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Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 724: Who On Earth Did It?

Chapter 724: Who On Earth Did It?

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At that moment in Heilong Base, Gao Haoyun was having a meeting with the other leaders, vice-leaders, and base administrators.

Gao Haoyun’s manly face wore a grim look while his eyes glowed dimly.

“All victims took part in what happened a few years ago. They were murdered in such a creepy way. If I didn’t witness that man’s death, I’d think that he had returned to take revenge,” Gao Haoyun took a deep breath and said.

“That’s impossible! He’s dead for good! He could never come back to life. He might become a zombie, but zombies don’t remember what happened before their death. How can it be possible that it’s him taking revenge? Besides, why didn’t he come earlier? Why wait for four years?” said the only level-seven vice leader of the base.

Gao Haoyun described the victims’ way of death with the word ‘creepy’, because their bodies were found with the same features.

Those people were all tied; their mouths were torn, and throats ripped open. Even their stomachs were dug out and thrown near their bodies. Their nuclei were removed from their brains, and their faces were twisted, with painful and scared looks.

They seemed to have died with fright and under extreme pain. Their expressions had frozen on their faces.

People could easily tell that those victims were tortured to death.

In the post-apocalyptic era, most people killed their enemies using guns or superpowers, but rarely tortured their enemies to death in such a cruel way. Clearly, the one who killed those people had strong resentment toward them.

Who hated those people so much that he even tortured them so brutally to death?

According to the research result of Gao Haoyun’s people, the victims had no connection to each other. Some of them didn’t even know each other, and some had heard about each other. They weren’t even friends.

However, they had one thing in common: four years ago, all of them ate Mo Yan’s flesh and absorbed his energy to improve their own body condition and superpowers. Based on that lead, those people’s death was very likely to be related to Mo Yan.

However, Mo Yan was dead. His best friend betrayed him and sold him out. Except for that man, he had no other friends. So, who was avenging him?

“Who on earth did it then? How ridiculous! How dare he come to our base and kill so many people! If I ever catch him, I will hang him on the fence wall and let him suffer the cold wind until he becomes an ice statue,” Du Kunsheng, the other base leader, slightly dropped his head and fixed his eyes on the file on the table while saying through clenched teeth.

Gao Haoyun was a frank man. Unlike him, Du Kunsheng, who was good-looking and much younger than the former, was much more scheming.

“Let’s now find out who did it. We’ll decide how to punish the murderer when we catch him or her,” Gao Haoyun glanced at him blandly.

Du Kunsheng snorted coldly with discontent, without arguing with the other.

At that time, a vice leader hesitated a little, then joined the conversation, “There is a piece of news about Wu Chengyue, the Chief of Sea City Base. I wonder if you guys are interested.”

Gao Haoyun glanced at him but stayed silent. Meanwhile, Du Kunsheng’s interest was aroused. He looked at the vice leader and asked, “About Wu Chengyue? What is it?”

The vice leader glanced at the file in his hand, then at Gao Haoyun’s face. After that, he said, “A couple of days ago, Wu Chengyue proposed to his new neighbor, the leader of the new base.”

“Propose?” Du Kunsheng was surprised.

Gao Haoyun stayed silent. No one knew what he was thinking about.

The vice leader nodded and continued, “Yeah. He proposed to her during the New Year. We don’t know what his exact purpose is. He did have some interactions with the leader of the new base. At first, she cooperated with Wu Chengyue and asked him for some help. The people in All Beings Base are all survivors from Hades Base. Yuan Tianxing is the vice leader of that base. He’s running the base together with the Lin Family. I heard that the leader of that base is a woman. We don’t know what she looks like yet.”

“I don’t think it was a simple cooperation, since Wu Chengyue was willing to help that new base once he met her. Based on the information that you just gave, I guess they might be in a secret relationship since long ago,” Du Kunsheng said as his eyes glowed. He had already imagined some stories between Wu Chengyue and that mysterious female leader. The woman wanted to build a new base, and Wu Chengyue helped her without hesitation. He also assumed that Wu Chengyue’s help was conditional.

“About that base… Haven’t we found out about their background yet?” Gao Haoyun abruptly asked a question.

“The information we have about them is pretty much the same as what Sea City Base had. The base is named All Beings Base, located in the center of Hangzhou City. The people in that base are survivors from Hades Base, led by the Lin Family,” said the vice-leader to Gao Haoyun.

“By Lin Family, do you mean Lin Qiao’s family?” Du Kunsheng asked.

“Yes, the family of Lin Qiao, the leader of Hades Base. Apart from herself, all her families are now living in the All Beings Base.” The vice-leader looked at Du Kunsheng and nodded, then turned to Gao Haoyun and continued, “That’s all the information that we collected from Sea City Base about the new base.”

“Eh? What’s the deal between Wu Chengyue and the female leader then? Do we know anything about that? Didn’t people say that Wu Chengyue had no interest in women at all? And that he only loves his daughter? I thought he was raising that little girl as his future wife. I’m surprised that he’s now interested in that mysterious female leader of the new base,” said Du Kunsheng.

The vice leader shook his head and said, “We don’t know about their relationship yet. We couldn’t find any background information about that female leader either. As for Wu Chengyue, something did happen to him last year…”

He paused slightly, then continued with a faint, mysterious smile, “That is a dark history for Wu Chengyue. Sea City Base had two pretty women. Now, one of them is dead, and the other is in vegetative state. Wu Chengyue’s dark history is related to the dead woman.”

“Oh, don’t stop. Just tell us,” Du Kunsheng’s curiosity was aroused once he heard the key words ‘pretty woman’, and ‘Wu Chengyue’s dark history’. So, he urged the vice leader to continue.

Gao Haoyun turned to the vice leader too. Clearly, he was interested in Wu Chengyue’s dark history as well.

“He was raped by that dead woman. Emm, yes, like what you think…” said the vice-leader with a grin.

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