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Worlds’ Apocalypse Online (Web Novel) - Chapter 276: Rolling gacha

Chapter 276: Rolling gacha

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Translated by: La0o9

Edited by: Juicetin

Proofreader: Arya

All the swords had left.

The underground abyss had become completely empty again.

There was no sea of swords here.

No chimes from the millions of sword spirits shaking at the same time.

Absolute silence.

Suddenly, a very minute vibration came.

Gu Qing Shan raised this hand.

Chao Yin sword was trembling very slightly, shaking, crying.

“There’s no need to feel pain for them”

Gu Qing Shan spoke to the sword.

“In their final moments, being able to strike ahead for their own Dao, that’s more valuable than ten thousand years of loneliness”

“That’s what a sword cultivator is”

Gu Qing Shan was standing in midair, all around him were tall cliffs, while below was a bottomless abyss.

In the darkness, a grey Tribulation cloud had covered the entire ground below the abyss.

Gu Qing Shan relaxed his arms, tilting to look up.

If one day, when I die, will I also be able to pass gloriously as well?

He didn’t have time to think about it, nor time to sigh.

He couldn’t.

Because below, in the ruins at the bottom of the abyss, hundreds of billions of screams could be heard.

Gu Qing Shan quickly descended, slowly stopping right outside the Heaven’s Tribulation.

The ruins were covered by the grey clouds, forming a dome as countless shadowy figures were seen inside.

An endless amount of monsters had appeared, attacking Bai Hua Fairy.

Each and every one of these monsters had the strength of a Sainted realm cultivator.

They were combining their attacks, not stopping for even a second, as if they had no choice but to kill Bai Hua Fairy as fast as possible.

The situation had become dire like never before.

Bai Hua Fairy moved as if dancing around the area, the vine whip in her hand was quickly being dyed white.

Carefully looking down, Gu Qing Shan saw that countless white flowers were blooming, growing on the whip.

Bai Hua Fairy’s hair quickly turned a silver white.

She shook the whip.

All the flowers then scattered, turning into a shower of petals onto the ruins below.

As the monsters of the Wind Tribulation met these petals, they screamed and shouted in fear.

They seemed exceptionally wary of the petals, doing everything they can to dodge, afraid that a petal might stick to their bodies.

They were the pursuers just a few seconds ago, but as soon as the petals appeared, they become the pursued.

A few moments later, the Wind Tribulation slowly dissipated.

Bai Hua Fairy landed and formed a hand seal.

The thousands of fluttering petals quickly flew back, attaching themselves onto the whip and disappeared.

As the petals returned, Bai Hua Fairy’s silver white hair returned to its original black hue.

“So they’re just a bunch of cowards, didn’t even dare to attempt mutual destruction” she spoke.

After those words, she closed her eyes.

A gate opened in the air, releasing a large amount of heaven and earth’s essence.

This essence was pure, without a hint of impurities, turning into a liquid as it appeared and quickly flowed into the top of Bai Hua Fairy’s head.

This was the Shen Wu world’s purest power of origin.

Reaching this stage, a cultivator must receive the gift of origin from the world itself to be able to gain enough power to advance to the next stage.

And since the cultivation world lacks this sort of power of origin, their strongest cultivators could only reach Sainted realm at most.

While Shen Wu world’s power of origin was plentiful and powerful enough to help cultivators advance much further.

Bai Hua Fairy was concentrating on absorbing this power of origin.

After a few moments, the gate in the air slowly disappeared.

Bai Hua Fairy was emitting vast spirit energy waves like those of oceans.

Her spirit energy waves were like a hurricane, screaming as if sweeping through the entire ruins.

Bai Hua Fairy suddenly opened her eyes and sighed: “I should’ve reached this realm long ago”

She was finally a Projection realm cultivator.

Gu Qing Shan slowly descended and said: “Congratulations, Shifu”

Bai Hua Fairy looked at him and smiled: “All thanks to you leading me here and protecting me”

She was empathetic: “This Xie Dao Ling has always been a lonely person, I’ve only ever given help and have never received it”

After saying that, she stopped.

