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Worlds’ Apocalypse Online (Web Novel) - Chapter 277: Approach

Chapter 277: Approach

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Translated by: La0o9

Edited by: Juicetin

Proofreader: Arya

I actually got it!

Even as someone who returned to the past, Gu Qing Shan was feeling exhilarated right now.

A Divine Skill!

[Shadow Shift]!

Suddenly, he threw both Chao Yin Sword and the Earth Sword forward.

Both swords flew side by side.

Suddenly, Chao Yin Sword disappeared, replaced by Gu Qing Shan.

He grabbed the Earth Sword, then disappeared again.

One second later, he reappeared where he originally was, grabbing Chao Yin Sword.

Divine Skill, [Shadow Shift]!

Divine Skill, [Ground Shrink]!

In the blink of an eye, both swords were in his hand again, as if Gu Qing Shan hasn’t moved at all.

Gu Qing Shan took out a formation plate and arranged a Wind Spirit formation, the only formation he knows how to arrange.

He then threw the formation plate again, lodging into a rock in front.

The formation plate started to shine, forming an alarm formation around the rock.

Suddenly, Gu Qing Shan disappeared then reappeared inside the formation.

The formation felt his intrusion, instantly letting out a blinding light as an alarm signal.

Gu Qing Shan thought about it for a bit.

It seems I can use [Ground Shrink] to go inside a formation, but it’ll trigger the formation’s defense mechanism.

Gu Qing Shan then lopped off a piece of rock from the cliff about the size of a fist, then placed it onto the formation plate.

He then slowly flew backwards, then circulated his spirit energy.

[Shadow Shift]

The fist-sized rock appeared where Gu Qing Shan was before, while Gu Qing Shan himself has disappeared.

The rock fell down just like that.

Gu Qing Shan was standing on the formation plate now.

It didn’t react at all.

“So that’s what ‘No formation, barrier or even secret technique can stop it’ means”

Gu Qing Shan sighed: “If it’s like this, then to sword cultivators, it really is like giving wings to a tiger”

He held the Chao Yin Sword and said: “You helped me get this Divine Skill, I definitely won’t forget our promise, I’ll make sure you regain your former glory”

The Chao Yin Sword shook, letting out clear and loud chimes.

“Alright, don’t worry, I’ll start looking for the materials after the battle”

The Wild Raging Flame Armor that was silent for so long suddenly spoke: “The battle outside is over”

Gu Qing Shan regained his composure and asked: “So quick? What’s the result?”

“Your Shifu has only just broken through, yet managed to fight on equal footing with a Projection realm late stage cultivator, then finally even chased him away”

“The only unfortunate thing is that she couldn’t finish him off”

“Right now, cultivators on both sides are retreating, looking for their own place to settle down”

“If that’s the case, I’ll have to quickly leave, what about you, senior” Gu Qing Shan asked.

“I’ll have to contemplate for a bit more”

Gu Qing Shan spoke: “Then I thank senior for your help just now, I’ll be leaving”

“No need to thank me” the Wild Raging Flame Armor sighed: “I’m actually to blame for this”

“Why would I blame you?” Gu Qing Shan was a bit surprised.

“Just now, if I had gone and fought together with your Shifu, she would definitely have been able to win and finish him off”

She sighed: “This was such a good chance, how unfortunate”

Aside from the Zishan young master, the other side has two Projection realm cultivators, if they had managed to kill him just now, Bai Hua Fairy’s pressure would’ve decreased by a lot.

But now that he’s still alive, when the other Projection realm cultivator comes, it’ll become a 1 vs 2 battle.

At that time, Bai Hua Fairy would definitely face a tough fight.

Gu Qing Shan inhaled and clasped his fist: “I’ll be leaving first”

He turned into a streak of light and flew away.

On top of the empty ruins, only the Wild Raging Flame Armor was left.

She slowly floated there, unmoving, as if thinking about something.

A long while later, a female voice muttered to herself.

“To leave or to stay, I should really make a final decision…”

Humanity’s camp.

It was chaotic; countless corpses of human cultivators were littered everywhere.

The Great Monk of Sorrow and Xuanyuan Tianzun were standing guard outside the Center tent.

Gu Qing Shan slowly approached, then clasped his fist to greet the two Saints and asked: “How is my Shifu?”

The Great Monk of Sorrow answered: “Benefactor Xie is currently recovering, we’re here to guard her”

Suddenly, Xie Dao Ling’s voice came from inside the Center tent: “I’m fine now, you can all come in”

Gu Qing Shan then came in together with the two Saints.

Inside, Xie Dao Ling was sitting cross-legged on the center seat, blood over half of her body, her spirit energy was also a bit unstable.

Seeing that, Gu Qing Shan was a bit surprised and hurriedly asked: “Shifu, how are you feeling?”

“I’ve stabilized now” Bai Hua Fairy answered.

“How was the enemy?” Xuanyuan Tianzun immediately asked.

Bai Hua Fairy stayed silent for a bit, then answered: “They were quite well-versed in battle, numerous Skills and spells, even their armor and weapons are more well-made. I had to give it my all just to barely win”

Everyone was quite shocked.

