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Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle (Web Novel) - Chapter 365: Gone Mad From Love

Chapter 365: Gone Mad From Love

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As Gu Mohan stared moodily up at the apartment windows, he saw there weren’t any lights switched on inside and it was dark. Had she fallen asleep?


Gu Mohan opened the door to the driver’s seat and stretched out his long legs, finishing up the last puff of the cigarette before he threw the cigarette butt in the bin.

He still had the keys to her apartment, she had given him one set when he used to stay there and he hadn’t throw them away.

Taking out the key, he opened the door to her apartment and walked inside with his gleaming leather shoes.

Without any deliberation, he charged to her bedroom and pushed open the door.

The bedroom was pitch black, the only source of light was the moonlight that seeped through the curtains. She was snuggled up in bed, sound asleep.

So, she really did fall asleep.

Gu Mohan’s deep and narrow eyes had a murderous aura, he walked in front and bent down, holding on to her tiny face with his large palm and kissed her right on the lips.

Tang Mo’er was exhausted, she had depleted her energy throughout the day and quickly fell into a deep sleep. However, she suddenly felt breathless.

Her long eyelashes moved and she instantly opened her eyes.

She couldn’t see anything, but she felt someone above her, it was a man and he was kissing her like a savage beast.

Who was it?

He bit her delicate, red lips and it hurt. Tang Mo’er’s brows were instantly furrowed, clenching her fists and punching at his chest. However, he continued to bury his tongue inside her mouth while she gasped for air, interlocking his tongue with hers and passionately kissing her.

Tang Mo’er felt as though her entire soul was going to be sucked away by him, her black pupils slowly dilating. She was terrified.

Just as the panic was about to settle in, she could smell his clean, masculine scent. It was too familiar. It was Gu Mohan.

Gu Mohan had arrived.

He had drank and reeked of alcohol.

Her tiny hands were pressed against his muscular chest, wanting to push him way. His actions were hurting her, he wasn’t kissing her, but rather, torturing her. There was nothing loving or intimate at all.

Noticing her resistance, Gu Mohan’s narrow eyes were bloodshot and he used his hands to hold onto her wrists, pulling her down from the bed forcefully.

“Ah!” Tang Mo’er almost fell on the ground. She was pulled forcefully and stumbled her way behind him. “Gu Mohan, what are you trying to do, let go of me!”

Gu Mohan kicked open the bathroom door and threw her behind the frosted glass door. Bam!

All of a sudden, cold water drenched Tang Mo’er all over.


It was so cold.

She moved forward, trying to evade the cold water.

But she ran into a broad, muscular chest instead. He held her shoulder with one hand and forced her under the shower head.

He watched as the cold water ran over her delicate body mercilessly, his half-drunken eyes were fixated on her tiny face as he brutally mocked her, “Which part of you did Jun Chulin touch? How did he do it with you, you’d better cleanse your body!”

Tang Mo’er was quivering in the cold, she tried her hardest to resist but she couldn’t see a thing. “Gu Mohan, let go of me, don’t touch me!”

Don’t touch her.

Her words made Gu Mohan’s even more infuriated and he saw red, moving forward and forced her into a corner, unbuckling the belt around his waist…

Tang Mo’er had no idea what he was doing, it was only after she realized her skirt was lifted up that she realized his intentions. Before she could react, a piercing pain gripped her body as he forced himself between her legs. All she could feel was her body being torn apart as he ripped into her with no remorse.

Tang Mo’er almost fainted after suffering from the intense pain, she dug her fingernails deep into his shoulders.

All she could feel was pain.

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