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Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel)


Lin Qiao remembers nothing from the past five years since the post-apocalyptic era began. She wakes up only to find herself having become a newborn, superpowered zombie, in a body that used to belong to an evil and notorious woman!

Having kidnapped a girl and raped her father, the previous host met her demise at the very hands of the conspiracies she courted all her life, leaving Lin Qiao no choice but to deal with the consequences while trying to figure out her own past and the fate of her loved ones.

As for the little girl’s father, can’t he just have a decent fight? He’s a human being, but why is he biting a zombie? She’s the zombie! She’s the one who’s supposed to bite!

313 • 2019-04-08 14:10:59


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 941: From The Earth’s Core2020-02-20
Chapter 940: His Vibe Is Growing Weaker2020-02-20
Chapter 939: Living Together2020-02-19
Chapter 938: The Second Entrance2020-02-19
Chapter 937: The Gorillas From Underground2020-02-18
Chapter 936: Who Did It?2020-02-18
Chapter 935: Lunch Invitation2020-02-17
Chapter 934: Their Plan Is Ruined2020-02-17
Chapter 933: The Secret Movements on Both Sides2020-02-16
Chapter 932: The Instructions for Xie Dong2020-02-16
Chapter 931: Not Changing It2020-02-15
Chapter 930: Can I Touch Her?2020-02-15
Chapter 929: Viney Wakes Up2020-02-14
Chapter 928: Found The Cause2020-02-14
Chapter 927: A Family Man2020-02-13
Chapter 926: The Leader of Heilong Base2020-02-13
Chapter 925: I’ll Babysit Your Kid2020-02-13
Chapter 924: Trapped in the House2020-02-12
Chapter 923: Suddenly Become Invisible2020-02-12
Chapter 922: Make It Quick2020-02-12
Chapter 921: A Man Will Be A Cure2020-02-10
Chapter 920: Long Qingying Is Poisoned2020-02-10
Chapter 919: Plan B2020-02-09
Chapter 918: Sea City’s Situation2020-02-09
Chapter 917: I’m Just Curious2020-02-08
Chapter 916: He’s A Nice Guy2020-02-08
Chapter 915: Underground Creatures2020-02-07
Chapter 914: Ten Times More Patience2020-02-07
Chapter 913: Go And Visit Ling Ling2020-02-06
Chapter 912: The Past2020-02-06
Chapter 911: I’m Yours2020-02-05
Chapter 910: I’ll Vist Her When I Have Time2020-02-05
Chapter 909: Thank You, Uncle Xie2020-02-04
Chapter 908: Deal With These People2020-02-04
Chapter 907: Endure It For Her2020-02-04
Chapter 906: Do It Before It’s too Late2020-02-04
Chapter 905: Hide In The Shell2020-02-02
Chapter 904: Xiao Licheng Takes The Blame2020-02-02
Chapter 903: Being Sold By Her Teammates2020-02-01
Chapter 902: Wu Chengyue Wakes Up2020-02-01
Chapter 901: He’s Finally Down2020-01-31
Chapter 900: Give Him The Water With Her Mouth2020-01-31
Chapter 899: Lin Qiao’s Order2020-01-30
Chapter 898: Start to Fight Back2020-01-30
Chapter 897: A Few Rats2020-01-29
Chapter 896: The Space Can’t Suppress Him2020-01-29
Chapter 895: Suppress Him With The Space2020-01-28
Chapter 894: Let Herself Being Caught2020-01-28
Chapter 893: Zuo Chen Wakes Up2020-01-27
Chapter 892: Hide In The Space2020-01-27
Chapter 891: Draw Him Out Of The Base2020-01-27
Chapter 890: Instinctive Reaction2020-01-26
Chapter 889: The Crazy Thunderstorm2020-01-25
Chapter 888: I Didn’t Do Anything Yet2020-01-25
Chapter 887: The Evolution Of Mutated Insects2020-01-24
Chapter 886: The Stones In Lake Tai2020-01-24
Chapter 885: The Small Things In The Base2020-01-23
Chapter 884: I Want To Protect You2020-01-23
Chapter 883: She Grew Bigger2020-01-22
Chapter 882: Back In The Base2020-01-22
Chapter 881: The Current Situation Of The Rat Group2020-01-21
Chapter 880: Who Are You?2020-01-21
Chapter 879: A Dangerous Opportunity2020-01-20
Chapter 878: The Motorcade In Distress2020-01-20
Chapter 877: Run Into Rats2020-01-19
Chapter 876: Random Spot2020-01-19
Chapter 875: Lin Qiao Wakes Up2020-01-18
Chapter 874: Qin Yu and Jiang Si2020-01-18
Chapter 873: That Door Every Time2020-01-17
Chapter 872: Wait For The Show2020-01-17
Chapter 871: Form A Scheme2020-01-16
Chapter 870: Go Together2020-01-16
Chapter 869: The Crisis Is Solved2020-01-15
Chapter 868: Lin Jing’s Crisis2020-01-15
Chapter 867: The Real Purpose2020-01-14
Chapter 866: Go Back To The Lake Bottom To Heal2020-01-14
Chapter 865: The Sharp Pain From Her Heart2020-01-13
Chapter 864: Darkness Comes Over Her Eyes2020-01-13
Chapter 863: Lin Jing’s Situation2020-01-12
Chapter 862: I Think It’s Fair2020-01-12
Chapter 861: He Looks Weird Today2020-01-11
Chapter 860: The Hope Of Mankind2020-01-11
Chapter 859: The Severe Situation2020-01-10
Chapter 858: The Disaster Of Crops2020-01-10
Chapter 857: The Conflict Between Cats2020-01-10
Chapter 856: Poor Green Mountain Base2020-01-10
Chapter 855: The Research Progress2020-01-10
Chapter 854: Wave After Wave2020-01-09
Chapter 853: Superpowered People Go Crazy2020-01-09
Chapter 852: Mania Appears2020-01-08
Chapter 851: Mrs. Lin Turned2020-01-08
Chapter 850: The Sudden Chaos2020-01-07
Chapter 849: The Second Apocalypse2020-01-07
Chapter 848: Feel The Crisis2020-01-06
Chapter 847: After The Meeting2020-01-06
Chapter 846: The Negotiation2020-01-05
Chapter 845: Divide The Hunting field2020-01-05
Chapter 844: Rat Infestation2020-01-04
Chapter 843: Mutated Rats2020-01-04
Chapter 842: Whoever Wants Him Can Have Him2020-01-03