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World Keeper (Web Novel)






Justin Miller


Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Slice of Life Supernatural

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Dale Mitchell, your average guy in a below-average job. But, what happens to him is anything but average. After hitting someone in his truck, his world was turned upside down, inside out, and more than fifty shades of grey.

Now, he seems to be something called a World Keeper, and must create and manage his own world. Is this his afterlife, or something else entirely?

776 • 2019-11-30 12:50:51


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 451: Investment2020-01-18
Chapter 450: Qualifications2020-01-18
Chapter 449: Dungeon Battles2020-01-18
Chapter 448: Master’s Trials2020-01-18
Chapter 447: A Chance to Grow2020-01-18
Chapter 446: A Bargain2020-01-18
Chapter 445: Revenge2020-01-18
Chapter 444: Advanced Knowledge2020-01-18
Chapter 443: Divine Insight2020-01-18
Chapter 442: Bear Witness2020-01-18
Chapter 441: Like Fish in a Barrel2020-01-18
Chapter 440: The Earthshaper2020-01-18
Chapter 439: Proof of Graduation2020-01-18
Chapter 438: Ill Fortunes2020-01-18
Chapter 437: Sea God’s Play2020-01-18
Chapter 436: The King’s Tribute2020-01-18
Chapter 435: Family Understands2020-01-18
Chapter 434: Daughter of the Stars2020-01-18
Chapter 433: Evolution2020-01-18
Chapter 432: The Greatest Plans of Slimes and Men2020-01-18
Chapter 431: The Era of Champions2020-01-18
Chapter 430: Thoughts and Prayers2020-01-18
Chapter 429: Wish Upon a Star2020-01-18
Chapter 428: A Star is Born2020-01-18
Chapter 427: The Brightest Future2019-11-30
Chapter 426: Carna Petra2019-11-30
Chapter 425: Political Maneuvering2019-11-30
Chapter 424: Sher Dien2019-11-30
Chapter 423: Troubled Times2019-11-30
Chapter 422: The Life of a Shadow2019-11-30
Chapter 421: Disaster Prevention Hotline2019-11-30
Chapter 420: Shady Transactions2019-11-30
Chapter 419: Treasured Knowledge2019-11-30
Chapter 418: The Passing of the Torch2019-11-30
Chapter 417: The End of the Line2019-11-30
Chapter 416: Beyond Perfection2019-11-30
Chapter 415: Disaster Awareness2019-11-30
Chapter 414: Long Live the Queen2019-11-30
Chapter 413: First(?) Contact2019-11-30
Chapter 412: Thawing the Frozen Heart2019-11-30
Chapter 411: Karmic Justice2019-11-30
Chapter 410: The Path Ahead2019-11-30
Chapter 409: If You Want Something Done Right2019-11-30
Chapter 408: Foreign Relations2019-11-30
Chapter 407: A Whole New World2019-11-30
Chapter 406: The Fox and the Hare2019-11-30
Chapter 405: Stare Into the Abyss2019-11-30
Chapter 404: Chapter Not Found2019-11-30
Chapter 403: Echoed Fates2019-11-30
Chapter 402: Mending a Broken Heart2019-11-30
Chapter 401: Thick-Skinned2019-11-30
Chapter 400: Amalgamation2019-11-30
Chapter 399: Dream Another Dream of Me2019-11-30
Chapter 398: The Trade2019-11-30
Chapter 397: Return to the Meeting2019-11-30
Chapter 396: Self-Reflection2019-11-30
Chapter 395: The Binding of a Soul2019-11-30
Chapter 394: Firsthand Look2019-11-30
Chapter 393: Spica2019-11-30
Chapter 392: Lift-Off2019-11-30
Chapter 391: Financial Planning2019-11-30
Chapter 390: The Mirror’s Analysis2019-11-30
Chapter 389: Synergy2019-11-30
Chapter 388: What Sorcery is This2019-11-30
Chapter 387: Conquest2019-11-30
Chapter 386: Internet Sensations2019-11-30
Chapter 385: The Pact2019-11-30
Chapter 384: Well Equipped2019-11-30
Chapter 383: To Call the Void2019-11-30
Chapter 382: Heart’s Shadow2019-11-30
Chapter 381: Special Event2019-11-30
Chapter 380: The Watcher2019-11-30
Chapter 379: Counting Cards2019-11-30
Chapter 378: A New Age Dawns2019-11-30
Chapter 377: The Final Manifestation2019-11-30
Chapter 376: Ascension2019-11-30
Chapter 375: Stormworld2019-11-30
Chapter 374: Swarm Tactics2019-11-30
Chapter 373: Nebula2019-11-30
Chapter 372: The Pantheon Parthenon2019-11-30
Chapter 371: Avatars2019-11-30
Chapter 370: The Golden Favor2019-11-30
Chapter 369: The Grinning Shade2019-11-30
Chapter 368: The Big Score2019-11-30
Chapter 367: Conspiracy2019-11-30
Chapter 366: Resolve2019-11-30
Chapter 365: Graduation2019-11-30
Chapter 364: I’m Back2019-11-30
Chapter 363: Seeking a Path2019-11-30
Chapter 362: Dinner Reservations2019-11-30
Chapter 361: Growing Pains2019-11-30
Chapter 360: Departure2019-11-30
Chapter 359: The Dragon’s Roost2019-11-30
Chapter 358: Dragon’s Duel2019-11-30
Chapter 357: The Dragon’s Dilemma2019-11-30
Chapter 356: Expansion2019-11-30
Chapter 355: Shadows Lurk2019-11-30
Chapter 354: Fated Soul2019-11-30
Chapter 353: Breaking News2019-11-30
Chapter 352: Shattered Hopes2019-11-30
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