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Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle (Web Novel) - Chapter 368: I Won’t See You Out

Chapter 368: I Won’t See You Out

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Jun Chulin observed Gu Mohan’s handsome face, this man was high up in the business industry. He was influential and had great control over others’ destinies and so he behaved in an overbearing manner. He was able to dote on someone until they reached the heavens if he wanted to, but similarly, if he wanted to torture someone, he could also make sure to make them feel they had fallen into the depths of an everlasting hell.

Tang Mo’er clearly had a large influence over him, she was even able to influence his emotions, making him a more than a little perverted and demonic.

Jun Chulin raised a brow but he wasn’t angered. After spending many years dabbling in politics, he had gotten used to being even more logical and calm whenever he felt angry.

“President Gu, I won’t see you out then.”

After facing rejection when the man didn’t rise to the bait, Gu Mohan’s deep and narrow eyes sank.

Jun Chulin stood up straight and walked beside Gu Mohan, he lowered his voice and laughed. “You and I both know how great Mo’er is, I don’t blame President Gu for losing control over yourself, but you should cherish this session, since it’ll be your last.”

Gu Mohan’s handsome facial features instantly darkened. Jun Chulin was truly skilled in politics. After making so many speeches, his words were able to hurt someone and pinpoint their most critical weakness, blowing them away with a one-shot kill.

Jun Chulin had expressed himself explicitly. First, his words showed he had slept with Tang Mo’er and second, Gu Mohan would no longer have the chance to sleep with Tang Mo’er again.

These two points alone were able to provoke Gu Mohan either way.

Jun Chulin didn’t bother to give Gu Mohan another glance as he made his way inside the room.

Inside the darkened room, the heavy scent of sex lingered in the room in the aftermath of their activities.

Jun Chulin walked beside the bed, piak! He switched on the bedside lamp.

Tang Mo’er lay on her side on the bed, the silky white blanket covering most of her body and only her shoulders and neck was revealed. They were filled with hickies, tainting her fair skin in blotches of red and purple.

She had been tortured to the depths of her soul and her tiny face was pale and clammy, her body quivering under the blankets.

It hurt.

“Mo’er, is there anything I can do to help you?” Jun Chulin whispered gently.

Tang Mo’er closed her eyes, looking as if she was on her last breath. It was difficult for her to even say a word. She made some movements with her mouth but there wasn’t any sound coming out.

Eventually, she just shook her head and looked down.

“Okay, you need to get some rest. I’ll be outside, if there’s anything you need help with, feel free to call me in, okay?” Jun Chulin left the room and went back outside, closing the door quietly.

After she heard him walking away, her entire world quietened down and Tang Mo’er finally shut her long eyelashes, her silent tears falling down her cheeks in endless streams. No matter how much she tried to hold down the pain and force it down, she couldn’t do it anymore.

Slowly, she pulled the silky blanket over her head and buried herself in the sheets, unable to stop the soft sobs coming out of her lips.

Jun Chulin stood outside the door and leaned against the wall, with both hands in his trouser pockets. He heard the sounds of her crying and his gaze became sharp and ferocious.

Gu Mohan. It wouldn’t take much effort to deal with the man.

Soon, it was only three days before the wedding.

Amidst the intense preparations, Lu Qi’er came to find Gu Mohan. “Mohan, when do you intend to give me the One and Only ring?”

Gu Mohan sat back on the black leather chair, there was a stack of documents in front of him but he wasn’t in the mood to go through them. He had a cigarette casually dangling in his hand and he was smoking it profusely.

During the last few days, his addiction to smoking had gone up exponentially.

Dressed in a dark blue shirt with black trousers, the leather chair was far away from the desk and he didn’t cross his long legs. Instead, they were stretched out with a lazy position which stretched over his crotch area and seemed to show… a prominent bulge. Lu Qi’er peeked at his groin again, before erupting into a furious pink blush.

Gu Mohan had the cigarette in his mouth and he gave Lu Qi’er a dismissive glance through smoke. “During our wedding, I’ll personally put the ring on for you.”

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