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Worlds’ Apocalypse Online (Web Novel) - Chapter 279: The other world

Chapter 279: The other world

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Translated by: La0o9

Edited by: Juicetin

Proofreader: Arya

The person he used soul reading on was one of the many manservants of the Zishan young master. His expertise was knowing how to read the mood and buttering people up, normally he follows the Zishan young master around.

This person literally has no other talents, even his cultivation is piss poor, the only reason he managed to get so far is thanks to him buttering up the Zishan young master, so he’s very much looked down on by cultivators with actual abilities.

Which led to this time where he was made to go out and investigate military intelligence.

Recalling the information, he got from soul reading, Gu Qing Shan sighed in a low voice and fell into contemplation.

The situation was much more serious than he thought.

Both Projection and Tribulation realms are only considered decent in the other world.

A Virtualized realm cultivator is enough to become the head of a sect, standing near the top of the food chain.

But above Virtualized, there’s also the Cryptic realm, the strongest cultivators of their world, and what’s more is that there are only 5-6 of them.

At the time he arrived at that world, Lu Xian was a Virtualized realm early stage. When he broke the barrier to arrive, he accidentally made too much noise and invited the attention of the Demon God.

A Demon God represents the end of a world, and it was indeed very quickly absorbing that world.

Facing the Demon God, Lu Xian was easily defeated, heavily wounded and barely managed to get away, thanks to a secret technique.

However, the Zishan young master’s father was already lying in wait, broke into battle with him and killed Lu Xian.

And the Zishan young master’s father is a Virtualized realm perfected stage.

This was the start of everything.

As for Guang Yang sect, it’s only considered a mid-level sect in that world.

And Guang Yang sect itself was split into two factions.

One that supported the Great Grand Elder ——-a Cryptic realm cultivator who was heavily wounded by the Demon God and hasn’t been able to fully recover.

The other faction supports the Zishan young master’s father ———as he is currently Guang Yang sect’s master.

As the end of the world was coming, all the sects were doing everything they can to get away, while both factions of Guang Yang sect had different ideas, the conflict between them got worse and worse, seemingly about to reach its peak.

Because of that, Guang Yang sect’s master is currently facing his Tribulation.

He was attempting to breakthrough to Cryptic realm.

Once he succeeds, no one else in the sect can deny him again.

The Zishan young master was also quickly trying to breakthrough to Virtualized realm.

Once he becomes a Virtualized realm cultivator, the very first thing he’ll do is to come and take both Shen Wu world and the cultivation world as his own.

All the cultivators who was dispatched here this time are the Zishan young master’s followers.

They’ve all had a lock seal placed on them by the Zishan young master, banning them from revealing this world’s existence to anyone.

This is the Zishan young master’s personal matter, he wanted to keep both of these worlds as his own.

If his father successfully breaks through, the Zishan young master will gift the two worlds to his father as congratulations.

But if his father fails and dies in the Tribulation, he’ll instantly take both worlds for himself and leave.

This is the Zishan young master’s plan.

Using all of his resources, he created a group of miniature space warp formations to connect the two worlds.

All of the formations costs a lot of resources to make, not to mention requiring a few rare materials.

And now, there are a total of 2 of these space warp formations left.

One of them is with Guang Yang sect’s expert formation user, while the other is in the hands of the Zishan young master.

With each use, they will be damaged slightly.

Once to transport to Shen Wu world and once to transport back to their own world.

After two warps, these formations will permanently be useless.

You could see just how difficult traversing between two worlds really is.

Aside from the soldiers in this camp, only the Zishan young master and only one of his close aides knows about the existence of Shen Wu world and the cultivation world.

The close aide is called Wu San, but he didn’t come here this time.

It’s unfortunate that he has no way to kill this person!

If he can kill Wu San as well as trap the people in the camp at the mountain top in this world, then the only person left who knows of the 2 worlds’ existence will be the Zishan young master.

Gu Qing Shan nodded.

He already found what he wanted to know.

