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You Are My Unforgettable Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 483: Who Is More Important? (3)

Chapter 483: Who Is More Important? (3)

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Qiao Lian’s pupils shrank at once, as she came to a realization.

No wonder that on this day of each year, they would both disappear.

Hence, they had gone to offer prayers to Song Yuanxi’s sister?

As she was thinking this, Song Yuanxi continued, “Qiao Lian, there’s no way to break the hold my sister has on Brother Liangchuan’s heart. There is only one person that he had and will deeply love, and that is my sister! Don’t you understand?”

Didn’t she understand?

Of course, she did!

Zi Chuan’s death had so greatly stirred her. Even though he had died, he was still so alive in her heart. Of course she understood.

Shen Liangchuan could not let go of his first love.

Just as she could not let go of her Zi Chuan.

For the past two days, she had worked terribly hard at not thinking about him. But the way she had thrown herself at work and the emptiness she felt inside, it all told her that she could not let go.

Shen Liangchuan had not been able to forget that person even after eight years.

And what about herself? How many years would she need to banish the shadow of Zi Chuan from her heart?

Song Yuanxi continued to berate her, “If I were you, Qiao Lian, I’d never accept that the man I love will always have another woman in his heart! You know that Brother Liangchuan loves my sister and can’t let her go. Why do you continue to hanker for him? You are so low-down!”

Qiao Lian stared at her cell phone for a moment and then she retorted, “Is your sister able to keep him company for the rest of his life? Is your dead sister able to give him children?”

“Song Yuanxi, thank you for telling me this. Initially, I was upset because I had thought that Shen Liangchuan had gone to the hospital to visit you. But now I know, he’s merely taking you to offer prayers to your sister.”

“It shows that if today hadn’t been her death anniversary, he wouldn’t have even gone to the hospital.”

As she finished speaking, Song Yuanxi was livid. “You—”

Qiao Lian had no wish to hear what she was going to say next and hung up the phone.

She tossed the cell phone aside.

Days can be so depressing!

Song Yuanxi seemed to be able to find all sorts of ways to sow seeds of discord between she and Shen Liangchuan.

And what about Qiao Lian?

So what even if she counter-attacked each time?

She had to admit, she couldn’t help being jealous.

That sourish feeling in her heart that left a bad aftertaste… She got up.

Even if there was no one home who would keep her company, she had family.

To improve his recovery so that he could walk again, Qiao Yi had been sent to a specialist medical facility to undergo rehabilitation.

A few days ago, they had called to say that fundamentally there was no problem, and that he would be able to walk like a normal person given a bit of time.

Since she didn’t have much to do today, she decided to visit Qiao Yi. They could celebrate her resignation together!

Acting on that impulse, Qiao Lian immediately got out of the house, hailed a cab and headed for the medical facility.

The sister and brother spent time reminiscing about the past. When the evening came, Qiao Lian accompanied Qiao Yi as he ate his nutritious meal provided by the hospital.

By the time Qiao Lian walked out of the medical facility, it was eight in the evening.

She stood by the road and stopped a taxi.

The driver asked, “Miss, where do you wish to go?”

Where to?

Yes, where should she go next?

If she went back to the villa, there would be no one home for sure.

For some unknown reason, she quite suddenly gave the driver an address.

It was the address of Zi Chuan’s grave.

Ever since she had found out about Zi Chuan two days ago, she had yet to visit him.

Since she had time today, she wanted to go and see him.

As she thought of this, she hung her head in despair.

The corners of her lips turned into a bitter smile.

It had been eight years. She was eight years late for this visit. She wondered if he would be sorely disappointed if he knew.

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