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List Novels (Mythical Beasts) 27 Results
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Tag is to be used ONLY if the protagonist of the series is a Mythical Beast (definition may vary based on novel). If the series has multiple protagonists, only use this tag if being a Mythical Beast is a prominent feature of one of them.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
79Against the GodsWeb Novel2014
582Age of AdeptsWeb Novel20161037/1512
179Ancient Godly MonarchWeb Novel2015
120Battle Through the HeavensWeb Novel2012Completed(1648)
571Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous ConsortWeb Novel2015760/7635
1114Chaotic Lightning CultivationWeb Novel2011289/954
169Chaotic Sword GodWeb Novel2010
192Child of LightWeb Novel2004Completed(357)
793Cthulhu GonfalonWeb Novel2015470/1000
948Cult of the Sacred RunesWeb Novel2014234/667
690Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young MissWeb Novel2016820/3239
230Evil Emperor’s Wild ConsortWeb Novel20151802/1803
428Falling Dreams of Fang HuaChinese Novel2009Completed(72)
538Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young MissWeb Novel2015676/2319
150Long Live Summons!Web Novel2010808/1399
366Pet KingWeb Novel20171321/1528
864Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly WifeWeb Novel2015469/3122
642Sage MonarchWeb Novel2011648/1600
616Shini Yasui Kōshaku Reijō to Shichi-nin no KikōshiWeb Novel2015151/161
356The Good for Nothing Seventh Young LadyWeb Novel20132158/2759
759The Spiritual Attainment of MingheWeb Novel2017Completed(418)
1054Transmigration with QQ FarmWeb Novel2014310/500
269Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai DouchuuWeb Novel2013367/400
1058Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young LadyWeb Novel2016419/1283
46World Reformation Activities of the Dark God — Loving Humans So Much, I Reincarnated in One —Web Novel2016Completed(171)
1100World of ImmortalsWeb Novel2008244/688
1033ZhanxianWeb Novel2011524/2665