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Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 873: That Door Every Time

Chapter 873: That Door Every Time

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In a few days, a man showed up in front of Liu Jun. Liu Jun kept herself from rolling her eyes, but put on a fake smile and asked him, “Can I help you?”

She had seen that man before; his name was Huo Antong, and he was the leader of squad six, unit three, in the Security Department. He was a level-four superpower possessor, a tall and strong man; not super handsome, but charming indeed. He had a good presence, and his smile was attractive.

With a grin, Huo Antong said to Liu Jun, “Director Liu, I have a favor to ask. Do you have time to join me for some tea this afternoon?”

“No, I’m busy,” Liu Jun turned him down directly, “If you have something to say to me, say it here.”

Huo Antong wasn’t expecting to be rejected so straightforwardly. He was stunned for a moment, but soon smiled again and said, “It’s okay. I’ll come back to you when you have time.”

He left after saying that.

Liu Jun watched him leave with a meaningful look in her eyes, then turned and left as well.

On the other side of the base…

Duan Juan pretended no to know that someone had been observing her in secret.

“There’re a lot of zombies at the foot of the mountain. We didn’t dare to make any move, because we don’t want those All Beings Base people to see us. We didn’t get in. We have looked around that area, but didn’t see any farm. However, based on the information we have gathered, the farm is in Mount Wu area indeed.”

Some people wanted to know the current condition of the farm, but found that area to be surrounded by a group of zombies. Those zombies blocked every path. Not only ordinary zombies were seen, but some higher-leveled zombies had also been guarding there on the high spots. Therefore, those people didn’t even have a chance to climb on trees and look into the farm through telescopes.

The people in the base had still been doing their jobs. Lin Wenwen, Long Qingying, Lin Feng and some other people had left the base again to collect supplies. The area surrounding the base had been swept across by them, so they needed to go to a farther area now in search for useful supplies.

Yuan Tianxing was still managing the construction work of the fence wall in Base Number Two. Meanwhile, he kept an eye on those new residents.

Each Green Mountain Base zombie was provided with a cup of water every day by All Beings Base. That water looked like regular water, but had an aroma that was attractive to zombies. Yun Meng told them that if they wanted their faces to be fixed, they needed to keep drinking that kind of water for over three months at least, one cup per day.

Hu Ba had all the patience. He and his zombies settled down in Base Number Two, which was still in construction.

Wu Chengyue was still in All Beings Base, showing up where the Chief of All Beings Base lived from time to time.

Liu Jun brought the newest report from the farm into Lin Qiao’s office, put it on the desk, then came out. At the door, she ran into Xie Dong. For the third time, they nearly bumped into each other.

They both reacted fast though. Before bumping into each other, they paused and stared at each other for about two seconds. After that, they nodded together to greet each other, and then took a small step sideways to let each other pass.

However, while Liu Jun made a step left, Xie Dong stepped right. After realizing what was happening, they both moved to the other side.

The same thing happened three times in a row.

“Oi, what are you two doing?” Qiu Lili, who was passing by, looked at them curiously.

“Nothing,” Liu Jun gave a helpless smile. While speaking, she made a step backward, then turned her body to let Xie Dong into the office. Meanwhile, Xie Dong’s expressionless face wore slight embarrassment. He didn’t say anything but walked in.

That was the third time, wasn’t it? It happened at that door every time…

Qiu Lili looked at the two, feeling that a strange atmosphere existed between them.

“Oh, has that man talked to you yet? Qiu Lili thought for a moment but failed to figure out the weird atmosphere, so she forgot about that and moved toward Liu Jun.

She was talking about Huo Antong.

A strange glow appeared in Liu Jun’s eyes as she nodded and said, “Yeah. We had a short conversation. I think he’s gonna have a long haul.”

“Wenwen’s guy got into her team this time. I think he’s gonna make a move during the mission,” Qiu Lili said while fiddling with her hair.

“I bet so. I guess he’ll save Wenwen from danger. Do you believe it?” Liu Jun smiled.

“I do,” Qiu Lili nodded.

Lin Wenwen might not encounter a danger for real, but she at least had to pretend so. The guy wanted to bite the bait, so she had to give him bait.

Having finished talking, Qiu Lili glanced at the office, her eyes containing a trace of worry. Lin Qiao had disappeared for half a month. That span of time was long enough to make people worry.

Liu Jun noticed the look in Qiu Lili’s eyes and understood what the latter was worrying about. She gave a sigh. Them worrying wouldn’t change anything; no one could help the other.

Meanwhile, the look on Wu Chengyue’s face turned colder and colder. The longer the zombie lady stayed in her space, the tenser the atmosphere around him became. He was worried, but as same as the others, he could do nothing but wait. That helpless feeling made him feel uneasier and uneasier, and made his worry grow stronger and stronger.

At that time, in a factory area that was about ten miles away from All Beings Base, a group of superpowered people had been running for their lives. The creatures that chased behind them weren’t zombies, but a few powerful mutated beasts.

“Jiang! Be careful!” A woman’s scream was heard.

A young girl who was about eighteen years old tripped and nearly fell to the ground because she was too tired. At that very moment, a red-eyed gigantic mutated dog widened its mouth and sprung up, jumping over ten meters high before diving toward the girl.

The girl was falling to the ground. Her mind reacted quickly, yet she wasn’t able to control her body. She wanted to turn and dodge the dog’s attack, but couldn’t do that.

Jiang Si popped her eyes and watched the ferocious dog pounce on her with despair.

Bang! As Jiang Si prepared to use her special power to save herself, a huge, highly concentrated fireball hit on the dog. Next, someone flashed to Jiang Si, held her, and rolled to the side.

“Roar… Owoo…” The dog was hit to the ground by the fireball, still unharmed though. Shaking its body, it uttered raging roars toward the one who had launched the fireball.

“Go! Go!” Qin Yu rolled to the side together with Jiang Si, then stood up and shielded the latter with her own body.

“Yu!” Jiang Si sighed with relief.

“Jiang, I’m sorry. It was my fault,” Qin Yu glanced at Jiang Si guiltily.

Jiang Si had almost used her power. For her, not using her power would be better.

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