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Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 726: Who Will Win

Chapter 726: Who Will Win

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“He’d surely torture them. Before he died, they cut off his flesh slice by slice. If you were him, would you let your enemies die comfortably?” Wu Chengyue gave Xiao Licheng a glance while speaking.

Xiao Licheng stayed silent for a few seconds, then shook his head quickly. After that, he frowned as he thought for a moment and said, “Are you talking about… Mo Yan?”

Wu Chengyue knew that Mo Yan the zombie was the man who was locked up and eaten by some other humans. However, he didn’t tell Xiao Licheng about that. Xiao Licheng was reminded of what happened years ago in the Northeast upon hearing Wu Chengyue mentioned that the man was cut into pieces. Connecting all these facts, he easily got the answer.

“Yeah. Is there another Mo Yan?” Wu Chengyue nodded, then picked up the hoe and continued furrowing the soil.

“So, he is there to take revenge. He will definitely destroy the entire Heilong Base then. Among the members of that base, most of those who have been upgrading quickly these years had eaten his flesh,” Xiao Licheng understood Wu Chengyue’s meaning.

What Mo Yan was doing in the Northeast would certainly be more eye-catching than his Chief’s proposal.

“Not only Heilong Base… Apart from Heilong Base people, a small number of people who had eaten his flesh are scattered in Huaxia Base. When Mo Yan has tortured all Heilong Base people who had hurt him to death, those in Huaxia Base will start to be frightened… And by then, they will unwittingly show their weaknesses,” Wu Chengyue said while doing the farm work, gasping for air from time to time.

The people who were interested in the truth would easily notice some leads by that time.

“You are right, but Huaxia Base is so powerful! Will Mo Yan alone make them worry? He is a zombie emperor indeed, but none of the leading group of Huaxia Base is weak. Besides, they have powerful weapons too!” Xiao Licheng put a hand on his chin, his eyes fixed on the ground.

“Huaxia Base people don’t need to be afraid of Mo Yan indeed. However, one person in that base should be careful. He has eaten another man’s flesh after all. That precious, magical flesh is poisonous,” Wu Chengyue smiled as he swung the hoe into the soil again.

“Who?” Xiao Licheng immediately raised his head to look at him.

“Si Kongchen. He went down from the Northeast to Huaxia Base. Why do you think he upgraded so quickly?” Wu Chengyue said.

“So, the zombie emperor’s next stop will be Huaxia Base, right?” said Xiao Licheng.

“Who knows? Are you so sure that the zombie emperor will win?” Wu Chengyue smilingly glanced at him.

Xiao Licheng raised his eyebrows and replied, “A zombie emperor, five zombie dominators, and some zombie kings and queens… Perhaps he has recruited some new soldiers on his way to the Northeast. Such a powerful zombie army has a good chance of winning even if they have to fight the entire Heilong Base, not to mention the fact that he is a zombie emperor. He has the power to launch another massive zombie attack on Heilong Base. That simply depends on how he would like Heilong Base to be destroyed!”

“You’re right. You said that only a couple of vice leaders and level-five people died so far. So, I guess he’s planning to do a series of assassinations first. If he happens to expose himself, he might launch the massive zombie attack,” said Wu Chengyue.

Xiao Licheng nodded, then abruptly glanced at Lin Qiao and said, “I wonder if Miss Lu has heard about the news or not. Should we tell her?”

Wu Chengyue smilingly shook his head and said, “She has heard us.”

He was right. Lin Qiao had heard what they said, but pretended like she didn’t.

Having finished talking, Xiao Licheng turned and walked to the road. Earlier, when he was still in the field, he saw a zombie wandering around his car. Now, as he returned to the car, the female zombie immediately hid on the other side of the vehicle.

“What are you doing?” Xiao Licheng walked onto the road and asked the zombie. Then, he felt a little weird. Looking at the female zombie who was hiding behind the car, with only one eye visible outside, and asked another question, “Do you understand me?”

Hearing his question, the female zombie still looked confused. Seeing that, he gave a sigh.

The zombie was very low-leveled. She hadn’t even reached level three, and was the lowest-leveled one among all the zombies in that area. Why did Miss Lu keep such a low-leveled zombie around her? Was there a special connection between the two of them?

Xiao Licheng curiously made some guesses.

He didn’t know that Xiao-xiao, the low-leveled zombie who was standing before him, simply wanted to follow Lin Qiao everywhere. Lin Qiao kept her around because there was a subordinative connection between herself and her.

Looking at the confused and scared Xiao-xiao, Lin Qiao felt that even the rabbit in her space was braver than her.

As Xiao Licheng thought that Xiao-xiao didn’t understand human language, the zombie carefully moved toward him along the car. Her dark eyes were filled with curiosity.

It was the first time Xiao Licheng met a zombie who was so much like a small animal. He wanted very much to tell her— ‘You are a zombie! Please act like a zombie! ‘ Meanwhile, he somehow found that she was a little cute.

Xiao-xiao carefully approached him. As Xiao Licheng was standing still without making any movement, she gathered some courage and moved closer to him.

Xiao Licheng quietly watched her move closer to him, then lean her head forward to sniff around at him. And then, he found a rapturous expression on the zombie’s face. After that, the zombie made a couple of more steps toward him.

“Why do you come so close? You’re not gonna bite me, are you?” As she came near him, Xiao Licheng abruptly started talking. Once his voice was heard, the zombie paused and raised her eyes to give him a glance with confusion. Next, she suddenly turned and ran away.

Xiao Licheng speechlessly watched the female zombie run fleetingly away from him, along the field and to the cabin, before hiding away.

‘How scary am I?’ Xiao Licheng said to himself, then shook his head as he opened the car door to get into the car and left. While driving, he asked himself, ‘Did the zombie understand what I said? Did she not understand? I think she understood me, or she wouldn’t react that way…’

Lin Qiao, who was in the field, noticed the interaction between Xiao Licheng and Xiao-xiao. She knew that Xiao-xiao understood simple human language, but couldn’t understand long sentences or profound words.

Just now, Xiao-xiao went close to Xiao Licheng because she was attracted by his human scent. When she was immersed in the aroma, Xiao Licheng talked and gave her a start. That was why she ran away.

She was very chicken-hearted indeed!

Thinking about that, Lin Qiao felt a little helpless. Was it really alright for Xiao-xiao to be such a cowardly zombie?

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