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Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 725: She Said That I’m Annoying

Chapter 725: She Said That I’m Annoying

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Eh? No way! Really? Wu Chengyue was raped? Hahaha… Who was that woman? Impressive!” Du Kunsheng burst into laughter once he heard about it, as if it were a hilarious joke.

The expressionless Gao Haoyun pictured Wu Chengyue lying underneath a woman and also wore a meaningful look on his face.

“Oh, that woman was rather famous. She was a commoner. She had no superpower, yet was living a very good life. With her pretty face and hot body, she found quite some men who were willing to take care of her,” the vice leader carried on, “And, she wasn’t a good person. By relying on Yang Chao, a former leader of Sea City Base, she did a lot of evil things in her base. Everybody hated her. Later on, Yang Chao got tired of that troublemaker, so he got her killed. Surprisingly, she raped Wu Chengyue before she died. But of course, she was encouraged by Yang Chao when she had her eyes on Wu Chengyue.”

“So, Yang Chao ended up dead as well,” Du Kunsheng narrowed his eyes and said.

“Em, that woman died within twelve hours after he raped Wu Chengyue. I guess she had become a slutty ghost lady! Oh well, it’s the post-apocalyptic era now, so she probably became a slutty female zombie,” Meng Yuxuan, the level-seven vice-leader, said jokingly.

“Alright, we have heard the gossip now. So next, you should all be careful. Meng Yuxuan, you ate his flesh as well. You might be the next target. Stay alert,” Gao Haoyun knocked on the table before him and said.

“I guess I don’t need to worry about myself,” Du Kunsheng smiled and said. He never ate a part of Mo Yan.

“You still need to be careful. That might not be the exact reason why those people died,” Gao Haoyun stood up and glanced at him, then walked out of the conference room.

“Is it my fault? Is it my fault that I didn’t eat that man’s flesh four years ago?” Du Kunsheng didn’t understand the meaning behind Gao Haoyun’s glance. He looked at Meng Yuxuan and shrugged as he said with confusion.

At that time, Wu Chengyue was still in Lin Qiao’s base, sauntering near her office and conference room. When Lin Qiao had a meeting, he would guard the door for her along with Duan Juan, and when she was in her office, he would sit on the couch in her office with his daughter on his knees and have tea.

“Where’s your Chief?” Xiao Licheng asked Duan Juan who was passing by. He had a message for Wu Chengyue.

“Why? Do have something to say to my Chief?” Duan Juan looked at him with surprise at first, then continued, “Shouldn’t you be looking for your Chief?”

Xiao Licheng nodded and said, “Well, as things stand now, wherever your Chief is, he is there too. That’s why I asked you where your Chief is.”

Duan Juan looked at him speechlessly.

Xiao Licheng sighed and said, “Don’t look at me like that. I don’t want things to become like this either. But, I cannot stop him from pursuing his future wife. I don’t think I should try to cause him difficulties with this, as he might do the same to me when I meet the girl that I like.”

“Your Chief doesn’t really like my Chief. He’ll never win her heart like that,” Duan Juan rolled her eyes, then turned and left.

“Oi, you haven’t told me where they are!” Xiao Licheng hurriedly shouted at her.

“Go and find them yourself,” Duan Juan responded while walking, without even turning her head back.

“I tried!” Xiao Licheng continued helplessly. He searched through every office and meeting room in the hotel, but didn’t find either of them. That was why he asked.

“The sweet potato field!” Duan Juan, who had walked away, gave the answer.

“Alright,” Xiao Licheng responded, then left the hotel and found a car to drive toward Mount Wu area.

As he arrived at the farm, he saw his Chief furrowing the soil alone in a clearing near the sweet potato field, which was located by the roadside. The leader of Sea City Base was digging sweet potatoes with the little princess of his base in the sweet potato field.

A group of zombies was gathering around those two fields. The levels of those zombies varied from three to seven.

They fixed their eyes on Xiao Licheng once they saw him driving over.

As Xiao Licheng parked the car, a zombie sneakily approached his car with curiosity. The zombie seemed to be afraid of Xiao Licheng. He avoided him, but moved to the end of the car as he looked and poked the off-road car curiously.

Xiao Licheng turned and glanced at the zombie. As the zombie seemed only curious but not threatening, he left the zombie there, and walked toward Wu Chengyue, who was swinging the hoe with sweat streaming down his back.

“Did she tell you to work here? You seem to be enjoying this!” Xiao Licheng walked up to Wu Chengyue as he looked at him with surprise and said.

Wu Chengyue finished his movement, then stopped, resting an elbow on the stick of the hoe. He wiped the sweat on his forehead with the other hand while looking at Xiao Licheng.

“She said that I’m annoying,” he responded smilingly.

‘You are annoying!‘ Xiao Licheng thought. Looking at the silly and proud smile on Wu Chengyue’s face, he rolled his eyes silently. ‘She made you do the farm work because she’s annoyed by you, not because she has accepted you. Why are you so smug?’

“What is it?” Wu Chengyue glanced at Lin Qiao and the little girl, who were squatting among sweet potato leaves, looking for sweet potatoes, and then asked Xiao Licheng.

“I received some messages. The news that you proposed to Miss. Lu has successfully caught the attention of the leaders of all the other bases,” Xiao Licheng stood beside him, looking at Lin Qiao as well.

“Hmm, I’m not surprised.” He wasn’t trying to hide that, so it was reasonable for the other bases to hear about it.

“Will this bring her trouble? What are you gonna do?” Xiao Licheng turned to him and asked.

Wu Chengyue’s proposal caught the attention of the other bases. The leaders of the other bases would certainly try harder to dig out Miss Lu’s real identity and background information. The secret of her and her army might be exposed.

“No. Their attention will soon be diverted by something else. Haven’t you received the news from Heilong Base?” Wu Chengyue smiled calmly.

“You know that?” Xiao Licheng looked at him with surprise.

“I just made a guess. I don’t know what exactly will happen,” Wu Chengyue said while looking at Wu Yueling with a smile. She was happy because she had just dug out a sweet potato. “Did something already happen in Heilong Base?” He asked.

Xiao Licheng nodded. “Two vice leaders and a few level-five people died, killed brutally. They were tortured to death, and the murderer hasn’t been found yet!”

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