Aside from that, he managed to get an even more crucial piece of information.

The Tianma doesn’t appear at the other world.

They don’t have a specialized method to deal with the Tianma.

During their conquests of the several worlds, they’ve never once met a Tianma.

Gu Qing Shan regained his thoughts and began to very seriously map out the next step of his plan.

After thinking quietly for a while, Gu Qing Shan began to fly towards the mountain top.

Gu Qing Shan’s target is the miniature space warp formation in the hands of Guang Yang sect’s expert formation user.

The formation can warp between the 2 worlds one more time.

Using the cover of night, he quickly made his way closer to the enemy’s camp.

He was still using Presence Concealment, so Deep Presence Concealment was still in effect.

The other world’s cultivators’ inner sight won’t be able to discover him.

The only concerns he has left are the alarm formation and the defensive formations.

Making his way to the perimeter of the camp, Gu Qing Shan found a place to hide and silently waited for his chance.

In the dark, he saw one cultivator leaving a military tent to go towards another tent.

From the memory he got from soul reading, both of these tents weren’t the formation user’s place.

Gu Qing Shan stayed still.

Nothing happened in the camp for the next half hour.

After all, it’s already nighttime.

The entire camp is covered by numerous defensive and alarm formations, so the cultivators will instantly be notified of the smallest changes.

Another hour passed.

One cultivator was heading to one of the tents.

Looking at him, Gu Qing Shan held the Presence Concealment seal in one hand, holding the Earth Sword in the other.

The cultivator came up to the door, knocked and started speaking.

Then the door opened, inside the tent were countless materials for making formations.

There were no other people in the room, only a formation user holding a large amount of formation flags, cross-referencing the battle from before to think of what kinds of formation should be used in the next battle.

The formation user didn’t even bother to raise his head and just asked: “What?”

“Not much, the upper brass told me to come ask you about how the formations are coming along”

Saying so, the cultivator started to walk in.

This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

As soon as the door closed, Gu Qing Shan disappeared.

Inside the tent, a small rock used as material for formations suddenly disappeared.

And Gu Qing Shan appeared in its place.

Divine Skill, [Shadow Shift].

He switched places with the rock.

The other world’s camp formations didn’t react at all.

As soon as Gu Qing Shan appeared, he brandished his sword.

Before he could even make a sound, the cultivator had already lost his head.

Originally, the formation user was focused on arranging the formation flags on hand, but frowned as he felt something.

Gu Qing Shan disappeared again.

Divine Skill, [Ground Shrink].

Appearing behind the formation user, he docked him with the sword hilt.

As soon as the formation user raised his head, he received a hard blow.

The formation user collapsed.

Gu Qing Shan once again grabbed his head and used the soul reading technique.

After getting the intelligence he wanted, Gu Qing Shan didn’t hesitate to finish him off with a slash.

A good formation user is extremely crucial in a war.

If the formation user responsible for war arrangement dies like this, the other world’s cultivators will lose a huge advantage.

Gu Qing Shan took the man’s gem ornament, following the method found in his memory and carefully opened it.

His inner sight slithered in and quickly searched through everything.

Not too long after, he took out an intricate formation plate about the size of his palm.

There was a very deep scratch on this formation plate, but it was still emitting a sharp presence as the air around it was occasionally breaking into cracks.

This is the formation plate used to travel between worlds.

It can still be used one more time.

As soon as he activates it, it’ll bring these cultivators from Shen Wu world back to their own world.

Gu Qing Shan carefully put the formation plate away in his Inventory Bag.

Overwhelming success.

It’s slightly easier to leave than to get in.

The camp’s defensive motto is easy exit, strict entry.

No matter who it is, the formations won’t activate when a cultivator leaves.

But if someone returns, a formation will light up accordingly.

A few cultivators from the guard post will get out to greet and receive them, only after passing a series of checks will they be able to enter again.

Gu Qing Shan randomly took a set of clothes from the other world’s cultivators, as well as their large brim hats.

Wearing them, he nonchalantly left the camp.

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