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Zhan Long (Web Novel)


Li Xiao Yao left S.W.A.T to become an ordinary security guard. While working, he happened to enter the VIP room and found Lin Wang Er still in the middle of changing. As revenge, she took him on a ride and kicked him out of the car.

After hours of walking, Li Xiao Yao finally managed to get back home just to be kicked out of the house. He then got an offer from his previous supervisor to become the bodyguard of the Tian Xi group CEO’s daughter both in game and in reality. But unknown to Li Xiao Yao the girl was actually…

566 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 9462020-01-16
Chapter 945 - Exceeding2020-01-16
Chapter 944 - Fang Ge Que’s Plan2019-10-12
Chapter 943 - Little General Wang Ze Cheng2019-10-12
Chapter 942 - Luote died in battle2019-10-09
Chapter 941 - Omnipotent footman2019-10-08
Chapter 940 - Maybe It’s Love2019-10-07
Chapter 939 - Block Unit2019-10-05
Chapter 938 - Ocean Battle Era2019-10-04
Chapter 937 - Evil-Hearted Male2019-10-03
Chapter 936 - Overlord Boots2019-10-02
Chapter 935 - Demon Hall Cavalry Nie Yu2019-10-01
Chapter 934 - Demon Hall Cavalry2019-10-01
Chapter 933 - Stupid pig-like NPC2019-09-30
Chapter 932 - Gathering of talents2019-09-30
Chapter 931 - Three corner killing formation2019-09-30
Chapter 930 - A storm is coming2019-09-30
Chapter 929 - Vanguard Skull2019-09-28
Chapter 928 - Battle in the light and fight in the darkness2019-09-28
Chapter 927 - Full invasion2019-09-25
Chapter 926 - Ice Spirit Horse2019-09-25
Chapter 925 - Hellfire2019-09-24
Chapter 924 - Rising sun like blood2019-09-23
Chapter 923 - Rising storms2019-09-23
Chapter 922 - At all costs2019-09-23
Chapter 921 - Revenge on Thousand Burial2019-09-22
Chapter 920 - Butterfly that entered the hand2019-09-22
Chapter 919 - Proud2019-09-21
Chapter 918 - Rebuild2019-09-20
Chapter 917 - Fan Shu City Lord2019-09-20
Chapter 916 - Butterfly2019-09-19
Chapter 915 - Nangong Jue2019-09-19
Chapter 914- God-Slaying Armor2019-09-19
Chapter 913 - Final reward2019-08-31
Chapter 912 - Duke Suiding2019-08-30
Chapter 911 - New Ruler2019-08-28
Chapter 910 - Country without a ruler2019-08-26
Chapter 909- What do you treat her as2019-08-23
Chapter 908 - Who are you2019-08-23
Chapter 907 - Fail2019-08-21
Chapter 906 - Final trump card2019-08-21
Chapter 905 - Giant Gun blocking the road2019-08-19
Chapter 904 - Crucial person2019-08-17
Chapter 903 - Matters of the world are like chess2019-08-16
Chapter 902 - Emperor's Letter2019-08-14
Chapter 901 - Time and Place is Righ2019-08-13
Chapter 900 - Emperor being robbed2019-08-11
Chapter 899 - Death of an old general2019-08-10
Chapter 898 - Ambush2019-08-10
Chapter 897- Revival2019-08-08
Chapter 896 - Dragon City sends troops2019-08-08
Chapter 895- Fighting Ze Yuan City once more2019-08-07
Chapter 894 - Kill wife and feed her to the wolves2019-08-06
Chapter 893- Promotion to Commander in Chief2019-08-04
Chapter 892 - Ten Thousand arrow through the heart2019-08-03
Chapter 891 - An agreement of power2019-08-03
Chapter 890- Future of Saint Hall Cavalry2019-08-03
Chapter 889- Loyal to me2019-07-31
Chapter 888- Bright Light Hall2019-07-31
Chapter 887- Unexpected situation once more2019-07-29
Chapter 886- War Region Number 12019-07-29
Chapter 885- No brotherhood2019-07-29
Chapter 884- Marshal's son2019-07-26
Chapter 883- Battle of Waterfront City2019-07-26
Chapter 882- Life and Death like flowers2019-07-24
Chapter 881- Duke Luo Xun2019-07-24
Chapter 880- Dogs fighting for food2019-07-22
Chapter 879 Assisting War God River2019-07-20
Chapter 878 What kind of price2019-07-20
Chapter 877 Final battle2019-07-19
Chapter 876 Unscrupulous2019-07-19
Chapter 875 Clear Black Eyes's complicated plan2019-07-19
Chapter 874 Art of War is never fixed2019-07-15
Chapter 873 Chasing the win2019-07-14
Chapter 872 NPC's stubbornness2019-07-14
Chapter 871 Birds in danger will peck, beasts in despair will fight back2019-07-13
Chapter 870 Killing Gangso2019-07-11
Chapter 8692019-07-10
Chapter 868 Surrounded2019-07-09
Chapter 867 Who dares to touch you2019-07-08
Chapter 866 - Breach in the city walls2019-07-07
Chapter 865 Swiftly obtaining Heaven Water Pass2019-07-06
Chapter 864 Burning grain2019-07-05
Chapter 863 Flaming Cloud Empire's intellec2019-07-04
Chapter 862 Attack signal2019-07-04
Chapter 861 Blackwater River Battle2019-07-04
Chapter 860- Don't swallow bait from the enemy2019-07-04
Chapter 859- Punishment and defeat2019-07-04
Chapter 858- First Blood2019-06-29
Chapter 857 Long distance attack on Flaming Cloud City2019-06-28
Chapter 856 - Civil servants die for values, generals die in battle2019-06-27
Chapter 855- Wolf instincts2019-06-26
Chapter 854 - Drill shape formation2019-06-25
Chapter 853 - Drunk Maple2019-06-24
Chapter 852- Heavy cannons directing the battlefield2019-06-23
Chapter 851- Battle of Flaming God Castle2019-06-22
Chapter 850 - Country War descends2019-06-21
Chapter 849- Who hit who2019-06-20
Chapter 848- I am actually a rich second gen2019-06-19
Chapter 847- Reunited2019-06-18