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Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle (Web Novel) - Chapter 366: From Now On, You’re No One to Me

Chapter 366: From Now On, You’re No One to Me

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The cold water continued to rain on their bodies before it fell on the white ceramic tiles. It hurt so much that Tang Mo’er was grinding her teeth to hold back gasps of pain. She wanted to speak but couldn’t utter a word.

Her delicate body was held down by him and all she could do was accept his blind, drunken rage…

One hour later.

Tang Mo’er was thrown on the soft bed, her tiny hands grabbing the quilt under her. She felt something heavy on her body, he had pressed himself on her again.

She was fully aware of his energy levels, he had incomparable stamina. At the earlier stages of their relationship, Qi Xi had pointed out that he had a male dog’s waist, he had strong desires and when they had a loving relationship, it was an indescribable sort of romance. However, all that was left for her now was an extreme form of torture.

She stretched out her arms and held onto his neck, pleading with him in a trembling voice, “Gu Mohan, please don’t… please don’t… I’m in so much pain, my body is… really… hurting…”

Gu Mohan’s handsome face had darkened, he stretched out his hand and pinched her tiny face, speaking with a malicious tone, “What are you trying to imply? You’re not satisfied with my skills in bed? You were moaning while in bed with Jun Chulin but now you’re complaining about the pain while you’re with me?”

He had pinched her tiny face forcefully and it was painful for Tang Mo’er, she trembled nonstop and her limbs were now ice-cold. She didn’t dare to trigger him since she was afraid of the consequences of doing so, she couldn’t handle him torturing her any more.

There weren’t any lights switched on and even in the bathroom, he had ravaged her body in the darkness. She was even more afraid of him discovering that she had lost her vision.

Looking at the way he was acting now, was he not broken? Did his heart not clench and twist from the pain?

She knew that he was enraged because she didn’t make it to the bar to find him.

But she didn’t do it on purpose, she had tried. She really had. Why did she have to run into the car? Why did she feel so useless? Why couldn’t she have stopped all this from happening? Why?

She felt a sharp pain in her knees, the cold water had drizzled all over her bloody wounds and they had torn open again.

She gently held onto his rough hands. “Gu Mohan, I don’t feel… well. It really hurts, please stop…”

Gu Mohan’s cold expression was unreadable.

Tang Mo’er’s hands were around his neck, she brought herself up and presented him with her swollen lips, trying to placate him.

Gu Mohan schooled his face and didn’t let any emotions show, as he observed her clumsy tricks. Did she really think that he would let her off with just a kiss?

However, when she hugged him gently and kissed him with her soft, swollen lips to placate him, Gu Mohan’s Adam’s apple bobbed prominently. He held her waist and took the initiative instead.

His rough palm was caressing her waist area and he discovered that her waist had gotten smaller. He used to be able to hold it with his thumb and index finger, but he didn’t need to stretch them out anymore.

His tough stance instantly disappeared, he exerted less strength and knelt on the bed, lifting her up from the bed and into his embrace, bending down to kiss her.

Tang Mo’er could feel the rage in him diminish, he was like an easily triggered male lion, as long as she stretched out her hand and caressed his fur, he would become more submissive.

“Regarding you and that woman…”

After he was confronted with that question, Gu Mohan raised a corner of his lips. “We just had sex.”

Tang Mo’er was stunned, her eyes were instantly red, her grievance came all at once. Before the poison even had a chance to act up again, she would probably die from her heart being shattered over and over again.

Gu Mohan stretched out his large palm and touched her tiny face, pausing when he felt her tears and snorted. “Why are you crying? Don’t you think there’s something wrong with your double standards? Why is it that you can sleep with other men, but I can’t sleep with other women? Tang Mo’er, I used to spoil you willingly, but from now on, you’re no one to me.”

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