult rescue (Part 2)2019-03-29
Chapter 585: Difficult rescue2019-03-27
Chapter 584: Seeking revenge for the smallest grievance (Part 2)2019-03-26
Chapter 584: Seeking revenge for the smallest grievance2019-03-26
Chapter 583: Imprisoned Divine Dragon and Demonic Dragon2019-03-26
Chapter 582: Mighty Dragon God2019-03-26
Chapter 581: Dragon God’s heart2019-03-26
Chapter 580: Dealing a counterblow (Part 2)2019-03-26
Chapter 580: Dealing a counterblow2019-03-26
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