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Worlds’ Apocalypse Online (Web Novel) - Chapter 275: A sword cultivator’s battle

Chapter 275: A sword cultivator’s battle

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Translated by: La0o9

Edited by: Juicetin

Proofreader: Arya

One sword slowly floated up.

As if this was some sort of signal, the second, then the third, then more and more swords started to float upward, concentrating in one place, knocking into each other to make loud ringing noises.

Millions of swords gathered at once, forming an intense current of steel.

A single sword doesn’t mean much, even if it used everything it had to attack a Projection realm cultivator, it’s nothing more than being bitten by an ant.

But if millions of ants bite the same target, even an elephant would be reduced to a corpse.

When the quantity of swords concentrated is high enough, their powers would reach an unimaginable change in quality.

The intense current of metal flowed forward.

The swords were beginning their assault.

They carried an unshakable will, the fury of the entire world, wanting to snap back at their assailant one last time.

The unknown cultivator coldly sneered, shouting: “Just a few measly master-less ——–“


The storm of swords were demonstrating the strongest attacks they’ve ever used.

Each strike was the one that the sword cultivators were proudest of in their entire lives.

They were using this as a way to round out their lives of cultivation with the sword.

The unknown cultivator’s expression changed, quickly taking out a bamboo umbrella to block in front.

The bamboo umbrella let out a dim golden light, enveloping him.

Just as the unknown cultivator managed to relax for a little bit, it immediately changed again————


The dam has broken!!

The entire sea of swords turned into a towering tsunami of swords several dozens meters tall, crashing down on him.

The golden light was nothing short of a candle in the storm, instantly getting snuffed out as it was swallowed up by the raging sea of swords.

“I am a Projection ——–“




The sea of swords completely drowned out his voice, eliminating him.

The sea of swords surrounded him, turning into a maelstrom.

Millions of phantom swords stood waiting, swirling inside the maelstrom, still waiting.

They were waiting to use the ultimate Skill they’ve devoted their entire lives to.

Only then will they be able to pass on in peace.


The deathly screams of the Projection realm cultivator were heard from deep inside the sea of swords.

Countless powerful treasure tools flew out from his body, then quickly got damaged and destroyed.

All these powerful treasure tools that he had always been proud of didn’t even manage to survive for a blink of an eye, instantly swallowed up and ground to dust by the millions of sword phantoms.

A few seconds later, even the screams were getting unstable and ragged.

Then finally, his presence disappeared completely.

Everything has ended.

This is the vengeance of an entire world.

The swords slowly scattered.

There was nothing left of the enemy.

Gu Qing Shan sighed deeply: “Who would’ve known just [Summon Soul] is enough to kill a Projection realm cultivator”

The Earth Sword’s heavy voice came: 「 I’ve never seen such a thing either 」

Gu Qing Shan spoke: “It seems you won’t have a chance to shine”

The Earth Sword chimed: 「 How unfortunate 」

Suddenly, where the Projection realm cultivator died, a flame started to burn.

Inside the flame, an angry shout came: “Who dared to kill my disciple, you’re wishing for death!”

This seems to be a sort of soul connection, as soon as his disciple died, the Zishan young master instantly noticed.

But, he’s currently at the most important point in his Tribulation, he can’t get there on such short notice.

The flame quickly dispersed, revealing a formation plate about the size of a palm.

A blinding light appeared from the formation plate.

In the next moment, a bulky man appeared, shouting: “Who killed my junior brother, I want to bring him back and skin him alive for three days straight!”

His spirit energy waves were much stronger compared to the Projection realm cultivator from before.

As he spoke, the entire cave was shaking for a little bit.

This isn’t the Zishan young master, but rather another of his disciples that he ordered to come first.

Looking at this person, Gu Qing Shan muttered: “Luckily, we have another strike”

He raised his sword, activating the sword style.

[Karma Strike]

This strike is a guaranteed hit, siphoning the damage caused by the summoned soul to attack the enemy once again.

The Earth Sword instantly disappeared.

It reappeared in front of the bulky man’s chest.

The bulky man’s expression didn’t even have time to change, only fear managed to appear in his eyes.

And then he was gone, as if he never came to this world in the first place, not a single hair or a drop of blood was left.

A strike carrying the power of a million souls and their swords, even a Projection realm cultivator like him was unable to handle it.

His entire being was vaporized into dust, completely gone from this world.


[You’ve defeated a Projection realm cultivator, +1000 Soul Points]

[The cooldown period is over, you may use your Soul Points to breakthrough once again]

Gu Qing Shan only glanced over it and didn’t pay much attention to the notification.

Because the flame appeared once more.


The flame dispersed and disappeared.

The formation plate lit up once again.

A few hundred mystical runes appeared on the formation plate, quickly combining together and shined brightly.


Space suddenly let out a loud bang, as if something had exploded.

An absolute dark hole appeared from thin air.

A chilling presence of Tribulation appeared from the hole, followed by a vast spirit energy wave.

The Zishan young master was originally facing the Tribulation, but he couldn’t wait any longer to take revenge.

A cruel, dark voice came from the dark hole.

“I’ve remembered your prese ———Rejuvenation realm? How is that possible!?”

His tone became that of surprise.

In just a few moments, he would arrive to this world from the dark hole.

“Earth Sword, we’re not holding anything back” Gu Qing Shan uttered in a low voice.

「 Alright! 」the Earth Sword responded.

His opponent was facing the Tribulation and underestimating him at the same time. This was the best chance for a sneak attack.

Even if you are stronger, being hit by this isn’t going to feel good.

He could only hope that he’ll be able to attack at least once with [Ground Shrink] before the enemy became cautious.

A sword cultivator’s attack power has always exceeded their cultivation.

A sword cultivator’s expertise is killing people stronger than themselves.

Even if he can’t kill him off, being hit by the Earth Sword once is more than enough to cause him trouble.

After all, the Earth Sword’s weight of 86,370,000 tons will only become more devastating when reinforced with my sword phantom.

As for if I’ll be able to live after that, that’s not something I should consider right now.

Gu Qing Shan raised his sword.

At the same time, the entire sea of swords suddenly boiled.

One of the swords turned into a streak of light, flying into the dark hole before everyone else.

“You dare!” a roar came from inside.


The sword was knocked away, broken into dust without any mercy.

All the swords began to move at the same time.

They were burning through their own life force to gain the power for one last all-out attack.

Seeing that, Gu Qing Shan shouted: “Stop! You’ll only destroy yourselves that way!”

The fighting spirit of the millions of swords rose more and more, reaching its peak in the blink of an eye.

They even burnt their own sentience in exchange for power, recklessly charging to the other world.

They weren’t considering for a single second whether they’ll still exist in this world after this.

In just a few breaths, all the swords have flown to the other world.

The sea of swords was no more.

A storm of sword qi even more horrific than the last two attacks rang out, blowing Gu Qing Shan like a hurricane wind.

An ear-ringing explosion resounded from the other side of the dark hole, together with a voice mixed with shock and fear.

“These swords ——-“


The dark hole couldn’t take such a devastating attack and was instantly destroyed.

The portal connecting the two worlds had shut.

They couldn’t hear the Zishan young master’s voice anymore.

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