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Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle (Web Novel) - Chapter 363: If I Don’t See You in Half an Hour’s Time, I’ll Get a Room with This Woman

Chapter 363: If I Don’t See You in Half an Hour’s Time, I’ll Get a Room with This Woman

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Tang Mo’er bit down on her lower lip in order to keep herself from making any sounds, she didn’t want him to hear her crying.

As she held the cell tightly in her hands, she bit out, “Gu Mohan, don’t degrade yourself. If you’ve really got the capabilities, go to a decent woman instead of an escort. Aren’t you afraid of contracting STDs?”

How much more was he going to continue with his act of degrading himself. He started off with announcing his marriage with Lu Qi’er and now he was involved with an unknown woman, even deliberately allowing her to overhear them.

She knew he had done it on purpose, since he was sure that she would be heartbroken.

“Tang Mo’er, I’m currently at a bar now and I’m drunk. I’ll give you 30 minutes to get here. If I don’t see you in 30 minutes, I’ll go to a hotel and get a room with this escort.”

Go to a hotel and get a room?

Tang Mo’er instantly sprung up from the bed and she shouted hoarsely, “Gu Mohan!”

He had already hung up.

Hearing the engaged tone, Tang Mo’er paused for a moment before she quickly got up from the floor and turned to walk towards the door.

She had lost her sight and could only stretch her arms out to feel whatever was in front of her. When she was at home, she had a mild awareness of where everything was positioned, so it had been tolerable so far. Venturing outside was a different matter, but she didn’t have any time to lose. Rushing out the door hurriedly, there was only one thing on her mind. She needed to find him!

Find him and bring him back!

The cold wind along the streets was blowing right across her face, messing up her hair as raised her hand to hail a cab. All she could do was wave her hands around madly and hope a cab would stopー

Screech!!! A piercing screech of tyres could be heard, followed by a bang and the smell of burnt rubber.

“Oh my god, there seems to be a car accident in front. Someone is injured, let’s hurry and go take a look!” Many passers-by rushed over.

On the road, Tang Mo’er was like a broken doll that had fallen right on the ground. She looked blankly at the sky with her lifeless pupils and her legs hurt so much that she could no longer feel them.

She couldn’t move.

It hurt too much.

A vehicle had collided into her and she had fallen from the momentum, before landing forward and her knees were scraped and torn. Fresh blood was dripping down along her calves.

After the owner of the vehicle realized that he had gotten collided into someone, he hurriedly alighted and came forward, asking, “Miss, are you alright? Why did you run the red light? You’re lucky that I managed to step on the brakes in the nick of time and only bumped into your knees. I almost crashed into you and you would have been dead! You’re not cherishing your life at all!”

Tang Mo’er froze for a few moments before she placed her hands on the road surface, struggling to support herself and get up.

She needed to get up.

“Miss, you’re bleeding so much, please let us take you to the hospital.”

“Hey, Miss, where are you heading?”

The passers-by were all gathered in a crowd, they saw Tang Mo’er struggling to get up and her delicate figure was wearing a loose, white dress that made her look like a mystical being. The cold wind was mercilessly blowing on her and she was at the brink of collapsing.

She seemed to not have any sense of pain, stretching out her slender legs as she hobbled around, reaching around in front of her with fair, scraped arms. The blood on her knees had dripped everywhere and she left a bloody trail behind her.

“What’s wrong with this woman? Is the crazy? She’s not even cherishing her own life, what is she trying to do?” The passers-by pointed fingers at her.

A Maybach parked along the roads, Jun Chulin squeezed through the crowd and he noticed the fragile woman stumbling around in front.

He felt a deep anger ignite from the inside, almost suffocating him. Taking huge strides forward, he grabbed onto her thin wrist and pulled her towards him. Her wrist was icy cold and he couldn’t feel any warmth at all.

“Tang Mo’er, what exactly are you doing, does leaving Gu Mohan’s side really make you feel like taking your own life?”

Right after he spoke, Tang Mo’er’s vision turned blank and she fainted.

“Tang Mo’er!” Jun Chulin responded instinctively and held her frail body in his arms.

She had fallen unconscious and had no reaction whatsoever.

Lifting her up in his arms, Jun Chulin placed her in the Maybach and with a screech of the tires, the car sped off.

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