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The Overlord of Blood and Iron (Published Novel)




Dam Hwa Gong


Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Supernatural

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The Grand Sovereign, Kang Chul-In. The man who was so strong that he had to be defeated. Having lost, he must now go back in time to take up the challenge of becoming supreme in the Continent of Pangaea. Will Kang Chul-In be able to overcome the 9 other Grand Sovereigns in order to grasp the Continent of Pangaea within his hands?

156 • 2019-08-27 21:15:01


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 94. Franz, taking out his trump card.2019-11-24
Chapter 93. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread2019-11-24
Chapter 92. Let’s fight, you stupid bastard!2019-10-27
Chapter 91. Franz, swearing revenge.2019-10-27
Chapter 90. I’ll make you like this.2019-10-20
Chapter 89. Kang Chul-In under attack2019-10-20
Chapter 88. Capturing Drakan’s heart2019-10-13
Chapter 87. Conquering the Absilon Territory (3)2019-10-13
Chapter 86. Conquering the Absilon Territory (2)2019-08-27
Chapter 85. Conquering the Absilon Territory (1)2019-08-27
Chapter 84. A dirty, underhanded tactic (3)2019-08-27
Chapter 83. A dirty, underhanded tactic (2)2019-08-27
Chapter 82. A dirty, underhanded tactic (1)2019-08-27
Chapter 81. One step faster2019-08-27
Chapter 80. Harvest, and preparation for war.2019-08-27
Chapter 79. Finding a ‘super item’.2019-08-27
Chapter 78. An Unexpected Harvest2019-08-27
Chapter 77. Unmarried Father, Kang Chul-In.2019-08-27
Chapter 76. Soft Sword Kaiforce2019-08-27
Chapter 75. Shut up with your bull****2019-08-27
Chapter 74. The ruins of an Ancient Empire2019-08-27
Chapter 73. Puppeteer Raid Squad2019-08-27
Chapter 72. Hidden Quest2019-08-27
Chapter 71. The man with the flute?2019-08-27
Chapter 70. Lang Bro, goes huge!2019-08-27
Chapter 69. Young Businessman Kang Chul-In (pt. 2)2019-08-27
Chapter 68. Young Businessman Kang Chul-In (pt. 1)2019-08-27
Chapter 67. Capturing Kwak-jung’s heart (pt. 3)2019-08-27
Chapter 66. Capturing Kwak-jung’s heart (pt. 2)2019-08-27
Chapter 65. Capturing Kwak-jung’s heart (pt. 1)2019-08-27
Chapter 64. Finishing the battle cleanly2019-08-27
Chatpter 63. True Powerhouse2019-08-27
Chapter 62. Kang Chul-In VS Berserker2019-08-27
Chapter 61. The Lords that roam the battlefield2019-08-27
Chapter 60. I’ll be right back.2019-08-27
Chapter 59. The War Begins2019-08-27
Chapter 58. Playing as Fisherman2019-08-27
Chapter 57. Magically Engineered Satellite2019-08-27
Chapter 56. Bloody Execution2019-08-27
Chapter 55. SS rank Mage, Nilus Lhotsechart!2019-08-27
Chapter 54. (Title Includes Spoiler) (At the Bottom)2019-08-27
Chapter 53. The Fate of a Traitor2019-08-27
Chapter 52. Disloyalty Leads to Death2019-08-27
Chapter 51. The Purging2019-08-27
Chapter 50: Death List2019-08-27
Chapter 49: Spy, Traitor, and Kang Chul-In2019-08-27
Chapter 48: Lee Chae-rin’s fury2019-08-27
Chapter 47: Kwak-jung or not?2019-08-27
Chapter 46: Kwak-jung is dead?2019-08-27
Chapter 45. Businessman Kang Chul-In2019-08-27
Chapter 44. Deal and Alliance (3)2019-08-27
Chapter 43. Trade and Alliance (2)2019-08-27
Chapter 42. Trade and Alliance (1)2019-08-27
Chapter 41. Kang Chul-in also has a limit.2019-08-27
Chapter 40. Triumphant Lord Kang Chul-In2019-08-27
Chapter 39 Overdrive, Activate!2019-08-27
Chapter 38. Awakening, Kang Chul-In! War Machine, Lucia!2019-08-27
Chapter 37. Hunting the Peacock Dragon.2019-08-27
Chapter 36. To The Dragonia Mountain Range…2019-08-27
Chapter 35. The Incomplete Genius, and the Completed.2019-08-27
Chapter 34. Leveling Up, Again and Again2019-08-27
Chapter 33. Proving One’s Ability2019-08-27
Chapter 32. Meeting with the Explorers.2019-08-27
Chapter 31. Kang Chul-In, begins the expedition!2019-08-27
Chapter 30: Dorian needs to be Played With!2019-08-27
Chapter 29. Gathering the Punitive Force (2)2019-08-27
Chapter 28. Gathering the Punitive Force (1)2019-08-27
Chapter 27. Kang Chul-In’s Anger.2019-08-27
Chapter 26. Lord ‘Lee Chae-rin’2019-08-27
Chapter 25. Making a deal (2)2019-08-27
Chapter 24. Making a deal (1)2019-08-27
Chapter 23. Timothy’s loyalty, Kimura’s disappearance2019-08-27
Chapter 22. The Weight of War, the Weight of Order2019-08-27
Chapter 21. Initiated mental training2019-08-27
Chapter 20. Got you, little bug!2019-08-27
Chapter 19. Show them what you’ve got2019-08-27
Chapter 18. A declaration of war.2019-08-27
Chapter 17. Someone has their eyes on our land (2)2019-08-27
Chapter 16. Someone has their eyes on our land (1)2019-08-27
Chapter 15. Monster Subjugation (3).2019-08-27
Chapter 14. Monster Subjugation (2)2019-08-27
Chapter 13. Monster Subjugation (1)2019-08-27
Chapter 12. Secretary Lucia2019-08-27
Chapter 11: Starting a new post at ‘Laputa’2019-08-27
Chapter 10: Picking the best territory2019-08-27
Chapter 9: Reunion with the enemy2019-08-27
Chapter 8: Akan, the representative of God.2019-08-27
Chapter 7: The Great Summoning, once again!2019-08-27
Chapter 6. I will give you a hundred thousand dollars.2019-08-27
Chapter 5. You, work for me.2019-08-27
Chapter 4. Return (2)2019-08-27
Chapter 3. Return (1)2019-08-27
Chapter 2: The end of the Absolute, But…2019-08-27
Chapter 1: Unprecedented Crisis2019-08-27