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You Are My Unforgettable Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 480: She Is Mrs. Shen! (10)

Chapter 480: She Is Mrs. Shen! (10)

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What was this? She had just gotten into a fight with the aunt, and now it was the niece’s turn?

She looked at Su Meimei in a calm and unruffled manner. However, Su Meimei was glaring at her viciously. “Qiao Lian, you kept calling me the third party and you despise me. But aren’t you yourself a third party? What right have you got to judge me? We are the same!”

Raising an eyebrow, Qiao Lian asked, “What nonsense are you speaking?”

“Nonsense?” Su Meimei sneered. “I’m not speaking nonsense. You know it very well! I’ve even seen Mrs. Shen herself! Let me tell you, Mrs. Shen already knows about you, so don’t go thinking you can sit back and have a good time!”

Qiao Lian paused. “Mrs. Shen?”

Seeing her expression of surprise, Su Meimei laughed derisively and continued, “That’s right, Mrs. Shen is Song Yuanxi! She already admitted it during the previous press conference! Did you think that you’d be able to get away easily? Let me tell you, the real Mrs. Shen has ways to create endless trouble for you!”

Qiao Lian narrowed her eyes, trying to figure out the meaning behind these words.

After a brief moment, she suddenly came to a realization. “The time you changed my report and got me into trouble with Fan Lu… that was Song Yuanxi’s idea?”

She came straight to the point.

Su Meimei had always been a looker without an ounce of intelligence. It had never taken too much effort to deal with her.

However, that incident had been underhanded.

If it hadn’t been for Shen Liangchuan, she would have had to crawl through the ditches.

She would never have thought that Song Yuanxi had had a hand in this.

How many evil deeds had she done?!

Qiao Lian frowned and exclaimed this, however Su Meimei did not admit it directly. “No matter if it was her or not, she won’t let you off easily! And I will have you know, if I don’t have a good ending, you won’t either.”

On this note, the car door next to them was pushed open.

Both Su Meimei and Qiao Lian paused and turned. Shen Liangchuan had stepped out of the car and with great impatience, he said, “Have you said enough?”

Su Meimei was obviously shocked. She hadn’t thought that Best Actor Shen was actually in that car.

Widening her eyes in disbelief, it took her a while to recover.

She glanced at Qiao Lian and then at Shen Liangchuan, with tightly clenched fists.

How was it that when she had been a third party, she only got ordered around by Liu Zhixing, always at his beck and call?

But Qiao Lian as a third party, on the other hand, had Best Actor Shen himself coming to pick her up after work!

Life was so unfair.

These thoughts suddenly made her terribly angry. She stepped forward and said, “Best Actor Shen, you actually appear publicly with Qiao Lian in broad daylight. Aren’t you afraid that Mrs. Shen will find out about it?”

“To be honest, now that I have a bad reputation anyway, I’m not afraid of making the news. Qiao Lian, your past threats will no longer scare me!”

“The both of you should think about this. What would happen if I blew the cover of your relationship?”

On this note, she turned to Shen Liangchuan and sincerely counseled him, “Best Actor Shen, I know that from time to time, men inevitably like to fool outside their marriages. However the woman at home is your legal wife! My advice to you is that you stay away from this vixen! Otherwise, it will cause your wife great sadness!”

As she listened to these words, he looked strangely at Su Meimei’s one-woman act.

Eventually, Shen Liangchuan could no longer take this absurd speech. He glanced at Qiao Lian and said concisely and plainly, “She is my wife.”

Su Meimei was immediately rendered speechless.

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