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Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 474: Don’t Talk Nonsense

Chapter 474: Don’t Talk Nonsense

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Hearing Yang Jianhua make up a lie about her, Lin Qiao was instantly enraged. “You’re lying! Stop talking nonsense, or I’ll kick you to death!”

She hated people talk about her seducing some man the most. The previous owner of her current body had done such things indeed, but not her! How dare Yang Jianhua slander her soul! She just couldn’t bear listening to that!

“Eh? Can you kick me? What? Did I say anything wrong? That woman did shamelessly come to me. Why would I lie about it? Would I ever fancy a woman like that? She was pretty, but she was nothing more than a tool to fulfill my needs… hm,” Obviously, Yang Jianhua didn’t take Lin Qiao’s threat seriously. However, before he finished talking, he felt that his heart was suddenly vibrated, and then a sharp pain emerged as if something was squeezing his heart.

His entire body trembled, and that made him shamble, nearly falling to the ground.

At that moment, Lin Qiao flashed across the air. In the next second, she showed up behind him as she pressed her lips together and raised a foot to give a heavy kick to the back of his leg.

“Ouch!” Yang Jianhua didn’t see that coming. As a result, he was kicked to the ground, lying there with his face down. For a moment, he didn’t even realize what happened, only confusedly gazing at the swaying grasses before his eyes.

Lin Qiao stood behind him and stamped a foot on his waist as she said with a cold voice, “As I said, don’t talk nonsense, or I’ll kick you!” After saying that, she raised her foot and stomped on his back again for a few more times.

“Ou…” Yang Jianhua suffered a dull pain from his waist, feeling that his kidneys were about to be broken because she stomped right on his kidneys.

He attempted to roll away from Lin Qiao, but found the pressure on his waist so incredibly heavy that he couldn’t even move, not to mention prop up.

“Since you don’t want to tell the truth, you may stay silent forever. You deserve death anyway,” said Lin Qiao with an icy-cold voice.

Just now, she actually suppressed Yang Jianhua with the power of the space under her rage. Now, the perfect chance was right in front of her. Why would she wait any longer to kill him?

At that point, Yang Jianhua realized that he was trodden under a woman’s foot and disabled from moving. He quickly reached out a hand to grasp Lin Qiao’s ankle, then sent a stream of coldness into her leg.

Soon, Lin Qiao’s foot was covered in a thin layer of ice, which quickly spread to the ground.

Lin Qiao’s heart thumped a little when Yang Jianhua grasped her ankle. Then, she automatically popped her claws and swung her arm at his hand.

Puff! Yang Jianhua’s hand was cut off and blood splashed out.

“Ah!” Yang Jianhua burst in howls. He popped his eyes and held his broken arm as he began struggling intensely, his face blushed in pain.

Lin Qiao put down her foot, ignoring its frozen state as she stood there. Then, she raised her claws and again swung at Yang Jianhua.


The twitching and struggling Yang Jianhua suddenly stopped moving.

Next, his head moved slightly downward, and then a thin blood-red line slowly emerged on his neck. After that, his head fell off.

Lin Qiao lowered her head and glanced at her own feet. The frozen part of her foot was really cold. But, that was all she felt.

As she waved a hand, the giant cloud of dark mist immediately gathered toward her palm. She also crooked a finger of her other hand. Following that move, a faint wisp of mist drifted out of the cloud and sank to her feet, covering the ice on her foot.

In just a few seconds, she shook her foot, then walked toward Yang Jianhua’s body.

The shoes on her frozen foot and the trousers around her ankle had both disappeared, so she was baring one foot now.

She walked to Yang Jianhua’s body and kicked his head with her foot which had a shoe on, then started talking coldly.

“I had told you not to talk nonsense, but you refused to listen. If you had listened to me, you wouldn’t die so soon. I was going to let you live a couple of minutes longer, yet you brought death to yourself.”

Finishing talking, she bent over and picked up Yang Jianhua’s head, then crooked a finger and sent a wisp of dark mist to the head. The mist instantly created a hole on the head. After that, she put a finger into the hole and dug out Yang Jianhua’s energy nucleus, which had newly upgraded into level-seven.

“Eh? He died so soon?” Qiu Lili’s voice was heard.

“Yeah, he broke into level-seven not long ago. He wasn’t as hard to deal with as that robber leader,” Lin Qiao turned and glanced at Qiu Lili, but found a large group of zombies behind her drooling at the dead body by her feet.

She raised a hand and sent out a stream of dark mist. The mist quickly covered the body, and before long, the entire body was gone, not even leaving a drop of blood.

Qiu Lili looked at Yang Jianhua’s head and said with dislike, “Ew… Why are you keeping the head?”

“Did that man talk?” Lin Qiao glanced at the head which was still bleeding and asked.

“Ah, his name is Liu Yu. He’s already freaked out. He said that he’ll do whatever we want him to do, as long as we don’t kill him,” Qiu Lili said while fiddling with her hair.

Lin Qiao nodded; she wasn’t surprised. “Em, I sensed some of his mental reactions when I caught him and brought him in,” she said. “He is a coward, which is why I left him to you with no worries.”

Qiu Lili glanced at her with surprise; she didn’t know that before.

Lin Qiao held Yang Jianhua’s head and said, “Alright, let’s get out. We need to defuse the bombs in the base first, or they might go off and cause casualties when people come here in the future.”

After saying that, she turned and headed toward the small building.

Liu Yu was standing in a corner. As Lin Qiao walked in with Yang Jianhua’s head, he immediately popped his eyes in shock.

“Chief… Chief Yang… No, Yang Jianhua… is… dead!” Liu Yu gazed straight at the head as if he was looking at the ghost. He couldn’t even believe his own eyes.

Lin Qiao directly put the head on the tea table. The blood from Yang Jianhua’s broken neck wasn’t dried and dripped onto the table, making Zombie Number Eight, which was standing aside, stare at the head eagerly.

“Stop looking at it… It’s not for you,” Lin Qiao gave Zombie Number Eight a glance, then stood up and picked up a glass before walking into the kitchen. There, she opened the lid of a bucket and fetched a glass of water.

“Here, this is for you… Take it!” Coming out of the kitchen, she handed the glass to Zombie Number Eight.

The tall and sturdy Zombie Number Eight trotted to her and happily reached out his hands before taking over the glass and then moving to the side.

“Em, Zombie Number Eight, you can leave now,” Lin Qiao pointed at the door and told him to go out. Receiving her order, Zombie Number Eight immediately turned and walked out.

After that, Lin Qiao turned around and talked to Liu Yu, who was still staring at Yang Jianhua’s head with widened eyes. “Oi, you’re willing to go out and defuse those bombs, aren’t you? Let’s go then. We’ll get out now.”

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