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Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 729: Bring Yourself To Her

Chapter 729: Bring Yourself To Her

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“Sky Fire Base has taken away all of Hidden Cloud Base’s supplies. I guess that before long, Hidden Cloud Base people will start looking for a new base, because they are now short of supplies. Earth Dragon Base is not an option. They can choose from the new base in the East China or Huaxia Base in the Northeast. Which one would you choose to go to?” Wu Chengyue leaned against the back of his chair and put one hand on the desk as he looked at Xiao Licheng and asked with a smile.

“They need to pay for their access to Huaxia Base with zombie nuclei or other equally valuable stuff. They won’t have many belongings when they leave Hidden Cloud City Base. I guess most of them will choose All Beings Base, because they don’t charge rent,” Xiao Licheng dropped his head as he thought for a moment, then raised his head and continued, “I think All Beings Base is gonna have a busy year.”

“I agree. Their fence wall is still under construction. But thankfully, they don’t have a big population yet. Many buildings that the zombie lady occupied are still empty. There are quite some buildings near the school too. So, they don’t need worry about accommodation. Yuan Tianxing will do the arrangements for her, but still, she will have to spend a long time reading the name lists and files.”

Base leaders didn’t need to make arrangements for the new members of their bases, but still needed to look over the basic files and addresses of those people.

“Aren’t we going to pick up Ling Ling?” Xiao Licheng asked.

“No need. She has little friends over there. Back here, she’s always alone. Just let her play with her friends,” Wu Chengyue shook his head.

“You’re right. She’s getting along well with Lin Feng’s daughter and Liu Jun’s son. It’s the first time she has made friends,” Xiao Licheng sighed.

Kids needed to play with their little friends to become lively and cheerful. For an autistic child, having friends was very helpful for her illness.

“I think that you really need to marry Miss Lu for Ling Ling’s well-being. However, judging from the current situation between you two, I think… you may as well bring yourself to her! You can offer yourself to her instead of convincing her to join your family. I think that’s more likely to happen!” After saying that, Xiao Licheng turned and left.

“What the hell? Are you saying that I should marry into her family?” Wu Chengyue said to Xiao Licheng’s back with laughter.

“Or, you can just wait. I’d like to know how long you can wait,” Xiao Licheng gave him a glance, then opened the door and went out.

Wu Chengyue put a hand on his chin and thought for a moment. Based on the zombie lady’s current attitude, she might not accept him even if he offered to marry into her family.

“Even if I want to marry into her family, she might not agree,” he murmured.

After recruiting a new batch of zombie soldiers, Lin Qiao followed her sensations to the forest by the side of West Lake.

“Plants have become horrible after the apocalypse!” Looking at the forest which had covered the sky, Qiu Lili sighed.

“That surprises you? Let’s wait and see how these plants will turn out in one or two decades,” Lin Qiao parked the car by the end of the road near the forest, then stepped into the thick woods with Xie Dong and some others. Qiu Lili was still flying above the treetops, her white dress fluttering in the air.

While stepping forward, Lin Qiao released her black fire to carve out a way. Xie Dong didn’t dare to use his power, in case he might set the entire forest on fire. He was hacking the surrounding branches and vines with a saber while observing the surrounding environment.

They kept moving forward. An hour later, they finally sensed a clear energy wave.

“We’re almost there. You guys stay out here to guard the area, and I’ll get in to deal with that thing,” Lin Qiao clenched her right fist and raised it to the shoulder level as a signal for the others to stop moving.

Xie Dong and the others had sensed an agitated energy. Hearing what Lin Qiao said, they obediently stopped moving.

Xie Dong understood that Lin Qiao told them to stop moving because she didn’t want them to act rashly and alert the enemy, and not because she was worried that some other creatures might come over and ruin her plan.

Lin Qiao restrained her vibe, moving further into the forest. The vibe she sensed was not too powerful, but was weird and gave out a sense of danger. She was vigilant every time she encountered high-leveled mutated plants, because she knew that some mutated plants had become conscious.

She slowly moved toward the source of that vibe. The surrounding plants were so dense that she had no choice but to hop onto the branch and leap forward.

Soon, she found the source of the energy. It was a large mushroom standing in the middle of a clearing, which was about four-hundred meters in radius.

The mushroom had a colorful cap. Red, purple, blue, yellow, all these colors formed beautiful natural patterns on the mushroom cap. The mushroom cap was as large as a regular umbrella, and the stem was as thick as an adult’s thigh.

The mushroom was nearly two meters tall, looking very creepy.

It had beautiful colors. Anyone who knew about mushrooms understood that colorful mushrooms were mostly poisonous.

Also, on the top of the mushroom cap was a small piece of brown matter.

Lin Qiao was able to see the energy sphere inside the mushroom, about ten centimeters away from the top of the cap. The mutated mushroom’s energy nucleus was located there.

She was about three-hundred meters away from the mushroom, but she still sensed a strong scent which was awful to her. She was aware that the scent would smell different for humans or mutated animals.

Judging by the size of the clearing around the mushroom, the mushroom was very powerful.

Every high-leveled mutated plant would create a clearing around itself. Lin Qiao had discovered that after she hunted quite some mutated mushrooms.

‘Squak…’ A few mice’ sounds were heard from around her feet.

She lowered her head and saw a huge mutated rat crawl into the clearing muddle-headedly.

The rat was as big as a medium-sized dog. While shambling toward the mushroom, it fixed its eyes on it and leaned its nose forward to sniff at the mushroom.

Lin Qiao quietly watched the giant rat stagger close to the mushroom’s root like a drunken man,

The rat seemed peaceful. A pair of sharp teeth stuck out of its face, but it still did not look fierce at all.

It lay down near the mushroom root and slightly narrowed its eyes, seemingly falling asleep.

Soon, Lin Qiao saw a few white vines reaching down from the mushroom cap. Those baby-arm-thick vines gently reached toward the big rat and paused slightly when they were very close to it, and then suddenly pierced into its body.


‘Squeak …’ The rat made no reaction at first, but a couple of seconds later, it started struggling intensely while uttering shrill screeches.

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