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Worlds’ Apocalypse Online (Web Novel)


The end of all worlds approaches.

The Demon King Order harvests lives from all manners of living beings.

Within this darkness full of despair,
A single person escaped from space-time, returned to before the world collapsed, determined to change the fate of the past.

But as time pass, he gradually finds out that the Apocalypse isn’t quite as simple as he thinks…

507 • 2019-09-09 09:18:43


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 672: The choice of mortals2020-05-31
Chapter 671: The curtains are raised!2020-05-31
Chapter 670: It’s staring2020-05-30
Chapter 669: Test of the Gods2020-05-30
Chapter 668: The start of everything2020-05-29
Chapter 667: Fleeing2020-05-29
Chapter 666: My own secrets2020-05-28
Chapter 665: Be careful of my Blade2020-05-28
Chapter 664: The Strife Zones2020-05-27
Chapter 663: The border outpost2020-05-27
Chapter 662: A sudden attack2020-05-26
Chapter 661: Confidential2020-05-26
Chapter 660: A disguise2020-05-25
Chapter 659: Lady Darksea2020-05-25
Chapter 658: Coincidental meeting2020-05-24
Chapter 657: Shen Wei2020-05-24
Chapter 656: A gathering2020-05-23
Chapter 655: [Life Seeker]2020-05-23
Chapter 654: Initiated2020-05-22
Chapter 653: The twin swords2020-05-22
Chapter 652: Returnee2020-05-21
Chapter 651: The one in seclusion2020-05-21
Chapter 650: Disciples of Bai Hua sect2020-05-20
Chapter 649: We are all happy2020-05-20
Chapter 648: Pulling firewood from under the pot2020-05-19
Chapter 647: The forgiving and broadminded Bai Hua sect2020-05-19
Chapter 646: Seen through2020-05-18
Chapter 645: Flower on a blade2020-05-18
Chapter 644: Impersonator2020-05-17
Chapter 643: Lakeside2020-05-17
Chapter 642: The project2020-05-16
Chapter 641: Individual actions2020-05-16
Chapter 640: The Six Paths Great Mountain sword2020-05-15
Chapter 639: The Tower of Infinite Worlds2020-05-15
Chapter 638: The shadow of Old2020-05-14
Chapter 637: A shadow2020-05-14
Chapter 636: Samsara world tomb2020-05-13
Chapter 635: The 6 worlds’ fusion2020-05-13
Chapter 634: Gu Qing Shan’s announcement2020-05-12
Chapter 633: The Wraith realm2020-05-12
Chapter 632: Unlocked soul2020-05-11
Chapter 631: Dispute2020-05-11
Chapter 630: Election2020-05-10
Chapter 629: A visitor2020-05-10
Chapter 628: Suspicion2020-05-09
Chapter 627: Newcomer2020-05-09
Chapter 626: Payment2020-05-08
Chapter 625: Appearance2020-05-08
Chapter 624: Secret2020-05-07
Chapter 623: Power of the Samsara2020-05-07
Chapter 622: Her business2020-05-06
Chapter 621: The ones hidden behind the scene2020-05-06
Chapter 620: Return2020-05-05
Chapter 619: War God’s secret2020-05-05
Chapter 618: The Club’s decision2020-05-04
Chapter 617: Audience (3)2020-05-04
Chapter 616: Audience (2)2020-05-04
Chapter 615: Audience (1)2020-05-04
Chapter 614: The path you walk2020-05-02
Chapter 613: Secret2020-05-02
Chapter 612: [Will of the Empress]2020-05-01
Chapter 611: Gu Qing Shan’s judgment2020-05-01
Chapter 610: The royal treasury2020-04-30
Chapter 609: Impulsive2020-04-30
Chapter 608: A new road2020-04-29
Chapter 607: The Soul Key2020-04-29
Chapter 606: Triggered2020-04-28
Chapter 605: [Deific]2020-04-28
Chapter 604: Shen Wu Wind Tribulation2020-04-27
Chapter 603: The world tomb!2020-04-27
Chapter 602: Sword2020-04-27
Chapter 601: Bizarre2020-04-27
Chapter 600: Guarding2020-04-27
Chapter 599: How it feels to slack off2020-04-27
Chapter 598:2020-04-24
Chapter 597: Lightning and Wind2020-04-24
Chapter 596: Separation2020-04-23
Chapter 595: Never seen before2020-04-23
Chapter 594: Root cause2020-04-22
Chapter 593: In the name of the Sovereign2020-04-22
Chapter 592: Doubts regarding the armor2020-04-21
Chapter 591: The toughest Tribulation2020-04-21
Chapter 590: The Devil King’s past2020-04-20
Chapter 589: Tear of Asura2020-04-20
Chapter 589: Tear of Asura2020-04-20
Chapter 589: Tear of Asura2020-04-20
Chapter 589: Tear of Asura2020-04-20
Chapter 588: 4 Devils, 4 Fiends2020-04-19
Chapter 587: Holy Bramble Leaf2020-04-19
Chapter 586: I wasn’t mistaken after all2020-04-18
Chapter 585: Proof of the world2020-04-18
Chapter 584: The Progenitor Fiendess2020-04-17
Chapter 583: A more dangerous situation2020-04-17
Chapter 582: Decisive Battle Quest: Heaven’s Punishment2020-04-16
Chapter 581: Playing your cards2020-04-16
Chapter 580: When you die2020-04-16
Chapter 579: The faint female voice2020-04-16
Chapter 578: Clues2020-04-16
Chapter 577: Battle armor2020-04-16
Chapter 576: Sparring (2)2020-04-16