The Great Monk of Sorrow sighed: “Amitabha, there is no need for benefactor Xie to feel ashamed, you’ve only just broken through yet you’ve already managed to defeat him, once your realm stabilizes, you will definitely become stronger”

“However, according to the intelligence I received, they also have another Projection realm cultivator currently on their way” Bai Hua Fairy said.

“Their Shifu, who is also the person trying to refine this world, is currently breaking through Tribulation realm, about to become a Virtualized realm cultivator soon”

“At that point, we’re not going to be able to win” Bai Hua Fairy shook her head.

Hearing that, everyone’s heart sank.

“Can’t we attempt to ask for a truce and stop fighting?” Xuanyuan Tianzun asked.

“That’s not possible”


“I’ve caught and use soul reading on a few of them. What I found is that this Guang Yang sect has already taken over three worlds, either massacring or enslaving their people”

“Why would they do that?”

“Their world is about to reach its end, each and every sect wants to steal and rob from as many worlds as possible before the world truly collapses, taking their entire sects with them to get away”

“Their world is about to end?” Xuanyuan Tianzun frowned.

“There are no words that I can use to describe that scene, it’s better for you to soul read them yourself to see”

Bai Hua Fairy shook her head, suddenly feeling a chill as she recalled the scene she saw.

“Can’t they peacefully take refuge with our world instead?” the Great Monk of Sorrow didn’t give up and asked.

“When you want to eat beef, will you bother to bargain with the ox?” Bai Hua Fairy coldly asked.

She then continued: “Not to mention, the more worlds they can get, the higher their cultivation becomes”

“In order words, if they manage to absorb Shen Wu world, then absorb our world, their highest realm of cultivation will increase once more, can you imagine that?”

The air inside the tent became still.

The Great Monk of Sorrow sighed: “The difference in strength is too great”

Bai Hua Fairy also spoke: “In that other world, they are but a single sect, there are even stronger cultivators there”

“Luckily, those people don’t know anything about the Shen Wu world”

“Otherwise, we don’t need to do anything anymore and just surrender, that way we can at least escape the pain of torture”

Xuanyuan Tianzun and the Great Monk of Sorrow both fell silent.

Xuanyuan Tianzun then spoke: “If that’s the case, Sorrow and I have to breakthrough right away”

“Breaking through is very hard, at least 10 times harder than breaking through Sainted realm. I also had to give everything I had to barely make it” Bai Hua Fairy said.

“If there’s a peak, I will climb it, even if I die on the way, it’s still much better than living as a slave” Xuanyuan Tianzun answered.

“That’s right, call in the Ding Yuan Generals, after we finish arranging everything, we’ll leave” the Great Monk of Sorrow said.

“Very well, then I’ll come with you” Bai Hua Fairy spoke.

“You’re also coming?” Xuanyuan Tianzun asked.

“Of course, I’ll help guard you” after saying that, Bai Hua Fairy looked at Gu Qing Shan.

Gu Qing Shan has been contemplating from the start, then suddenly spoke: “Shifu, can you give me the vase?”

“The vase?” Bai Hua Fairy was a bit confused.

“The Tianma’s vase, the one that can connect to the Tianma’s world” Gu Qing Shan answered.

“Here, take it”

Bai Hua Fairy didn’t think much of it and threw the Tianma vase towards Gu Qing Shan.

Catching it, Gu Qing Shan asked again: “Shifu, I also want to ask you for a scripture”

“What scripture?”

“The soul reading technique”


Once again, Bai Hua Fairy asked nothing and just gave him a jade tag.

After taking the vase and the jade tag, Gu Qing Shan greeted the other Saints before leaving.

There’s not much time, but he has an idea so he’s going to try it out.

The Great Monk of Sorrow and Xuanyuan Tianzun exchanged glances, both seeing the worry in the other’s eyes.

Xuanyuan Tianzun said: “When I held the Tianma’s vase, there were Tianma who frequently came from the void, wanting to steal it back”

The Great Monk of Sorrow also spoke with worry: “The Tianma vase seems like a priceless artifact to the Tianma, yet you’re just giving it to him, aren’t you afraid of danger?”

Xuanyuan Tianzun quickly followed up: “Right, that thing is too dangerous, we were almost taken to the Tianma world because of it”

“That’s correct, if it weren’t for Qing Shan who discovered their scheme ahead of time, you two would have already died in the Tianma world” Bai Hua Fairy casually blocked their words.

“And then, there’s also the soul reading technique, I’ve never taught it to any of my disciples, because it’s very easy for the user to permanently damage the soul vessel of the one being read” Xuanyuan Tianzun tried to talk her out of it: “Both the Tianma vase and the soul reading techniques are things that requires utmost caution, yet you gave it to him just like that, without even a word of advice? Are you not afraid that he’ll succumb to demonic possession?”

Bai Hua Fairy was now a bit annoyed, glancing at him: “Even if you will succumb to demonic possession, my disciple will definitely not”

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