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Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 732: The Two Different Groups

Chapter 732: The Two Different Groups

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Boss, he’s dying!” In the commoners’ group, a man ran to the leader as he pointed at another man who was lying in a corner motionlessly. They were in a two-story building in a town at the time. The superpowered ones occupied the second floor, leaving the first floor for the commoners.

“We can’t help him. There’s no healing power possessor upstairs, and we’ve run out of medicine.” The leader glanced at that man, then turned his eyes away sullenly. He couldn’t tell how many people had fallen sick and died. The journey was long and difficult, and the weather was cold. The weaker people got sick, and were never healed.

Wang Jian, the leader, turned his eyes away as he thought for a moment, then gave that sick man another glance. After that, he turned to the others and said, “Let’s stay here for a couple of days. I’ll lead a squad to visit the pharmacies in this town and see if we can find any useful drugs.”

They had just arrived at the town, without having the time to search through the buildings nearby. At first, they planned to stay a night and then leave. However, after last night, the sick man’s condition got worse. To try and save him, they had no other choice but to stay in the town and look for medicines.

The man beside Wang Jian glanced at the sick man, then said with hesitation, “But… in his current condition… I’m afraid he can’t wait for us to bring back the meds.”

That man’s face was pale, lips blue, and eyes turning up. His breathing was fading. Not to mention if he could stay alive until the others brought back the medicines, even if he did manage to hang on until then, the medicine might not save him. More importantly, no one could guarantee that they would be able to find any medicine in the town.

“How could we know if we don’t try? No matter what, we can’t give up on anyone,” Wang Jian said seriously.

Soon, he and some others carried weapons and sneaked out of the building. They went through the zombie crowd to search for pharmacies in the town.

The town was a strange place for them. None of them know where to find a pharmacy. While avoiding zombie attacks, they tried their best to find a pharmacy.

While Wang Jian and his people went out to look for medicines, some superpowered ones came downstairs and found that Wang Jian and some others were missing.

“Eh? Where is Wang Jian?” The two men from upstairs made a few circles on the first floor. They didn’t see Wang Jian and the other few people, so they instantly asked a question.

“They went out to look for medicines,” one of the commoners answered the question carefully.

The two superpowered men glanced at each other and didn’t say anything, but turned and went back upstairs.

“Wang Jian and a few others left. Some said they went out to find medicines. Who knows what he’s really doing? They might have run away already! I don’t think we should stay here. The sooner we get to the new base, the sooner we can relax.” The two men went upstairs and told the other superpowered ones about their discovery. They all wanted to leave immediately.

About a thousand people had left Hades Base for the new base this time. Among them, only a small part had superpowers.

“Alright! This place isn’t far away from the new base anyway. We don’t need them to shield us from the zombies anymore. Now, they’re nothing but burden to us.”

“You’re right. Even if Wang Jian didn’t leave, we’d still go without them. He can protect those people if he wants. We’ll leave by ourselves. We’ll certainly get good jobs in the new base.”

“I agree. Let’s get down and see if Wang Jian and his people have really left or not. If he comes back, he must have left some food to those people. We are running out of food now. We can’t make it to the new base without food. Maybe we should take theirs.”

“That’s a good idea! I’m going down to take a look!” A man reacted instantly. His eyes glowed as he quickly turned and left.

A couple of hours later, Wang Jian and his people finally found a pharmacy that was relatively well preserved. In that pharmacy, they found some medicines which weren’t expired yet. However, the zombies nearby were so fierce that two of Wang Jian’s men were bitten to death.

Not long after that, Wang Jian returned to see the anger and despair on the faces of his people.

“Captain Wang! Li Honglin and his people took away all our food! What should we do?” Those people rushed up to Wang Jian and cried at him once he returned.

“What?” Wang Jian was surprised at first, then burst in anger.

“How dare they do that! B*stards! We’ll make them pay when we get to the new base!”

“We have no food now! We only had a little left, but they took it away. They ate up their own food, and then took ours!” The group of people was so panicked and angry that their eyes even turned red.

“Don’t panic… Calm down! There is only a short distance from here to the new base. Just hang in there. We’ll soon arrive at the new base,” Wang Jian said to the others, “We still have our cars. We’ll arrive at the new base very soon as long as we raise our speed.”

There was no better way. The food they had was from the old Hades base. That was the last bit of food they had. It was supposed to be enough for a thousand people to get through the whole journey, but those superpowered ones had been gormandizing all the way without trying to save at all.

They always took a big part of the food, and only left a small amount for the commoners. Wang Jian and a few men under his command were in charge of the food that they had. Apart from them, the others had to wait for the superpowered ones to give them food.

They had no right to decide the amount of food that would be given to them. Sometimes, the food they got wasn’t enough at all. They didn’t dare to fight the superpowered ones for food though, as they had no chance to win. Those people were able to end their lives with a swing of an arm, while they could barely harm them.

They tried very hard to save some food in secret. However, those people took away the food that they saved. When that happened, they were wrathful, and also panicked.

They had no food; they were all starving, and the weather was so cold. There was still a long way to go. They couldn’t tell if they would be able to make it to the new base or not.

They had no choice but to try their best. At least, they had water. Those superpowered people didn’t take their water.

“Yes! The new base is not far away anymore! Those scums took our food, but we still have water. We’ll take our revenge when we arrive at the new base!” Some of them quickly accepted their current situation and started to see their hatred as a motivation.

“You’re right. We’ll make it to the new base, even without food. Now, the most important thing is to stabilize the patient’s condition,” Wang Jian nodded and said.

Then, he asked his people to give medicine to the sick man. Taking medicine with an empty stomach would not deliver a good effect. But at the very least, his condition would get stable instead of getting worse.

The dying man was still breathing when Wang Jian and his people returned. After taking the medicine, he stayed unconscious but didn’t die.

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