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List Novels (2010) 40 Results
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# Novel Type Year Chapters
752A Mistaken Marriage Match: Record of Washed GrievancesWeb Novel2010Completed(112)
851All The Way NorthWeb Novel2010Oneshot
169Chaotic Sword GodWeb Novel20102786/2800
77Commanding Wind and CloudWeb Novel2010649/722
886Curse EaterLight Novel2010Completed(7)
363Dragon King’s Son-In-LawWeb Novel2010Completed(790)
501Dragon Slaying RecordsWeb Novel2010Oneshot
1003Fated MarriageLight Novel2010Completed(29)
232GekkouWeb Novel2010Completed(13)
300Golden TimeLight Novel201028/50
812Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you AwayWeb Novel2010Completed(85)
882Harem DynastWeb Novel2010Completed(15)
252Knight's & MagicLight Novel201087/150
376Lady CultivatorWeb Novel2010356/685
1232Legend of Concubine’s Daughter MinglanWeb Novel2010
259Log HorizonLight Novel201043/100
150Long Live Summons!Web Novel2010868/1399
93Maoyuu Maou YuushaLight Novel2010Completed(55)
580Omnipotent SageWeb Novel2010Completed(897)
992One Night, One Day, One Year, One LifetimeWeb Novel2010Completed(13)
43Otherworldly Evil MonarchWeb Novel2010
172OverlordLight Novel2010
1016Passion HeavenWeb Novel2010Completed(28)
1185Raising a Fox Spirit in My HomeWeb Novel2010393/988
220Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The WorldWeb Novel2010Completed(995)
724Seirei Tsukai no Blade DanceLight Novel2010Completed(252)
1039Soaring of GalaxiaWeb Novel2010912/1046
614Stunning EdgeWeb Novel2010Completed(332)
355Super Electric Eel AvatarWeb Novel2010Completed(267)
241Swallowed StarWeb Novel2010251/1486
266Tempest of the BattlefieldWeb Novel2010Completed(678)
170The Silly AlchemistWeb Novel2010751/779
960Toaru Jihanki no FanfareLight Novel2010Oneshot
717Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: KanzakiLight Novel2010Completed(8)
444Together, AlwaysWeb Novel2010Oneshot
972Tsuki TsukiLight Novel201072/100
944Union Of EnemiesWeb Novel2010Completed(60)
749World of CultivationWeb Novel2010Completed(915)
1005You Are Still HereLight Novel2010Completed(44)
431You Know Too MuchWeb Novel2010Oneshot