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Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 727: The Zombie With Healing Power

Chapter 727: The Zombie With Healing Power

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“Oi, you’ve been here for so many days. Don’t you need to go back to do your work?” Lin Qiao held Wu Yueling’s hand as she walked closer to Wu Chengyue and asked.

Wu Chengyue clearly sensed how impatient she was. It wasn’t the first time she had tried to persuade him to leave.

“Alright, I get it. You don’t want to see me now, right? Alright, I’ll leave today,” Wu Chengyue looked at her with a smile.

‘Since you know how I feel, you should get out of my place as soon as you can. ‘ She looked at him expressionlessly while rolling her eyes in her head.

Wu Chengyue left, as he said. That afternoon, he and his people left the All Beings Base. However…

“Why didn’t your father take you home?” Sitting behind her desk, Lin Qiao looked at the little girl who was sitting on the couch and asked.

‘Daddy said that he’ll be very busy back home. He told me to play with Zombie Mommy.’ The little one raised her head to look at Lin Qiao and answered the question in her head.

“I’m busy too! Also, can you not call me that?” Lin Qiao looked at the girl helplessly, “Isn’t he worried about you? Why does he trust me so much? He wanted to kill me last year.”

‘Am I a free nanny? ‘ she said to herself.

‘Daddy told me to call you that. I’m doing what Daddy says.’ Wu Yueling looked at Lin Qiao with confusion.

“You listen to him, but not me? Why are you here with me then?” Lin Qiao looked at her.

Wu Yueling looked at her bewilderedly as she responded, ‘I will listen. I always listen to Daddy. But, if I can’t call you Zombie Mommy, what should I call you?”

“Aunty Lu, without ‘zombie’,” Lin Qiao corrected her.

Wu Yueling looked at her confusedly with a pair of large eyes, clearly hesitating.

But at that moment, someone gently knocked on the door and then opened it.

Lin Qiao raised her head to look at the door. Duan Juan opened the door and then stepped away. Two little people were standing by the door, sticking their head into the office. The girl called Lin Qiao ‘Aunty’, then quickly turned to Wu Yueling.

“Alright. Xiaolu is here to play with you. Ling Ling, go and play with them,” Lin Qiao nodded at Lin Xiaolu, then looked at Wu Yueling and said.

Wu Yueling turned to the door and saw Lin Xiaolu waving at her. Then, she looked at Lin Qiao and saw the latter nod. After that, she slid off the couch and walked toward the door. Seeing her come over, Lin Xiaolu showed her the rabbit that was hidden somewhere by her before. Wu Yueling’s eyes glowed the moment she saw that chubby rabbit.

After watching Wu Yueling leave happily, Lin Qiao started working.

Currently, her priority was the farm work. A large field near Mount Wu was ready, and the first batch of seeds from her space were ripe already. Recently, Lu Tianyi had grown the second batch of seedlings, which were strong enough to be transplanted outside.

Lin Qiao glanced at the list of those seedlings. Rice, wheat, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, and beans were included, divided into two parts. Wheat and rice were planted on one side of the field as staple food while the vegetables were planted on the other side.

At the same time, Xie Dong brought back the news from Heilong Base—Mo Yan seemed to hate those people very much. He tore those people’ mouths open, then ripped apart their bodies, dug out their stomachs, and broke their throats. Those people all suffered severe pain. The level-five female zombie under Mo Yan’s command had healing power. She was the reason why those people didn’t die immediately.

“He, of course, hates those people’ guts. Wouldn’t you hate them if they locked you, cut off your flesh every two or three days without letting you die, and only made you suffer the pain?” Lin Qiao said blandly while reading the file that Xie Dong gave her.

Then, she gave Xie Dong a glance and continued with surprise, “Eh? That female zombie has healing power? No wonder Mo Yan brings her everywhere. Her power is effective for humans, but what about zombies?”

Xie Dong nodded expressionlessly, then pointed at the file in her hand and signaled for her to read the next page.

Lin Qiao turned the page. Some information about that female zombie was on the second page. Xie Dong didn’t dare to approach Mo Yan and his zombies, so he followed behind them to observe the traces they left and collect information about them.

According to the second page, a zombie king under Mo Yan’s command was injured by the leader of Heilong Base and recovered over a single night. Based on that fact, Xie Dong assumed that the female zombie’s power was effective on zombies as well.

Some information about Mo Yan’s other zombies was also written down on the paper. After all, Xie Dong’s mission was to follow Mo Yan and his zombies, and observe them.

“I have to find out a way to enable you to talk. This is really inconvenient for you,” Lin Qiao abruptly looked at him and then sighed helplessly, “I think I’m now able to control the energy in the lake water to heal your throat. Do you wanna try?”

If that worked, she would fix the voices of Lu Tianyi and Shen Yujen as well, so they could work more efficiently and conveniently. The two of them looked almost the same as normal human beings anyway.

Hearing Lin Qiao’s words, Xie Dong had her eyes glowing as he nodded without hesitation.

“Alright then! Prepare yourself, then come to see me the day after tomorrow, in the morning. Tomorrow, I need to arrange the planting works for Liu Jun and the others,” Lin Qiao nodded and said.

Xie Dong nodded and left.

Lin Qiao read the name list of the administrators of Heilong Base and the list of victims. Her eyes lingered briefly on the names of two leaders, and then she put the files away.

The seedlings were planted successfully, and on the following day, Xie Dong came to Lin Qiao.

Lin Qiao went down into the lake and gathered all the energy in her palm, then waited for Xie Dong to take off his clothes and come into the lake. It wasn’t the first time, so Xie Dong felt less awkward this time.

Down at the lake bottom, Lin Qiao didn’t move close to Xie Dong, but stayed meters away from him, controlling the energy sphere. Xie Dong wasn’t able to get close to the energy sphere, as the highly compressed energy gave out an even greater pressure.

Thousands of tentacles reached out of the energy sphere toward Xie Dong. Soon, he was wrapped up, seeming like a human cocoon, just like how Viney wrapped people with her vines before.

The energy tentacles didn’t give Xie Dong any pressure, and he kept a distance from the energy sphere. Lin Qiao was able to control those tentacles to fix Xie Dong’s throat with the energy in the water.

It was the first time she controlled the energy like that to heal other zombies. Usually, she only filtered other types of energy with the energy in the lake. That was much easier than what she was doing now.

Three hours later, Lin Qiao felt that Xie Dong’s throat was almost healed. So, she withdrew the energy tentacles, then used one of them to push him up to the water surface.

Xie Dong woke up once his head popped out of the water. Realizing that the treatment was already over, he quickly swam toward the lakeside.

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