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Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle (Web Novel) - Chapter 367: Congratulations, We’ve Broken Up

Chapter 367: Congratulations, We’ve Broken Up

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You’re no one to me now.

Tang Mo’er felt as though a knife was pierced right in her heart, it was even twisted around brutally, making her blood and flesh indistinct. However, she continued to raise a corner of her lip and cry without making a sound, she continued to smile. “Ah, I see.”

This was what she had expected.

Her indifferent response only served to enraged Gu Mohan again, though he was already placated previously. His brows furrowed and someone was knocking on the door, “Mo’er, are you asleep?”

It was Jun Chulin.

Jun Chulin had returned.

As promised, he had gone to the bar to search for Gu Mohan but he was told that Gu Mohan had already left, and so he came back.

Gu Mohan clenched his fingers and forcefully held onto her waist, whispering in her ear darkly, “I see that you’ve already handed the keys to your apartment to Jun Chulin, hm? You’re living with him?”

Tang Mo’er wanted to explain herself, she had just been in an accident and had handed the keys over to Jun Chulin when he brought her back.

But after some consideration, she chose not to explain herself and kept quiet.

It was probably better for him to misunderstand her.

Taking her silence as confirmation, Gu Mohan’s muscular chest started pumping again, he wanted to strangle this woman to death.

He stretched out his arm and pushed her forcefully before holding onto her narrow waist and making her kneel on the bed.

She could still feel the burning pain on her knees and now that he was forcing her to kneel down, she let out a pained scream. “Ahh!!”

Hearing her scream, Jun Chulin was stunned while he stood outside the door. His handsome face darkened, lifting his hand, he knocked on the door once more. “Mo’er, what’s the matter, is there someone in your room? Is it Gu Mohan?”

Gu Mohan’s eyes were bloodshot, he hugged her delicate body and kissed her youthful face as he hissed at her, “Why are you screaming, is it that exciting for you? Why don’t we do it in front of Jun Chulin? This can be my congratulatory gift for the two of you.”

Tang Mo’er gasped, he actually had such plans to humiliate her.

Jun Chulin was already kicking the room door from the outside. “Gu Mohan, get out of the room right now! If you dare to touch Tang Mo’er, I guarantee I’ll make you regret it!”


“Ha.” Gu Mohan smirked, he never had any experience of the word ‘regret’ in his life.

Tang Mo’er’s body instantly stiffened up, the veins under her fair skin had popped up.

Jun Chulin was still kicking at the door, she gritted her teeth, not allowing herself to make a sound.

“Jun Chulin, you should just leave first. Hurry up and leave. Please, I beg you…”

I beg you.

These words made Jun Chulin stop whatever he was doing, this was her earnest request from the bottom of her heart. She didn’t want to let him witness her in her most pathetic state.

Jun Chulin grit his teeth and clenched his fists tightly by his side.

He couldn’t do anything at all.

One hour later.

Gu Mohan looked at the lifeless woman lying on the bed, blank and broken as her body was almost almost destroyed by him in his rage. Buckling his belt around his waist, he patted her tiny face with his large palm. “Tang Mo’er, didn’t you want a breakup? Congratulations, we’ve broken up. Now that I’ve approved of it, when you see me next, you’d better make sure to not cross paths with me, or else I can’t guarantee that I’ll let you off. If I see you again, I’ll make sure to give you another taste of everything you’ve experienced today.”

“You’re behaving so audaciously just because I loved you. I hope that you can lead a blissful life with Jun Chulin. If I happen to find out that Jun Chulin doesn’t satisfy you as much as I did, I’ll make sure to… trample over you.”

After speaking, Gu Mohan stretched out his long legs and opened the room door, walking outside.

In the living room, Jun Chulin sat on the couch and the two men made eye contact. The tension was so thick and intense it was as though one could cut through it with an axe.

“Young Master Jun, you’re still waiting here? I’m done, you can go in now.” Gu Mohan smirked and gave him a challenging look.

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