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List Novels (Spatial Manipulation) 16 Results
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where the protagonist has the power to control space, whether to teleport, tear or move things through space. as well as other space related powers. And plays a major part in the story.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
1090Am I A God?Web Novel2017Completed(1125)
192Child of LightWeb Novel2004Completed(357)
539God EmperorWeb Novel20151826/2032
81God Of SlaughterWeb Novel2011Completed(1618)
928Going Back and Forth Between Earth and The Other World with Space Time MagicWeb Novel2015Completed(431)
228Martial PeakWeb Novel20131604/4313
48Martial WorldWeb Novel20122277/2279
238Mitou Shoukan://Blood-SignLight Novel2014Completed(115)
642Sage MonarchWeb Novel20111248/1600
54Skyfire AvenueWeb Novel2014Completed(904)
727The Man Picked up by the GodsWeb Novel2014Completed(174)
278The Strongest Legend of Dragon BallWeb Novel2016483/934
611Trafford’s Trading ClubWeb Novel2016625/1413
287True Martial WorldWeb Novel2015Completed(1710)
1496World Defying Dan GodWeb Novel20123813/3820
19Wu Dong Qian KunWeb Novel2011Completed(1317)