The Wild Raging Flame Armor descended and spoke: “The situation outside isn’t great; you must go rescue your world’s cultivators now”

Gu Qing Shan asked: “How are their forces?”

“This time, around 100 cultivators came, one of them being a Projection realm cultivator”

“Do they have so many Projection realm cultivators?” Gu Qing Shan was a bit worried.

“From our understanding after so long, they only have a total of 4 Projection realm cultivators, two of which died just now, so there are only 2 left”

Bai Hua Fairy spoke: “I’ll go deal with him, it’s a good chance to get used to this realm”

“I’ll come too” Gu Qing Shan spoke.

“No, be good and stay here” Bai Hua Fairy very strictly declined, “your cultivation is lacking, in the off chance that I’m not able to protect you in time, you will be killed”

After saying so, her figured flickered and disappeared from the ruins.

Only the Wild Raging Flame Armor and Gu Qing Shan were left here.

“That’s looking down on me too much” Gu Qing Shan was a bit annoyed: “Did Shifu not see what happened just now?”

The Wild Raging Flame Armor answered: “At the time of your final strike, the Wind Tribulation also reached its peak, forming a world of its own,she didn’t have any way of knowing what was happening outside.

Gu Qing Shan nodded.

Suddenly, he just stood still and said nothing else.

Inside his vision, the War God UI was glowing.

A bunch of notifications popped up.

[Thaumaturgy Quest 6 completed]

[Thaumaturgy Quest 7 initiated]

[Note: This is the final step of the Thaumaturgy Quest]

[Quest description: The power of the sea of swords isn’t enough to cause fatal damage to a Tribulation realm cultivator, after 2 days, he will be able to breakthrough Tribulation realm and enter Virtualized realm]

[According to the System’s own deduction and data of his power, passing through the Tribulation will not be a problem]

[After 2 days, a Virtualized realm cultivator will carry an endless fury and arrive at this world]

[Quest objective: He has locked onto your presence, you must think of a way to survive, despite this being practically impossible]

[Quest reward: Golden Core/Rejuvenation double realm Thaumaturgy gacha]

[Attention user!]

[Considering how the user is about to die at the hands of a Virtualized realm cultivator, the System will begin the Thaumaturgy gacha prematurely]

[If the Quest is completed, your reward will be kept]

[Even if the Quest fails, the reward shall not be rescinded because you will be dead]

[Golden Core/Rejuvenation double realm Thaumaturgy gacha rolling begins]

The crystal ball in the middle of the War God UI was beginning to fill up with water.

Water quickly filled the entire crystal ball.

Seven different colored kinds of aquatic animals appeared inside the crystal ball.

A carp.

A black tortoise.

A toad.

A jade-faced crown fish.

A crab.

A goldfish

An old sea turtle.

[A total of 7 Thaumaturgies had appeared in this double realm gacha]

[Each aquatic animal represents one Thaumaturgy]

The System voice continued: [Please pick 1 of the 7 aquatic animals to complete the roll and receive your Thaumaturgy]

“Why is it in this form?” Gu Qing Shan was a bit surprised.

[Because Shen Wu world was originally a world of nothing but water, the world’s origin represents its powers using aquatic animals. This was not done on purpose by the System] the War God System replied.

“Is there a Divine Skill in here?” Gu Qing Shan asked.

[There is a Divine Skill hidden among the aquatic animals]

Gu Qing Shan asked directly: “Then which one of them represents the Divine Skill?”

[Please do not ask such a difficult question]

The War God UI declined answering, then continued: [The System is nothing but a conduit that shows the Law of Heavens, even the System cannot peak into or control the Laws, the user must find out by themselves]

Gu Qing Shan still didn’t give up and muttered: “There were so many Quests that I did without any reward, can’t you at least give me a hint right now?”

The System stayed silent for a bit, then finally answered: [This time’s Thaumaturgy is rolled from Shen Wu world’s origin, perhaps you can ask one of your friends who understand Shen Wu world well for advice]

“I don’t have such a friend in Shen W ———“ after protesting halfway, Gu Qing Shan suddenly stopped.

