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List Novels (Alchemy) 82 Results
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In addition to the traditional metal to gold processes, alchemy tag can also be used to denote the existence of procedures to create magical materials such as potions, pills etc. Typically, these materials are used for healing and in cultivation.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
973A Dragon’s CuriosityWeb Novel2019
59A Monster Who Levels UpKorean Novel2017Completed(175)
114A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to ImmortalityWeb Novel20081087/2446
284A Will EternalWeb Novel2016Completed(1314)
350A Wizard’s SecretWeb Novel2013671/1064
621Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!Web Novel2017905/2563
582Age of AdeptsWeb Novel2016962/1512
606Alchemy Emperor of the Divine DaoWeb Novel2015993/4915
179Ancient Godly MonarchWeb Novel20151990/2047
35Ancient Strengthening TechniqueWeb Novel2012Completed(2492)
769ArchfiendWeb Novel2016485/1638
203Assassin’s ChronicleWeb Novel2007Completed(580)
120Battle Through the HeavensWeb Novel2012Completed(1648)
1095Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait PleaseWeb NovelN/A442/665
596Black Iron’s GloryWeb Novel2018362/405
189Close Combat MageWeb NovelN/A406/790
77Commanding Wind and CloudWeb Novel2010649/722
216Dragon-Marked War GodWeb Novel20142055/3221
1014Easygoing Atelier Life ~May and the Fluffy Miniature Garden~Web NovelN/ACompleted(5)
386Elixir SupplierWeb Novel2016562/1016
164Emperor’s DominationWeb Novel20142566/3186
127Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s WifeWeb Novel20131188/1568
540End of the Magic EraWeb Novel2013586/1469
82Everyone Else is a ReturneeWeb Novel2016Completed(353)
690Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young MissWeb Novel2016718/3239
600Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest MissWeb Novel20162205/2262
579Godly Model CreatorWeb Novel2013811/1089
1056Grasping EvilWeb Novel2013478/1243
291Great Demon KingWeb Novel2008773/1027
214History’s Strongest Senior BrotherWeb Novel20161281/1836
31History’s Number 1 FounderWeb Novel20141429/1485
174I Shall Seal the HeavensWeb Novel2014Completed(1618)
33Immortal MortalWeb Novel2016Completed(1231)
247Immortal and Martial Dual CultivationWeb Novel20081473/2549
1081Imperial God EmperorWeb Novel20151281/1383
538Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young MissWeb Novel2015578/2319
1110Law of the DevilWeb Novel2009429/669
299Library of Heaven’s PathWeb Novel20161889/2120
226Limitless Sword GodWeb NovelN/A1440/1569
150Long Live Summons!Web Novel2010794/1399
329Lord of the MysteriesWeb Novel2018684/702
1166M E M O R I Z EPublished Novel2012117/1069
177MMORPG: Martial GamerWeb Novel2016819/1376
655Main Character Hides His StrengthWeb Novel2016159/349
228Martial PeakWeb Novel2013953/4313
48Martial WorldWeb Novel20122277/2279
537Mesmerizing Ghost DoctorWeb Novel2016729/5265
8Miracle ThroneWeb Novel2015Completed(658)
832Nine Star Hegemon Body ArtWeb Novel2015864/3000
18Only Sense OnlineLight Novel201295/150
43Otherworldly Evil MonarchWeb Novel20101028/1266
14OvergearedWeb Novel20151123/1200
322Painting of the Nine ImmortalsWeb Novel2014876/2864
297Prodigiously Amazing WeaponsmithWeb Novel20161098/4000
80Pursuit of the TruthWeb Novel20121393/1484
234Release that WitchWeb Novel2016Completed(1498)
270Revolution of the 8th Class MageWeb Novel2016112/181
669Second Story Online: Aiming To Become The World’s Number 1. Ideal WitchWeb Novel201618/105
616Shini Yasui Kōshaku Reijō to Shichi-nin no KikōshiWeb Novel2015144/161
1039Soaring of GalaxiaWeb Novel2010766/1046
152Sovereign of the Three RealmsWeb Novel20142082/2374
372Stealing The HeavensWeb Novel2011991/1202
541Summoning the Holy SwordWeb Novel2012505/1380
824Super Dimensional WizardWeb Novel2016205/1871
325Tales of Herding GodsWeb Novel2017870/1516
88The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing MissWeb Novel20131789/10503
1027The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly FatherWeb Novel2017468/2498
552The Legendary Master’s WifeWeb Novel2013Completed(731)
727The Man Picked up by the GodsWeb Novel2014Completed(174)
170The Silly AlchemistWeb Novel2010350/779
1111The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on CampusWeb NovelN/A309/1850
835The Sword and The ShadowWeb Novel2014
133The Wizard WorldWeb Novel2012Completed(646)
287True Martial WorldWeb Novel2015Completed(1710)
609Ultimate Scheming SystemWeb Novel20161184/1535
1058Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young LadyWeb Novel2016267/1283
585Unrivaled Medicine GodWeb Novel20151043/2961
57War Sovereign Soaring The HeavensWeb Novel20141968/3084
251Warlock of the Magus WorldWeb Novel2015Completed(1200)
163When A Mage RevoltsWeb Novel2016Completed(942)
227Zhan LongWeb Novel2013954/1379
1033ZhanxianWeb Novel2011492/2665