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Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 475: She Sneaked Away Again

Chapter 475: She Sneaked Away Again

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Lin Qiao went South to take care of Yang Jianhua, and back in the Upper City Base, Wu Chengyue got the news about her leaving the day after she left.

“You said… she went South? Did she mention why?” Wu Chengyue carried Wu Yueling as he looked at Xiao Licheng, who brought the news to him. He was a little surprised.

Xiao Licheng nodded and said, “I don’t know when she left, but based on what I heard from Lin Wenwen and the other girls, she has left already.”

Wu Chengyue thought for a moment and then said, “Isn’t she developing the Mount Wu area? Why is she suddenly going South? Did the farming work in the mountain area stop?”

Xiao Licheng shook his head and said, “No. They’re still working on the farm. Chen Yuting’s wife and the other few zombies are doing the job. Eh… That place is filled with zombies. Except for Shen Yujen, the male zombie who always follows behind Miss. Lu is also there. There are also a few level three and four zombies, and the short-haired young female zombie.”

“Ah, she left them there. Doesn’t she need to manage them? Isn’t she afraid that there might be an accident? And, why on earth did she go to the South? How long will she be there? Have you found out about that yet?” Wu Chengyue was surprised that Lin Qiao had actually sneaked away again, and this time, she went so far away. Why did she suddenly go South?

“Well… not yet. But, I’ve heard that her destination is the Hades Base. That short-haired young female zombie has been managing the few high-leveled zombies in Mount Wu area. I felt that her vibe has changed. I guess she has upgraded. Also, she can talk human language too now,” Xiao Licheng had been paying some attention to the few zombies who were often around Miss Lu.

Hearing his words, Wu Chengyue was puzzled, “Eh? Hasn’t that super-long-haired young female zombie been managing the other zombies? Why did it become the short-haired one?”

He thought Lin Qiao left alone, so he was surprised to hear what Xiao Licheng said.

“That twin-tailed girl zombie seems to have left with Miss. Lu. I don’t see her in the base now,” Xiao Licheng shook his head and said. Earlier on, he noticed that the long-haired zombie, who looked like a high school girl, liked to stand on the highest spot on the roof to feel the wind. But today, she was missing the whole day.

Thinking about Miss Lu who had already left, Xiao Licheng felt that that zombie girl might have left along with her.

Wu Chengyue thought of something, then raised a finger and waved it slightly as he asked, “Em, you just mentioned that short-haired zombie girl… that zombie queen, right? You said that she upgraded, so do you mean that… she’s a zombie dominator now?”

Xiao Licheng nodded and responded, “Yeah, that’s highly possible!”

Wu Chengyue sighed, “The level-seven beings who have been guarding this base aren’t human beings, but zombies. The world would be shaken if the others knew about this. Don’t forget to black out the news. Don’t let suspicious people find out about it.”

“Yes, sir!” Xiao Licheng responded, then asked, “Um… chief, we’ve seen her, and we’ve seen this place. Should we head home now?”

‘We’ve been here for many days! Aren’t we leaving yet?’ he thought while he stared at Wu Chengyue with a meaningful look.

Wu Chengyue noticed the look in Xiao Licheng’s eyes. He raised his head to glance at the ceiling, then suddenly lowered his head to look at Wu Yueling.

“Ling Ling, your Zombie Mom has left to do something important. Let’s go home! We’ll come back to play with her when she returns, okay?”

He thought his daughter, who was clearly preparing to betray him and choose the zombie lady, would be unhappy to hear his suggestion, as she was so looking forward to see the zombie lady. She had only seen her twice so far, so she would probably be reluctant to leave now.

Wu Yueling was playing with the grass doll. To Wu Chengyue’s surprise, she raised her head to glance at him, then quickly nodded.

Wu Chengyue paused for a second, then turned to Xiao Licheng and asked, “Eh? She nodded. Does it mean that she agrees to go?”

Xiao Licheng looked at him confusedly, “Um, yeah, I think so! She nodded after all… Is there a problem?”

Wu Chengyue murmured, “I thought she wouldn’t want to go…”

Wu Yueling glanced at him again, then continued playing with her doll. Wu Chengyue asked her again, “Ling Ling, you just agreed to go home with Daddy, right?”

Wu Yueling raised her head and nodded at her Daddy, then looked at him with confusion.

Yeah, she agreed. Why was Daddy asking the same question again?

After confirming that his daughter had truly agreed to go, Wu Chengyue sighed with relief, “We’ll go back tomorrow morning.”

Wu Yueling quickly nodded at him again, then turned away from him.

“Good! Tell the others to rest well and get ready. We’ll head back to Sea City Base tomorrow morning,” Wu Chengyue said to Xiao Licheng.

“Yes, sir! I will make some arrangements later,” Xiao Licheng nodded.

“Also, tell Yuan Tianxing and his people that we’ll be leaving, and ask them to find a… eh, a guide to escort us out of the zombie wall. Otherwise, we might be stuck in zombie crowds again,” Wu Chengyue suddenly recalled the zombie crowd that he and his people encountered when they came.

“Alright, I’ll do it!” Xiao Licheng nodded again.

“Go!” Wu Chengyue waved a hand at him.

Watching Xiao Licheng turn and leave, Wu Chengyue crossed his arms and leaned against the back of the couch.

Why did the zombie lady leave at this time? She headed to Hades Base. What was she going to do there?

Wu Chengyue had learned about her identity from Lu Tianyi, so he didn’t understand why she worked together with the Hades Base people.

First of all, she was from the Sea City Base. She had become a zombie, and at first, she was indeed unable to come back to Sea City Base. However, that shouldn’t be a reason for her to go to South… not to mention the fact that she was clearly there to find Lin Feng and his family.

At first, Wu Chengyue felt nothing strange about her going South. However, he started to feel confused ever since he learned that she was Lu Tianyu.

How did a Sea City Base member know the Hades Base people? Those people she knew were the families of the leader of Hades Base. What connected her and those people?

And, the zombie lady was actually building a new base with those Hades Base people! Wu Chengyue had been observing her and those Hades Base people recently, and now, he had a question to ask.

The zombie lady was trying everything she could to protect the Hades Base. Why?

He had even dug into Lu Tianyu’s background. However, he found that Lu Tianyu had nothing to do with them.

Why was she protecting them then?

Earlier on when the Zombie Lady rushed to South with his Ling Ling, Hades Base was already broken. However, Lu Tianyu didn’t go there sooner, but only headed there after becoming a zombie.

Wu Chengyue couldn’t figure out why she didn’t go there earlier.

‘She has so many secrets! It’s making me more and more curious!’

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