He looked at Chao Yin sword in his hand.

He suddenly remembered the System description back when Chao Yin sword appeared for the first time.

[In the Age of Old, Shen Wu world was once an endless ocean. When the Divinities left, they forged this sword to anchor the four corners of the ocean]

[He who holds this sword is hailed as the king of the seas]

[Having been through countless years, this sword is now damaged, you must fully repair it to be able to demonstrate its power]

———-this sword has been through countless years, and it was forged by the Divinities.

You couldn’t ask for someone who understands Shen Wu world better even if you wanted to.

Not to mention, the Chao Yin sword’s characteristics have something to do with the sea, so maybe it could peer through the aquatic animals representing the Laws of the world and see the truth behind them.

Thinking that, Gu Qing Shan quickly asked: “System, can you allow Chao Yin sword to see the crystal ball?”

[If you’re willing to show it, yes]

“Please show it to it”


Gu Qing Shan then lifted Chao Yin sword with both hands, allowing it to look at the crystal ball inside the War God UI.

Sure enough, the Chao Yin sword shook a little bit, seemingly curious.

Gu Qing Shan answered: “Yes, I’m about to awaken a Thaumaturgy, can you help me take a look?”

“Help me pick out the strongest Thaumaturgy” he added.

Chao Yin sword floated in the air, circling around the crystal ball slowly, then ‘wu wu’ thrice at Gu Qing Shan.

“You want me to pick one that fits my own characteristics?” Gu Qing Shan muttered.

That’s not a bad advice.

“Thank you in advance, if I manage to draw a Thaumaturgy I like, I’ll think of a way to fix you up!” he promised.

The Chao Yin sword rolled around in the air, then dropped straight into Gu Qing Shan’s hand, not leaving even when he wanted to.

“No need to be that excited, geez, ok! Ok!”

Gu Qing Shan could only hold the Chao Yin sword.

He then looked at the crystal ball.

7 kinds of Thaumaturgy were waiting for him to pick.

And the Chao Yin sword had already given him a hint.

Gu Qing Shan began to make the final decision.

“My own characteristics…” he was thinking about it.

The toad, the old sea turtle and the black tortoise are out immediately.

After watching the crystal ball for a bit longer, he decided to eliminate the crab and the goldfish as well.

There were only the carp and the jade-faced crown fish left.

He has to pick one of them.

He looked seriously at the two fishes.

After looking at the jade-faced crown fish for a few times, Gu Qing Shan couldn’t help but rubbed his head.

Too different.

The jade-faced crown fish was eliminated.

The only one left was the beautiful carp, casually swimming around the crystal ball, relaxed while also proud.

Gu Qing Shan couldn’t help but click his tongue, then suddenly remembered a poem from the Age of Old.

Silk poultry hides the fragrance, carp swims around the island. (TN: I’m sorry, but I have no idea either) (EN: the chicken hides perfume bok-bok)

The more he looked, the more fitting it became, then he spoke: “I choose the carp”

A notification appeared on the War God UI.

[Because the user had broken through quickly while being in a moment of urgency has the System decided to specially reward a combined Thaumaturgy gacha]

[This is a once in a lifetime chance, once you’ve decided, you won’t be able to reverse your choice]

[Are you sure you’ve decided?]

Gu Qing Shan laughed coldly, don’t you try that with me, do you really think I’ll go and choose the tortoise or the old turtle instead?

“I’m sure, I pick the carp” he said.

As soon as he said so, all the other aquatic animals disappeared from the crystal ball.

The carp suddenly turned around and looked at Gu Qing Shan.

Then the crystal ball also disappeared.

The carp slowly swam out of the War God UI and into Gu Qing Shan’s body.

[You’ve received your Golden Core/Rejuvenation double realm Thaumaturgy]

[You got Divine Skill: Shadow Shift]

[Shadow Shift: Divine Skill, instant cast, within the range of your inner sight, you can switch places with anything]

[Note: This Skill is a Law-grade Divine Skill; no creature can resist it. No formation, barrier or secret technique can stop it]

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